evil-collection - A set of keybindings for evil-mode

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This is a collection of Evil bindings for the parts of Emacs that Evil does not cover properly by default, such as help-mode, M-x calendar, Eshell and more. Warning: Expect some default bindings to change in the future.




Related Projects

evil-guide - Draft of a guide for using emacs with evil


This is not meant to be a comprehensive introductory guide to emacs or a comparison between vim and emacs. It is meant to focus specifically on evil and address questions vim users might have when first using emacs with evil. Where there are already detailed, informative resources on other related topics, I will include references instead of re-explaining things myself. This aims to be a general guide to teach the reader about how to use and configure evil as opposed to a collection of configuration snippets. If you have any suggestions for questions or problems it would be useful to discuss, feel free to make an issue or pull request.

evil - The extensible vi layer for Emacs.

  •    Emacs

Evil is an extensible vi layer for Emacs. It emulates the main features of Vim, and provides facilities for writing custom extensions. Also see our page on EmacsWiki. Evil requires undo-tree.el in the load-path for linear undo and undo branches.

evil-surround - you will be surrounded (surround.vim for evil, the extensible vi layer)

  •    Emacs

This package emulates surround.vim by Tim Pope. The functionality is wrapped into a minor mode. This package uses Evil as its vi layer.

general.el - More convenient key definitions in emacs

  •    Emacs

general-default-prefix, general-default-non-normal-prefix, general-default-global-prefix, general-default-states, and general-default-keymaps still work. However, they will eventually be removed, so please switch to using general-create-definer if you want to use a definer with different defaults. general-create-definer should now be used instead as it is now capable of the same functionality (general-evil-setup now uses it). Additionally, general-vim-definer-default is obsolete and will be removed eventually. The second argument to general-evil-setup is no longer used and will also be removed eventually. The vim definers will now always set the default :states (and never the default :keymaps) because of the change below.

doom-emacs - An Emacs configuration for the stubborn martian vimmer

  •    Emacs

It is a story as old as time. A stubborn, shell-dwelling, and melodramatic vimmer -- envious of the features of modern text editors -- spirals into despair before finally succumbing to the dark side. This is his config. Doom strives to be fast, fabulous and hacker friendly. It is tailored for neckbeards with blue belts or better in command-line-fu, Elisp and git.

yay-evil-emacs - 😈 A lightweight literate Emacs config with even better "better defaults"

  •    Emacs

This Emacs "distro" is based on my personal Emacs configuration. It's unopinionated and was created for general use in mind. The package settings are grouped in a logical manner, and I've documented as detailed as possible what each code snippet does in my config.org file. You can find my opinionated personal configuration here (for macOS) and here (for Arch and Ubuntu on WSL2).

emacs-live - M-x start-hacking

  •    Emacs

So, wherever you are in the multiverse, Emacs Live is ready to join you in battle against the evil friction of poor text editor workflows. Emacs Live is only compatible with Emacs 24.4 and above.

The Evil Toolbox


The Evil Toolbox for Matlab is a collection of scripts and functions that serve as useful snippets for learning or teaching Octave. The original toolbox was written in Matlab and is currently beind ported and tested on Octave.

evilpass - Slightly evil password strength checker

  •    Python

Checks how strong your user's password is via questionably ethical means. Please don't actually use this.

fluxion - Fluxion is a remake of linset by vk496 with less bugs and enhanced functionality.

  •    HTML

Fluxion is a security auditing and social-engineering research tool. It is a remake of linset by vk496 with (hopefully) less bugs and more functionality. The script attempts to retrieve the WPA/WPA2 key from a target access point by means of a social engineering (phishing) attack. It's compatible with the latest release of Kali (rolling). Fluxion's attacks' setup is mostly manual, but experimental auto-mode handles some of the attacks' setup parameters. Read the FAQ before requesting issues. If you need quick help, fluxion is also avaible on gitter. You can talk with us on Gitter or on Discord.


  •    Shell

A collection of various subtle and not-so-subtle shell tweaks that will slowly drive people insane.Feel like trolling a colleague? Just add source ~/evil.sh to their .bash_profile and watch the chaos ensue. Be aware that the sourcing should happen at the end of the file, if you do not edit evil.sh before doing so, as evil.sh disables alias and unalias.

awesome-gamedev - A collection of free software and free culture resources for making amazing games


A curated list of good stuff related to the development of games. This list contains only free software for code, sellers who aren't evil for physical resources, and free cultural works for assets. I have also provided a list of resources which are not free, and the reasons why, in the associated Wall of Shame file.


  •    Java

Bean matching puzzle/battle game. Beans Evil. Match Beans. Destroy Beans. Save World. This is a Java implementation of a popular puzzle game type, and code for implementing similar games, on desktop, PDA, mobile phone etc.

Forgotten Destruction

  •    C

Forgotten Destruction is a free real-time strategy game developed using the Simple DirectMedia Layer. It focuses on the conflict between an evil shadowy empire and human race with their nearby allies.


  •    PHP

it's like a personal Google Reader server

Evil Website Test Suite

  •    PHP

This is is a modular, test driven website that tries to break web clients of all kind. If you are developing applications that interact with websites you might want to throw it at this website first and see if it survives.

Evil Trend


Inactive, nothing ever released.

Evil Car PC

  •    C++

evilcpc is a cross-platform framework for developing car pc applications. Extensible by Qt-4 plugins, evilcpc will allow the user freedom to integrate the plugins of their choice for a fully-customized environment optimized for vehicle usage

cgichk vulnerability scanner

  •    C

A web vulnerability tool that automatically searches for a series of interesting directories and files on a given site...nothing that you couldn't do by hand with Lynx. Also includes shoddy whois lookup. Not a tool for evil -- a tool for curiousity. :)

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