pnp-gui - Minimalistic Immediate Mode GUI toolkit for WebGL

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pnp-gui(plug n' play GUI) is a WebGL gui toolkit whose main goal is to be easy to use, bloat-free, and be easy to integrate into any project. Impatient people probably want a demo right away, and here it is. pnp-gui takes much inspiration from the fantastic imgui project. Like imgui, it provides an Immediate Mode GUI toolkit. Also like imgui, it aims to be as bloat-free as possible, and to be easy to integrate into any project. Very little code needs to be written to create a simple GUI, and a font comes pre-packaged with the library.


clamp : ^1.0.1
gl-buffer : ^2.1.2
gl-mat4 : ^1.1.4
gl-shader : ^4.2.0
gl-texture2d : ^2.0.10
gl-vec2 : ^1.0.0
hash-string : ^1.0.0
ndpack-image : ^2.0.0



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This is a minimal state immediate mode graphical user interface toolkit written in ANSI C and licensed under public domain. It was designed as a simple embeddable user interface for application and does not have any dependencies, a default render backend or OS window and input handling but instead provides a very modular library approach by using simple input state for input and draw commands describing primitive shapes as output. So instead of providing a layered library that tries to abstract over a number of platform and render backends it only focuses on the actual UI. This library is self contained in one single header file and can be used either in header only mode or in implementation mode. The header only mode is used by default when included and allows including this header in other headers and does not contain the actual implementation.

flatui - Efficient Immediate Mode UI for Games

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FlatUI is a immediate mode C++ GUI library for games and graphical applications. Go to our landing page to browse our documentation.FlatUI aims to be a simple, efficient and easy to use way to add menus, HUDs and any kind of other UI to your game or graphical application, and provide unicode & i18n aware font-rendering. FlatUI can be built for many different systems (Android, Windows, OS X, Linux), see docs/html/index.html.

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Simple User Interface Toolkit for LÖVE. SUIT is an immediate mode GUI library.

regl - 👑 Functional WebGL

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Check out the gallery. The source code of all the gallery examples can be found here. To try out regl right away, you can use the live editor in the gallery.

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scheme for gui gles gl slib openal socket web mongodb box2d game glfw mysql libevent libuv uv json http client server android osx linux chezscheme scheme-lib

Imgui - Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

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Dear ImGui is a bloat-free graphical user interface library for C++. It outputs optimized vertex buffers that you can render anytime in your 3D-pipeline enabled application. It is fast, portable, renderer agnostic and self-contained (no external dependencies).

ImGui.NET - An ImGui wrapper for .NET.

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This is a .NET wrapper for the immediate mode GUI library, Dear ImGui ( ImGui.NET lets you build graphical interfaces using a simple immediate-mode style. ImGui.NET is a .NET Standard library, and can be used on all major .NET runtimes and operating systems. Included is a basic sample program that shows how to use the library, and renders the UI using Veldrid, a portable graphics library for .NET. By itself, Dear ImGui does not care what technology you use for rendering; it simply outputs textured triangles. Example renderers also exist for MonoGame and OpenTK (OpenGL).

gl-react - [gl-react v3 alpha] – a React library to write and compose WebGL shaders

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This repository hosts gl-react v3. For gl-react v2, please see ProjectSeptemberInc/gl-react. gre/gl-react repository is a complete rewrite of ProjectSeptemberInc/gl-react library (gl-react v2). It plans to be the gl-react v3. We keep both repository at same time because (1) this work is not yet finished and (2) this repository is now a "multi libraries" repository (it's just easier to maintain that way).

lightgl.js - A lightweight WebGL library

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This library makes it easier to quickly prototype WebGL applications. It's lower level than many other WebGL libraries and while it doesn't provide a scene graph, it re-implements OpenGL's modelview/projection matrix stack to provide similar functionality. It also re-introduces some built-in uniforms from GLSL (such as gl_Vertex and gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix) and OpenGL's immediate mode. The latest lightgl.js build can be found at

HTML-GL - Get as many FPS as you need and amazing effects by rendering HTML/CSS in WebGL

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HTML GL solves "the slow DOM problem" by creating WebGL representations of DOM elements and hiding actual DOM after. This speeds up HTML/CSS animations and transformations by using 3D hardware acceleration and allows to apply OpenGL effects as modern 3D games have. Using HTML GL you still work with HTML/CSS as you are common to, but DOM elements are just facades to their WebGL representations. These GPU accelerated textures are very effective from resources consuming perspective and are very cheap to transform or animate.


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StoryText (formerly PyUseCase) is an unconventional GUI testing tool, with support for PyGTK, Tkinter, wxPython, Swing, SWT and Eclipse RCP. Instead of recording GUI mechanics directly, it asks the user for descriptive names and hence builds up a quot;domain languagequot; along with a quot;UI map filequot; that translates it into the current GUI layout. The point is to reduce coupling, allow very expressive tests, and ensure that GUI changes mean changing the UI map file but not all the te

gl-transitions - The open collection of GL Transitions

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Each commit that gets to gl-transitions/gl-transitions's master automatically generate a new npm minor release. NB. This is a technical documentation, for more informal information, please see homepage.

IDLE - Python IDE with the tkinter GUI toolkit

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IDLE is the Python IDE built with the tkinter GUI toolkit. It is bundled in each release of the programming tool since 2.3. It is not included in the python package included with many Linux distributions.

graphene - A set of defaults for Emacs, for refugees from GUI text editors.

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Graphene is a 'starter kit' for Emacs, in the vein of Prelude or emacs-starter-kit. Although Graphene is intended to help users of GUI editors such as Textmate or Sublime Text find their feet quickly, it is not an attempt to turn Emacs into a sparkly GUI editor or IDE. It is minimal, lightweight, and respectful of the history and character of Emacs.

glsl-lighting-walkthrough - :bulb: phong shading tutorial with glslify

  •    Javascript

It is not intended as a full-blown beginner's guide, and assumes prior knowledge of WebGL and stackgl rendering. Although it is implemented with stackgl, the same concepts and shader code could be used in ThreeJS and other frameworks. If you have questions, comments or improvements, please post a new issue.

openvpn-gui - OpenVPN GUI is a graphical frontend for OpenVPN running on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

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OpenVPN-GUI has been bundled with OpenVPN installers for a long time, so there is rarely a need to install it separately. Bleeding-edge versions of OpenVPN-GUI are available in OpenVPN snapshot installers based on Git master branch. OpenVPN-GUI gets installed by default in all OpenVPN installers. OpenVPN GUI can be configured to start automatically on logon to Windows from its setting menu. This is default behavior for all users if OpenVPN GUI was installed by an OpenVPN 2.4 installer using default installer options.

Ruminate XNA 4.0 GUI


Ruminate event driven GUI library for PC. Supportes widgets: Text Box, Check Box, Radio Buttons, Buttons, Labels, Panels. Fully skinnable and easily extendable.


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lt;bgt;IVJ MUD (Masive Multiplayer Text Game) is a SSL-based soft:lt;brgt;-Client (GUI)lt;brgt;-Server (GUI)lt;brgt;-Applet (GUI)lt;brgt;-Protocol (SSL-based, use of localization files that store strings to reduce trafic and allow for instant;brgt; LOOKING FOR HELP!lt;/b

neovim-dot-app - Mac OS X GUI for Neovim

  •    Objective-C++

Text editing, mouse support, tabs, clipboard, Mac menus, font selection, font size adjustments, confirm-on-close, multiple windows. See the list of issues.

LaTeX Helper

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GUI to help create a LaTeX document