delorean - An Agnostic, Complete Flux Architecture Framework

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DeLorean is a tiny Flux pattern implementation.You can read the tutorial to get started DeLorean.js with your favorite framework.


es6-promise : ^1.0.0



Related Projects

NuclearJS - Reactive Flux built with ImmutableJS data structures. Framework agnostic.

  •    Javascript

NuclearJS is a traditional Flux architecture built with ImmutableJS data structures. The goal of NuclearJS is to provide a way to model data that is easy to reason about and decouple at very large scale. The framework should be implemented functionally wherever appropriate. This reduces incidental complexity and pairs well with Immutability.

mcfly - Flux architecture made easy

  •    Javascript

When writing ReactJS apps, it is enormously helpful to use Facebook's Flux architecture. It truly complements ReactJS' unidirectional data flow model. Facebook's Flux library provides a Dispatcher, and some examples of how to write Actions and Stores. However, there are no helpers for Action & Store creation, and Stores require 3rd party eventing. McFly is a library that provides all 3 components of Flux architecture, using Facebook's Dispatcher, and providing factories for Actions & Stores.

extremely-simple-flux-demo - Learn Flux from an extremely simple demo

  •    Javascript

This demo helps you learn Flux architecture. It is inspired by Andrew Ray's great article Flux For Stupid People. Flux, invented by Facebook, is an architecture pattern for building client-side web applications.

Dispatch - Multi-store Flux implementation in Swift.

  •    Swift

Dispatch is a lightweight, operation based, multi-store Flux implementation in Swift. Dispatch is a Flux-like implementation of the unidirectional data flow architecture in Swift. Flux applications have three major parts: the dispatcher, the stores, and the views.

flux-angular - Use the FLUX architecture with Angular JS

  •    Javascript

flux-angular makes it easy to implement a performant, scalable, and clean flux application architecture in an angular application. It does this by providing access to a new method for holding immutable application state using Baobab. The flux service is exposed for dispatching actions using the Yahoo Dispatchr. $scope.$listenTo is exposed as a way to respond to changes in a store and sync them with the view-model. Use npm to install and then require('flux-angular') in your application.

fluxxor - :hammer_and_wrench: Flux architecture tools for React

  •    Javascript

Fluxxor is a set of tools to aid in developing React applications with the Flux architecture. Fluxxor is available on npm and works with module bundlers like Browserify and Webpack.

rx-flux - The Flux architecture with RxJS

  •    Javascript

The Flux architecture allows you to think your application as an unidirectional flow of data, this module aims to facilitate the use of RxJS Observable as basis for defining the relations between the different entities composing your application. This package is still highly experimental, see #10. Until it's finalized and published, use git url to install it with npm.

isomorphic-flux-boilerplate - ES7 Isomorphic Flux/ReactJS Boilerplate

  •    Javascript

A wonderfull boilerplate for Flux/ReactJS universal applications, running on koajs. Koa will be our server for the server side rendering, we use alt for our Flux architecture and react-router for routing in our app.

react-native-redux-router - React Native Router using Redux architecture

  •    Javascript

I've decided to stop supporting this component in favor to new release react-native-router-flux ( The new version doesn't depend from concrete Flux/Redux implementation and allow you to build nested navigators easily. Also it allows to intercept route 'actions' from your store(s).

generator-flux-react - A yeoman generator for app based on Facebook's Flux/React architecture

  •    Javascript

It's an "Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces", built by the team at Facebook. It's a set of patterns building larger applications on top of the incredible React component library. You must have Node.js w/NPM installed. I recommend installing via homebrew, but you should be able to use the pre-built installers if you prefer.

flux - Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces

  •    Javascript

An application architecture based on a unidirectional data flow

nuclearmail - NuclearMail is an experiment of writing a webmail client using React and the Flux architecture

  •    Javascript

NuclearMail is an experiment of writing a webmail client using React and the Flux architecture. It runs completely in the browser and uses the Gmail REST API.

react-native-nw-react-calculator - Mobile, desktop and website Apps with the same code

  •    Javascript

A demo for the Website App is available here. All the flux architecture is share to 100% to all the different builds. This means that all the logic and data management code is done only once and reuse everywhere. This allows us to have an easy tests suite as well and to ensure that our code is working properly on all the devices.

nexus-flux - Streamlined Flux abstract interface suitable for a variety of backends.

  •    Javascript

The Client/Server abstraction is merely an abstraction. The traditional, in-browser-memory Flux implementation, is done purely on the (Internet) Client side. However, this abstraction allows to conceive Flux more rigorously and more importantly, to implement Flux over the Wire trivially. This representation of Flux enforces immutable Stores and asynchronous communication. Acknowledging that Flux communication is asycnhronous upfront avoid the pain of mindlessly wrapping everything in setImmediate on top of a synchronous implementation.

flux-standard-action - A human-friendly standard for Flux action objects.

  •    Javascript

A human-friendly standard for Flux action objects. Feedback welcome. It's much easier to work with Flux actions if we can make certain assumptions about their shape. For example, essentially all Flux actions have an identifier field, such as type, actionType, or actionId. Many Flux implementations also include a way for actions to indicate success or failure, especially as the result of a data-fetching operation. Defining a minimal, common standard for these patterns enables the creation of useful tools and abstractions.

AngularJS-StyleGuide - Example of scalable architecture for my NG-Conf 2014 talk

  •    Javascript

The project demonstrates ways to leverage ui-router to the greatest of it's abilities, how to keep your controllers down to 1 line of code, how to organize your services in a completely simplified manner, and how to leverage resolves like a god. Keeping your application down to a tiny handful of directives. Avoid the nightmare of lifecycle, transition, and session/stateful bugs. How to keep your $scope clean and tidy. It doesn't require using controller as and it doesn't turn everything into directives. Write your code to be angular-agnostic. Use the router to manage state, sessions and collections allowing you to avoid the problems addressed with complicated flux architectures. Sharing references means no more watchers and subscribers strewn across your app.In today's code, it's sensible keep modules together and small. HTML, JS and CSS are closely tied together, so we should organize projects that way.

generator-redux - CLI tools for Redux: next-gen functional Flux/React with devtools

  •    Javascript

CLI for Redux: next-gen functional Flux/React with devtools. This is intended to be the successor to my existing generator-flux that was based on vanilla FB flux. You must have Node.js w/NPM installed. I recommend installing via homebrew, but you should be able to use the pre-built installers if you prefer.

catberry - Catberry is an isomorphic framework for building universal front-end apps using components, Flux architecture and progressive rendering

  •    Javascript

Catberry was developed to help create "isomorphic/Universal" Web applications. Long story short, isomorphic/universal applications are apps that use the same codebase on both the server and client environments to render what the client would see as a "Single Page Application".

marty - A Javascript library for state management in React applications

  •    Javascript

Marty is a Javascript library for state management in React applications. It is an implementation of the Flux architecture. A TypeScript definition is available at marty.d.ts. Please note that it requires the React definition from DefinitelyTyped.

flux-comparison - :pencil: Practical comparison of different Flux solutions

  •    Javascript

Similar app implemented with different Flux solutions including Facebook's, Yahoo's and others.Clone this repo and run npm install inside it.