pam-mongodb - PAM module to authenticate a user via mongoDB database

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A C PAM module using libmongo-client (MongoDB C driver) and Glib to authenticate a user against a MongoDB database. The general idea of this is that to authenticate users on the network, they will have to have a valid account to a database on the mongoDB server.



Related Projects

OpenPAM - Linux Pluggable Authentication Module

  •    C

OpenPAM is an Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) library that focuses on simplicity, correctness, and cleanliness. Its aim is to gather the best features of Solaris PAM, ?XSSO and Linux-PAM, plus some innovations of its own. In areas where these implementations disagree, OpenPAM tries to remain compatible with Solaris, at the expense of XSSO conformance and Linux-PAM compatibility.



This project aims to provide an interoperability between Ruby and PAM. Ruby/PAM is a ruby binding for PAM library, and PAM/Ruby is a PAM module which enable us to write an authentication module in Ruby.

Google Authenticator - Two factor authentication

  •    Java

The Google Authenticator project includes implementations of one-time passcode generators for several mobile platforms, as well as a pluggable authentication module (PAM). One-time passcodes are generated using open standards developed by the Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH). These implementations support the HMAC-Based One-time Password (HOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 4226 and the Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 6238.

PAM X509 Authentication Module

  •    C

PAM module which will authenticate user by X509 certificates. Keys must be provided in some automountable location. As storage may be used usb steaks, bluetooth storage devices... Mainly intended for password-less authentication on single user clients pc

PAM login module for JAAS

  •    Java

Java bridge (bindings, interface) to PAM. JAAS login module using PAM for authentication.

Out-of-band authentication via PAM

  •    C

PAM module provides out-of-band (obc) authentication mechanism. pam_obc generates a one-time password and delivers it to the user via an arbitrary, user defined out-of-band channel.


  •    Java

Barada (Barada Aint Respecting Any Deceptive Adversaries) is a PAM module designed to provide two-factor authentication support. There is companion software called Gort which runs on Android devices, essentially turning your phone into a SecureID token. The PAM module is available in the repositories for Debian based distributions. Gort, the Android client, is available from the android market (


  •    C

PAM module which permits authentication for arbitrary services via ssh-agent. Written with sudo in mind, but like any auth PAM module, can be used for for many purposes.


  •    C

pamtester is a tiny utility program to test the pluggable authentication modules (PAM) facility, specifically designed to help PAM module authors to intensively test their own modules.


  •    Java

JPAM is a Java PAM bridge. PAM, or Pluggable Authentication Modules, is a standard security architecture used Unix, Linux and Mac OS X systems. JPAM permists the use of PAM authentication services to Java applications running on those platforms.


  •    C

pam-telecenter is a PAM (Plugabble Authentication Modules) library that provides a set of features for you authenticate users in a telecenter. It depends on a PostgreSQL database to store user information. pam-telecenter supports roaming.

pam-ussh - uber's ssh certificate pam module

  •    Go

Uber's SSH certificate pam module.This is a pam module that will authenticate a user based on them having an ssh certificate in their ssh-agent signed by a specified ssh CA.



Usbauth is a module for PAM (Pluggable Module Authentication), allowing End-users to get themselves locally authenticated via USB storage device with an integrated secured key.

pam_imap authentication module

  •    C

PAM module that authenticates against a remote IMAP or IMAPS server. Supports multiple servers, SSL, password caching, user blacklists, and many configuration abilities.

The Digest Software Project

  •    C

Three software packages to work with RFC2617 digests: libdigest (C library to compute digests), libcppdigest (C++ library to manage /etc/passwd-like files) and libpam-digestfile (PAM module allowing authentication via an /etc/passwd-like file)


  •    Java

uToken is an authentication system that allows you to use time based tokens as a prefix to your password. It consists of a PAM module and a Java application for mobile phones. PHP library licensed under LGPL is also available.



A PAM authentication module utilizing the dpfp framework developed by Daniel Drake. This is currently under development and is at this point a framework for future development efforts.


  •    C

Implementation of checkpassword-compatible PAM authentication program. Details on quot;checkpasswordquot; interface are available at


  •    C

Pam Smb allows authentication of Linux/Unix users using an SMB server (e.g. WinNT/2k, Samba)

SSSD - System Security Services Daemon

  •    C

SSSD is a system daemon. Its primary function is to provide access to identity and authentication remote resource through a common framework that can provide caching and offline support to the system. It provides PAM and NSS modules, and in the future will D-BUS based interfaces for extended user information. It provides also a better database to store local users as well as extended user data.

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