Expression Evaluator

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This is an article on how to build a basic expression evaluator. It can evaluate any numerical expression combined with trigonometric functions for now. Constants like e and pi are also supported.



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Expression Evaluator + aggregate functions support

Simple library for expressions evaluation that supports variables in expression and aggregative functions to parse and evaluate expression against tabular data.

Expression Blend Samples

A collection of samples and utilities for use in Expression Blend written by members of the Expression Blend team.

Fast Lightweight Expression Evaluator

A .NET expression parser and evaluator that uses a custom compiler and lightweight codegen to ensure that expression evaluation is fast and efficient.

Lambda Expression Parser

Light weight expression parser supports parsing runtime expression string compatible with C# 2.0 syntax to lambda expression.

Expression Tree Visualizer for VS 2010

The entire project is a "visualizer" that displays the expression tree nodes and node attributes. only important attributes are selected to be appended to the visualization tree in order to keep it simple and useful.

Colorful Expression

The Colorful Expression project is an add-in for Expression Blend and Expression Design that brings you the Adobe Kuler community directly into your toolbox. It adds a new palette to your design environment, making it easy to leverage the community to find the perfect color th...

expression-lab - Regular Expression workbench for .Net

Expression Lab is a lightweight Windows application based on the .Net Framework 4.0 that allows you to test regular expression (.Net flavour) patterns with real time results displayed on your target data.

FlowNx - JavaScript expression evaluator and visual expression builder

JavaScript expression evaluator and visual expression builder

PB-Formulas - Evaluates expression and creates expression tree.

Evaluates expression and creates expression tree.

InfixToPostfix - Converts an infix expression to a postfix expression

Converts an infix expression to a postfix expression

General Expression Library

GEXL, General EXpression Library, is a C# library that abstracts typed expression trees suitable for representing any sort of language; GEXL trees are safely extensible with both operations and new data types, thus solving quot;the expression problemquot;.

prefixer - Convert infix arithmetic expression to prefix expression

Convert infix arithmetic expression to prefix expression

evaler - Implements a simple floating point arithmetic expression evaluator in Go (golang).

Package evaler implements a simple floating point arithmetic expression evaluator.Evaler uses Dijkstra's Shunting Yard algorithm [1] to convert an infix expression to postfix/RPN format [2], then evaluates the RPN expression. The implementation is adapted from a Java implementation at [3]. The results are returned as a math/big *big.Rat.

re2j - linear time regular expression matching in Java

RE2 is a regular expression engine that runs in time linear in the size of the input. RE2/J is a port of RE2 to pure Java.Java's standard regular expression package, java.util.regex, and many other widely used regular expression packages such as PCRE, Perl and Python use a backtracking implementation strategy: when a pattern presents two alternatives such as a|b, the engine will try to match subpattern a first, and if that yields no match, it will reset the input stream and try to match b instead.

Regex Match Maker (RegExmm)

Multi-platform regular expression (regex) creation. Highlights regex matches, and regex groups for quick regular expression creation. Save/load regular expression sessions. Create robust regex patterns on any major platform. Supports PCRE and wxRegEx.

BioNetwork Bench

BioNetwork Bench is a flexible interactive database querying system for storing and manipulating gene expression data and genetic networks, constructing networks from expression data and iteratively querying multiple networks and expression datasets.

The Boolean Expression Reducer (BExpred)

The Boolean Expression Reducer provides the user with various tools to visualize and analyze boolean expressions. Given an expression, it also reduces it to its Sum of Products and Product of Sums form.

Cron Expression Descriptor

"Translate" a Cron Expression in a human readable format. Support databinding, and creation of the expression and Quartz.NET jobs scheduler


A collection of utilities and components for interacting with and creating expression trees, dynamic delegates, and runtime expression conversions.

Tie C# statement/expression interpreter

C# statement/expression interpreter Tie is dynamic language which accepts C# statement/expression syntax and javascript like function and class syntax. Include lexical analysis, parser and virtual machine(VM), support script debug, breakpoint. Middleware, high performance,...