laundry - Data laundering tools

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There are many more ideas for new washers and additions to existing washers, listed among the issues. Development of new washers is a great way to contribute to the project. There is more documentation on that if you're interested. The interface to Laundry is via the command-line, with subcommands to create, edit, run, and destroy jobs. A job specifies which input and output washers to use, any options required by the washers, and when to run the job. When creating a job, the CLI will ask whatever questions are needed to configure the washers, and the configuration of all jobs is stored in a file.


async : ^1.5.0
autolinker : ^0.22.0
aws-sdk : ^2.2.25
chalk : ^1.1.1
commander : ^2.9.0
deep-extend : ^0.4.0
feedparser : ^1.1.4
follow-redirects : 0.0.7
fs-extra : ^0.26.3
glob : ^7.1.1
inquirer : ^1.0.2
json-bigint : ^0.2.0
lodash : ^3.10.1
mime-types : ^2.1.8
moment : ^2.10.6
mysql : ^2.10.0
oauth : ^0.9.14
qs : ^6.0.1
request : ^2.67.0
rss : git+
s3-streamlogger : ^0.2.1
sanitize-filename : ^1.5.3
simple-namespace : ^0.2.0 : ^1.4.4
string : ^3.3.1
touch : 1.0.0
validator : ^4.4.0
walk : ^2.3.9
winston : ^2.1.1
word-wrap : ^1.1.0
youtube-dl : ^1.11.1



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