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AOP Alliance (Java/J2EE AOP standard)

We believe that Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) offers a better solution to many problems than do existing technologies such as EJB. The AOP Alliance aims to ensure interoperability between Java/J2EE AOP implementations to build a larger AOP community.


AOP is a PECL extension that enables you to use Aspect Oriented Programming in PHP, without the need to compile or proceed to any other intermediate step before publishing your code. The AOP extension is designed to be the easiest way you can think of for integrating AOP to PHP.

fluentAOP - A Fluent AOP Library for .NET

An AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming) library that allows to implement aspects utilizing a fluent API. fluentAOP is primarily designed to simplify the adoption and use of AOP in .NET.

meld - AOP for JS with before, around, on, afterReturning, afterThrowing, after advice, and pointcuts

AOP for JS with before, around, on, afterReturning, afterThrowing, after advice, and pointcut support

WillBe; a Design time AOP framework build upon T4 and StructureMap for N-Tier

WillBe is a very basic AOP framework that was designed to provider fluid naming, clean stack traces, enhanced functionality for encapsulating aspects and a distinct lack of Magic.

BoldSoap Framework

BoldSoap Framework (BSF) is a lightweight Web Services integration framework based on the idea of Dependency Injection and AOP. Instead of transforming XML like MS-BizTalk or IBM WBISF, BSF uses AOP weaving based on WSDL to create dynamic call.

AspectSharp - .NET AOP Framework

AspectSharp is an AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) framework for .NET .


AspectME is a project for enabling Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) on the JavaME platform. The most limited platform for JavaME applications does not have reflection or dynamic classloading, so how can AOP be applied there? AspectME makes it happen.

AOP Workshop with AspectJ

AOP with AspectJ Workshop


An AOP library that uses run time sub classing using IL generation and events. It's very simple to get started with, yet powerful and fast. It's written in C#.

WCF AOP Sample

This project contains a simple implementation of AOP for WCF. It illustrates how to do simple logging and param masking using basic WCF extensions and Unity.


AOPify lightweight fluent AOP framework that provides basic AOP features both before,after,onerror etc with fluent syntax..


SheepAspect (formerly known as SheepAop) is an AOP tool for the .NET platform, inspired by AspectJ. It uses IL weaving to inject croscutting concerns to your dll at compile time. (Soon, SheepAOP will also support IL weaving at assembly load-time as an alternative, leaving ori...

PostCrap - flyweight .NET AOP post compiler

PostCrap is a flyweight attribute based aspect injection .NET post compiler It is written in C# and uses Mono.Cecil to modify assemblies and inject method intercepting stubs

SmartInspect Unity Interception Extension

This a library to integrate and use the SmartInspect logging tool with the Unity dependency injection and AOP framework. Various attributes help you to quickly instrument your application with useful logging calls.


Composer is an extensible Compositional Architecture framework, providing a set of functionality such as Inversion of Control container (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI), Plug-in framework, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Configurability and Composability for components.

StrictPhp - :no_entry_sign: :sparkles: :heavy_exclamation_mark: AOP-based strict type checks for PHP

:no_entry_sign: :sparkles: :heavy_exclamation_mark: AOP-based strict type checks for PHP