Fast Invoker

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Fast Invoker is small project to create a library that provide a fast and dynamic invoke in run-time. Fast Invoker like .NET Reflection but it's too much better and faster.



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Compare Generics Objects Using Reflection

This project compare between two generics objects using reflection. The comparison executed by the given type 'T' (which is the same type for both objects) and two objects. The functionality is execute recursive! which mean that it's included comparison in the sub-objects!!!

reflekto - A library to simplify java reflection with generics

A library to simplify java reflection with generics

pkgreflect - A Go preprocessor for package scoped reflection

Problem: Go reflection does not support enumerating types, variables and functions of packages.If -norecurs is not set, then pkgreflect traverses recursively into sub-directories. If no DIR_NAME is given, then the current directory is used as root. - Extremely fast and easy-to-use PHP 5.6+ framework ~

Designed to be lightweight, fast and easy to use. Provides the bare essentials for a modern website; e.g., simple request routing to controllers which can then go on to invoke models or views as required. Framework seeks to organize external vendor code, helpers and libraries into their own folders as well. Basically this provides a simple structure for your website or web application which can be used in standard routing mode or alternative routing mode.

SpecializedEnum: a base class to allow enum-like behavior with arbitrary objects

This class uses readonly variables, reflection, generics, and an internal ordered list to provide behavior similar to that of an enum but with arbitrary objects or value types rather than only integer numeric types. Public static readonly variables can be added in the derived ...


Using Spring Framework and reflection in Java to dynamically invoke methods with configuration


A suite of Ada 2012 generics to facilitate iterative and recursive parallelism for multicore systems and provide safer recursion for single and multicore systems. Generics include Ravenscar compatible versions for real-time systems. Also Includes paraffinalia, which is a set of useful generics for parallel quicksort, fast fourier transform, function integration, prefix sum, and Red-Black trees

Fasterflect - .NET Reflection Made Fast and Simple

.NET library that improves your productivity and application performance when performing reflection operations. It allows you to perform metadata lookup and reflection invocation intuitively while achieving greater performance than the built-in .NET Reflection.


Java reflection: Basic class to invoke the "sqrt" method with new params in runtime

Fast.Reflection - Extension methods library emitting IL to generate delegates for fast reflection

Extension methods library emitting IL to generate delegates for fast reflection

go-conv - Fast conversions across various Go types with a simple API.

Notice: If you begin getting compilation errors use the v1 import path for an immediate fix and to future-proof.Package conv provides fast and intuitive conversions across Go types. This library uses reflection to be robust but will bypass it for common conversions, for example string conversion to any type will never use reflection. All functions are safe for concurrent use by multiple Goroutines.


This is an assembly that creates proxy classes on-the-fly using the Reflection.Emit API. Generics are supported.

Enumeration of objects Class Library C#

At core level in Java I like extension of traditional enum type permiting use as the elements instances of a class. The project implements the same idea by C# with some more advanced features like a set type with boolean operators extending idea of FlagsAttribute


Python bindings for the CellML API based on top of the CellML Generics and Reflection Service (CGRS)

Apache Tapestry - Component oriented framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web app

Component oriented framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web applications in Java.

johm - JOhm is a Object-hash mapping library for Java for storing objects in Redis

JOhm is a blazingly fast Object-Hash Mapping library for Java inspired by the awesome Ohm. The JOhm OHM is a modern-day avatar of the old ORM's like Hibernate with the difference being that we are not dealing with an RDBMS here but with a NoSQL rockstar.JOhm is a library for storing objects in Redis, a persistent key-value database. JOhm is designed to be minimally-invasive and relies wholly on reflection aided by annotation hooks for persistence. The fundamental idea is to allow large existing codebases to easily plug into Redis without the need to extend framework base classes or provide excessive configuration metadata.

Sasa - Collection of Organized Extensions to the .NET framework.

Sasa is a collection of extensions to the .NET framework organized in logical, often standalone assemblies. It supports functional collections, ie. list, dictionary, queue, set, etc, Statistical and numerical functions, MIME message parsing, POP3 client, Concurrent Revisions fork-join framework, type-safe reflection, Pratt parser and lot more.