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A LISP inspired scripting language that was designed to be fast, light, and compatible with the .NET Compact Framework and XNA. Written in C#.




Related Projects

Windows Phone 7 Extension Tools

This toolset coded in C# currently contains a Windows Phone 7 IoC (Compact Container port with the Common Service Locator desktop port) and DI framework for Windows Phone and Silverlight. This allows true implementation of the MVVM pattern for your Silverlight applications.


CFScript is an ANT-like scripting system for Compact Framework. Tasks like copying files, setting registry values o install CAB files can be done with CFScript.

Net Script - Turn .NET languages into a scripting language

Net Script is a scripting language made from the .NET Framework. It's main purpose is to drop the IDE to write quick code that can be ran with just a click.

Windows Phone 7 Extension Framework

An extension method framework for Windows Phone 7 to make your code more fluent and adding a lot of common functions you don't need to reproduce.

Apache Commons BSF - Framework that provides scripting language support within Java applications

Framework that provides scripting language support within Java applications

C Scripting Language

CSL is a programming language with C syntax and comprehensive libraries. The compact scripting engine can also be embedded into your own applications as a powerful macro language.

Primary Flight Display

Goal of this project is to develop a PFD (pilot flight display) mainly for, but not limited to windows mobile 6.5 devices using .NET Compact Framework. It shall be easily portable to other windows platforms including windows phone 7.

CSV to SQL Server Compact scripting utility

This command line utility allows you to generate a SQL Server Compact INSERT script based on a csv file and an existing SQL Compact table.


An embedded document database that persists to isolated storage, compatible with .NET, .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

MTConnect Managed SDK

The MTConnect Managed SDK provides .NET Client and Agent object models to facilitate exposing MTConnect data from your machine tools as well as consuming data from other machines. This SDK allows publishing or consuming MTConnect from C#, VB.NET or any other supported langu...

BlueDuck AutoIt driver for Selenium

BlueDuck SDA is an open-source automated test framework

PhoneCore Framework: a framework for building of WP7 application

PhoneCore is an application framework which helps you to build application on Windows Phone 7. It has: * Navigation engine which simplifies navigation between pages * Dependency injection container which helps you to create lously coupled application * Configuration subsyst...

News Framework for Windows Phone 7

News Framework is an offline news reading framework on which any RSS based news website can have its own Windows Phone 7 application in just minutes. The configuration, content and styles can be managed from outside of the framework itself to fit the needs.


Chrysalis is a lightweight framework to simplify development of Windows Phone 7 Silverlight applications. It focuses in particular on managing the lifecycle of the application, and simplifying access to the capabilities of the phone.


This project is aimed at the Windows Phone 7 developers that need to print from an App they are developing. The project provides a WCF service that runs on any desktop or server, and a print dialog dll that runs on the Windows 7 phone. It is developed in Framework 4.0 Client C#

VanGuide for Windows Phone 7

VanGuide for Windows Phone 7 is an extension for VanGuide app http://vanguide.cloudapp.net based on the Open Data Application Framework (ODAF) http://odaf.codeplex.com/. It mashes up landmark data feeds with user comments, ratings, tagging via Web client, iPhone & Windows Phone 7

Rapid Repository - Windows Phone 7 Database & Silverlight Database

Rapid Repository is Windows Phone 7 Database and Silverlight Database. The repository simplifies storing and querying entities for windows phone 7 and silverlight using a similar pattern to the Entity framework. The repository is written in C# and supports Linq to objects.

GridView for Windows Phone 7

This is simple implementation of GridView for Windows Phone 7 that developed by primitives of Silverlight framework.

Bango Windows Phone 7 Application Analytics SDK

Bango application analytics is an analytics solution for mobile applications. This SDK provides a framework you can use in your application to add analytics capabilities to your mobile applications. It's developed in C#.NET (4.0) and targets the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

K2-Scripting-Framework - Framework for Savage 2 scripting language

Framework for Savage 2 scripting language