node-appletv - A node module for interacting with an Apple TV (4th-generation or later) over the Media Remote Protocol

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A node module for interacting with an Apple TV (4th-generation or later) over the Media Remote Protocol. node-appletv is a node.js implementation of the Media Remote Protocol which shipped with the 4th-generation Apple TV. This is the protocol that the Apple TV remote app uses, so this should enable the creation of an Apple TV remote app for various platforms. It can also be used in a homebridge plugin to connect Apple TV events to HomeKit and vice versa. node-appletv can be used as a standalone command line application, or as a module in your own node app. Keep reading for installation and usage instructions.


camelcase : ^4.1.0
caporal : ^0.10.0
curve25519-n2 : ^1.1.3
ed25519 : 0.0.4
fast-srp-hap : ^1.0.1
inquirer : ^5.1.0
mdns : ^2.3.3
ora : ^2.0.0
protobufjs : ^6.8.4
snake-case : ^2.1.0
sodium : ^2.0.3
uuid : ^3.2.1
varint : ^5.0.0



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