EF4 Templates

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EF4 Templates uses T4toolbox to generate Repositories, Unit of work, POCO entities that can be unit tested.




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T4 Toolbox

T4 Toolbox is a set of ready-to-use code generators and T4 extensions for Visual Studio. Quickly build powerful C# or VB templates that generate multiple output files or simply use existing templates for LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework and more.


Loef (said "loaf") is a set of utility classes and T4 (.tt) templates to help with setting up a proper data access layer using Entity Framework v4. - Auto generation of DTO classes - Strongly typed eager fetching - Singleton instance of your ObjectContext ready for ASP.NET or WCF

DAL - Unit of Work pattern using T4 templates and Entity Framework

Unit of Work pattern using T4 templates and Entity Framework

Entity framework T4 NHibernate mapping generator

This project contains T4 templates to create POCOs + NHibernate mappings from an Entity Framework Model (.edmx).

OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator

OMS.Ice is an in-process T4 text template generator. It can be used to parse T4 text templates and to generate textual output at runtime. The OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator has no dependencies to Visual Studio and can be deployed with our application.

Visual Studio 2010 T-4 Templates for Logical Layers

This open source project includes a set of T-4 templates to enable you to build logical layers (i.e. DAL/BLL) with just few clicks! The logical layers implemented here are based on Entity Framework 4.0, ASP.NET Web Form Data Bound control friendly and fully unit testable.


T4 Templates for generating view models, and views for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone using T4 Toolbox and MVVM Light

t4-vim - A vim bundle to enable syntax highlighting for Microsoft t4 text templates

A vim bundle to enable syntax highlighting for Microsoft t4 text templates

coffeescript-less-t4 - T4 templates to process coffeescript/JS/css/less files

T4 templates to process coffeescript/JS/css/less files

ASP.Net MVC - T4 Fun

T4 scripts to automate a MVC project. It uses the Entity Framework. Model.T4 -Repository/Service Pattern -Fake Repository for testing -Data Annotation for xVal Controller.T4 - Streamlines CRUD View.T4 -DropDowns for FK - xVal - Watermarks

Transform Templates Tool

When you are working on more then one dsl's or T4 templates in a solution and you click Transform All Templates it transform all the templates. With the Transform Templates tool you have the possibility to select a project and transform only the templates in that project.


T4 templates for creating pre-generated views for applications using Entity Framework Code First


UsefulDB4O is a Base Class Libray for people working with Db4o (Open Source Object Database) on Net FrameWork. A few classes and features which help you to improve your job: - migrating RDBMS to Db4o Object Databases (include T4 Templates) - using Db4o in ASP.NET Web - more...

T4 Toolbox Example Templates for Business Classes and Repository

Customized T4 Templates to give you more tools in your toolbox. Generates Classes decorated with DataAnnotations and separate Repository classes for persisting the data via LinqToSql. Allows use of DBML file as a design surface to build anemic partial classes and methods


Simple T4 templates to generate database schema, CRUD stored-procedures and L2SQL classes. Simple XML model (document) describes your entities and feeds all templates for quick, consistent, maintainable code.

.NET settings class generator T4 templates

A couple of T4 templates to generate a Settings class for your .NET project. Allows you to define your application settings in an XML file and have a class generated which will handle loading and saving settings in the DB, while maintaining a thread-safe in-memory cache.

LINQ to SQL templates for T4

Templates replicating the functionality of the SQLMetal and the LINQ to SQL classes designer code-generators for both C# and VB.Net requiring just Visual Studio 2008.

GenerationX - T4 templates for SPGenesis project

T4 templates for SPGenesis project