Fiddler bulk urlreplace

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Fiddler bulk URL extends Fiddler2’s existing UrlReplace command with a few new features like multiple search/replace items, UI, load and save commands, extended command line interface and a few other tricks.



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webdevstarterkit - Web Developer Starter Kit

- Learn data structures and algorithms. Data structures and algorithmsfor programmers are like notes and scales for a musician. Allprogramming is built around data structures and algorithms. Whethermaking the right choices when solving problems, will be determined byyour confidence in the basics. - **book: [Data Structures and Algorithms][data_struct]** - article: [Data Structures Succinctly: Part 1][datastructspart1]- Learn Unix tools. Unix's philosophy of building simple, small,modular t

reparse - Python library/tools for combining and using Regular Expressions in a maintainable way

Python library/tools for combining and using Regular Expressions in a maintainable way

globster - Tools for converting globs to regular expressions.

Tools for converting globs to regular expressions.

tpm - Typescript client-side dependencies made easy

tpm install package.json -o types/ tpm install bower.json -o types/To read the devDependencies field as well, just add the `--dev` flag. Make sure to add it to the end. tpm install [something.json] --devCreate a single reference file pointing to all other reference files. Your application only needs to reference this single file to contain all definition files. The output defaults to `types/all.d.ts`. The input files are required. tpm index types/**/*.d.ts -o types/all.d.tsGrunt Tas

Ionics Isapi Rewrite Filter

IIRF is a small, cheap, easy to use, URL rewriting ISAPI filter that combines a good price (free!) with good features. It is implemented in about 3200 lines of C code, works with IIS 5.x IIS 6, and IIS7. It does regular-expression matching, URL rewriting, request redirects, con

Watcher: Web security testing tool and passive vulnerability scanner

A Fiddler plugin that passively checks web application's for a variety of security issues. Watcher acts as assistant to the web developer, tester, or security auditor, by quickly identifying real issues and hot-spots that commonly lead to security problems in web apps.

Wandering Developer Deploy Tools

The Wandering Developer Deploy Tools are a set of tools to help dotnet developers automate deployment. This is a useful toolkit if you wish to implement autoupdating in your application.

origin - Enterprise Kubernetes for Developers

OpenShift Origin is a distribution of Kubernetes optimized for continuous application development and multi-tenant deployment. OpenShift adds developer and operations-centric tools on top of Kubernetes to enable rapid application development, easy deployment and scaling, and long-term lifecycle maintenance for small and large teams.For questions or feedback, reach us on IRC on #openshift-dev on Freenode or post to our mailing list.


DeploymentWang provides a library of MSBuild tasks and operations to help reduce errors in your application deployment.

developer-tools - Unofficial SVN Mirror for WordPress Plugin developer-tools

Unofficial SVN Mirror for WordPress Plugin developer-tools


Connect/Express middleware for rewriting URLs using regular expressions (like mod_rewrite).

Regex Compiler

A simple command line compiler for pre-building regular expressions into DLL assemblies. RegexC reads type names and regexes from a plain text source file, and calls Regex.CompileToAssembly() to package them into a reusable DLL.

Regex - The Hoa\Regex library.

This library provides tools to analyze regular expressions and generate stringsbased on regular expressions ([Perl Compatible RegularExpressions](

regexps - Collection of regular expressions (urlsafe, url, email, credit card, ....)

Collection of regular expressions (urlsafe, url, email, credit card, ....)

Rspamd - Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system that allows evaluation of messages by a number of rules including regular expressions, statistical analysis and custom services such as URL black lists. It supports Regular expressions filtering, SPF, DKIM, DNS black list, URL black lists, Fuzzy hashes etc.

Windows Phone Power Tools

The Windows Phone Toolbox is an extension to the regular XAP deployer tools that come with the Windows Phone SDK which adds features like the ability to update a xap and to browse the IsolatedStorage of an installed (developer) xap.

Reggie - Regular Expression Generator/Tester

Reggie's goal is to be a simple developer tool for writing and testing Regular Expressions. It is inspired by the venerable Regulator tool and will be created in WPF using the MVVM pattern with the Caliburn Micro framework.


Howdah ( is a project aimed at providing tools for large scale preprocessing of documents into various output formats. The tentative plan is to use Apache Hadoop and Tika along with other tools (Lucene analysis, regular expressions, etc.) to convert documents.

Deployment Framework for BizTalk (BTDF)

The Deployment Framework for BizTalk eliminates the pain associated with BizTalk application deployments, and goes far beyond BizTalk’s out-of-the-box deployment functionality. It also includes additional tools to enhance developer productivity, such as binding file management.

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