FileDenyModule - IIS7 module to lock download files

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FileDenyModule - IIS7 module to lock download files by key and date.



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IIS File Manager - Editor

IIS File Manager provides ability to upload files faster through HTTP and it requires no extra installation, just one website with windows authentication lets users upload files easily.

GitForIis - httpmodule for IIS that allows for smarthttp client behavior

httpmodule for IIS that allows for smarthttp client behavior

Upload With Progress Bar (Manage Media)

Upload file up to any size in .net. Validate the file (size, type) before upload. Upload with progress (Size, Speed, Time, TotalSize,...) (without any flash and silverlight). Upload to temp file during upload (i inject the .net framework ;) ) Save with too many config. Si...

Ionics Isapi Rewrite Filter

IIRF is a small, cheap, easy to use, URL rewriting ISAPI filter that combines a good price (free!) with good features. It is implemented in about 3200 lines of C code, works with IIS 5.x IIS 6, and IIS7. It does regular-expression matching, URL rewriting, request redirects, con

PHP Manager for IIS

PHP Manager for IIS is a GUI for managing multiple PHP installations on the IIS server.

Custom Basic Authentication for IIS

HTTP Module to allow HTTP Basic Authentication against non-Windows accounts in IIS

IIS-X-Sendfile-plugin - Provides X-Sendfile functionality for IIS7.x

Provides X-Sendfile functionality for IIS7.x

IIS-7.x-ETag-Removal - Removes ETags from IIS7 response headers

Removes ETags from IIS7 response headers


An IIS7 Memcache Module written in C++, allowing fast REST style access to Memcache directly from IIS core

Cookie Free Analytics

Cookie Free Analytics (CFA) is a free server side Google Analytics tracking solution for Windows based websites running IIS & ASP.NET. 100% javascript & cookie free - with CFA you can track your visitors & file downloads in Google Analytics without cookies or JavaScript. I...

Hosts File Manager for IIS 7

Provides local hosts file management from within IIS 7, including bulk editing.


SAHM is the acronym for Simple Analytics HttpModule. It's my implementation of an httpmodule injecting web analytics code. Add the assembly in your Add a few lines in the main web.config file that's it !

Sign In As A Different User

Running your browser (IE) in a corporate environment will give you single sign on to web applications running in your intranet. But in some cases you need to access an URL with different credentials (admin purpose, etc.). Applications like SharePoint will provide you a solutio...

IIS - Ruby dsl for IIS management

Ruby dsl for IIS management

Wicked Compression ASP.NET HTTP Module

An ASP.NET HTTP Module for HTTP Compression. The primary reason for using this is if IIS Dynamic Compression is not supported in your environment. This HTTP Compression Module also supports WebResource.axd compression!

IIS7 Mobile Admin

IIS7 Mobile Admin is a mobile administration application to manage IIS7 remotely using the Web Browser on your mobile phone.

AppFabric Extensions

AppFabric Extensions is a set of management extension for Windows Server AppFabric. Instead of having a seperate executable, AppFabric Extensions integrates itself into IIS 7+ management console, just like Windows Server AppFabric does.

Google Analytics Script Injector

.NET 2.0 HttpModule and Response filter that will read your Google Analytics (e.g. Urchin) account number from an ASP.NET config file and inject the appropriate javascript into every page on your ASP.NET site. Just drop the assembly into your /Bin directory and add a couple w...

IIS Hosts File Manager

Here's an IIS 7.5 and 8.0 module to add host headers to the Hosts file without having to edit it with notepad. Very useful if you create a lot of web sites for testing or demo purposes.

AspNetCoreModule - ASP.NET Core Module for IIS and IIS Express

The ASP.NET Core Module is an IIS Module which is responsible for process management of ASP.NET Core http listeners and to proxy requests to the process that it manages.Download and install Visual Studio 2015. In Visual Studio 2015 C++ tooling is no longer installed by default, you must chose "Custom" install and select Visual C++.