Fil - F# to IL Compiler

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Fil compiles quoted F# expressions to .Net IL code.



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Java to IL Compiler

  •    C

Java bytecode to IL compiler is being designed to be able to directly use the already available enormous resource of java libraries.

PostCrap - flyweight .NET AOP post compiler

  •    CSharp

PostCrap is a flyweight attribute based aspect injection .NET post compiler It is written in C# and uses Mono.Cecil to modify assemblies and inject method intercepting stubs

IKVM.NET - Java for Mono and .NET Framework

  •    Java

IKVM.NET is an implementation of Java for Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework. It has JVM implemented in .NET. A .NET implementation of Java class libraries. It is interoperable between Java and .NET.

Vis på Google Maps hvor medlemmerne bor


This project is only relevant for people living in Denmark Ud fra en CSV-fil genererer dette lille program en KML fil indeholdende et koordinatsæt for hvor adresse i CSV-filen. Dette kan f.eks. bruges til at vise hvor medlemmerne af en forening bor.

Warsaw Stock Exchange Quotations module

  •    Perl

Warsaw Stock Exchange quotations module for Finance::Quote/GnuCach

talon - Mailgun library to extract message quotations and signatures

  •    Python

Mailgun library to extract message quotations and signatures.For machine learning talon currently uses the scikit-learn library to build SVM classifiers. The core of machine learning algorithm lays in talon.signature.learning package. It defines a set of features to apply to a message (, how data sets are built (, classifier’s interface (


  •    CSharp

Liogo is a Logo Compiler for .NET. Liogo compile Logo files to .NET IL EXE or DLL. So, Liogo result could be launched directly on Windows and, via Mono runtime, on Linux. Last, with Liogo you can mix Logo code with C#/VB.NET code.


  •    CSharp

NetWebScript is an IL to JavaScript compiler. It allows to write complex web application in C# or any other .Net language. It provides Visual Studio integration to debug into orginial sources. It allows to share code with server.


  •    CSharp

A prototype of a C# math library providing vector types and math functions with a shader like syntax. Used by the burst compiler to compile C#/IL to highly efficient native code. The main goal of this library is to provide a friendly Math API familiar to SIMD and graphic/shaders developers, using the well known float4, float3 types...etc. with all intrinsics functions provided by a static class math that can be imported easily into your C# program with using static Unity.Mathematics.math.

FastExpressionCompiler - Fast ExpressionTree compiler to delegate

  •    CSharp

Expression.Compile creates a DynamicMethod and associates it with an anonymous assembly to run it in a sand-boxed environment. This makes it safe for a dynamic method to be emitted and executed by partially trusted code but adds some run-time overhead. .CompileFast() is 10-40x times faster than .Compile(). The compiled delegate may be in some cases 15x times faster than the one produced by .Compile().

IL Merger Tool

  •    DotNet

IL Merger Tool is a GUI for the IL Merge. This tool allows you to merge different .net assemblies (dlls and exes) into one assembly with a wide range of options. This also enables you to save the settings and create post build actions for Visual Studio. Certified for Windows 7.

Dotnet IL Editor

  •    C++

Dotnet IL Editor (DILE) allows disassembling and debugging .NET 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0 applications without source code or .pdb files. It can debug even itself or the assemblies of the .NET Framework on IL level.

I Componibili - Vol. 2 - Libro "Il linguaggio Visual Basic 2012"


Gli esempi del Libro "Il linguaggio Visual Basic 2012", il volume 2 della collana "I Componibili".

  •    DotNet

Il sistema sincrono di registrazione e mantenimento dei nomi a dominio del utilizza il protocollo EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol). EPPLib consente di interfacciare i propri progetti con il sistema sincrono del


  •    C

Progetto per il corso quot;Progetto di Sistemi Operativiquot; del Politecnico di Milano. Il progetto consiste nella creazione di un'interfaccia grafica per il programma di ricerca Tracker

webpack-closure-compiler - Google Closure Compiler plugin for Webpack

  •    Javascript

Closure Compiler is the most advanced JavaScript optimization tool. It generates smallest bundle and emits efficient JavaScript code by doing whole program analysis and optimization, removing closures and inlining function calls, as well as tree-shaking for AMD, CommonJS and ES2015 modules. While there's JavaScript version of Closure Compiler, the original compiler is written in Java and thus Java version is more complete and performs better in terms of JavaScript code optimizations and compilation speed. If you want to use Java-based compiler, make sure you have installed Java SDK.


  •    C

pilot-qof provides a query interface to data on a Palm device, using pilot-link and QOF - the Query Object Framework. pilot-qof supports reading addressbook, datebook, expenses and ToDo data and runs SQL-type queries on the live data or a QSF XML fil


  •    C

Output spool reader for Snort! This program decouples output overhead from the Snort network intrusion detection system and allows Snort to run at full speed. It takes input and output plugins and can therefore be used to convert almost any spooled fil


  •    C++

This utility color-codes log files or console output from JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, and DAS application servers. Output originating from ATG is also recoginzed and colored appropriately. This utility greatly aids in reading and interpreting log fil

Bibliothèque .NET 3.5 de classes communes.


Master.Classes est une bibliothèque de classes communes pour .NET 3.5, en C#. C'est un projet fil rouge de l'enseignement Architecture .NET avancée du Master 2 Professionnel de Compétences Complémentaires en Informatique de l'Université François Rabelais de Tours, France (37).