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ECO ist a excellent framework for domain driven design developed by CapableObjects AB. Share your additional features in this contrib project.



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nHydrate - Conceive, Model, Generate

nHydrate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) solution for the Microsoft .NET platform providing a framework for a relational database to be mapped to .NET objects. It is designed to alleviate the software developers experience writing persistence domains. The model controls database generation, LINQ syntax, API, DAL, etc.

NHibernate - object-relational mapper for .NET

NHibernate is a mature, open source object-relational mapper for the .NET framework. NHibernate is a port of Hibernate Core for Java to the .NET Framework. It handles persisting plain .NET objects to and from an underlying relational database.


O/RM code generator for CSLA.NET 4.3 generating Stored Procedures, Business Layer and Data Access Layer code for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight.

NHibernate Data Layer Generation

The NHibernate generation project uses a set of templates and a code generation engine such as CodeSmith to generate a set of Common POCO's (plain old c# objects), Business Objects, Data Access Controls, Unit tests, and sample web pages.

UML-to-Python - Project Acceleo MDA for code generation Python with Django using UML

Project Acceleo MDA for code generation Python with Django using UML

UML-to-PHP - Project Acceleo MDA for code generation PHP with Zend Framework using UML

Project Acceleo MDA for code generation PHP with Zend Framework using UML

SqlCondition for the CapableObject's ECO framework.

ECO is a tool for Domain Driven Development from Capable Objects ( ECO uses OCL for loading objects from the database backend. Loading objects by SQL is currently not supported. This project aims to fill that gap, until ECO provides that support.

diesel - Diesel is a DSL toolkit for .NET code generation for DDD

Diesel is a DSL toolkit for .NET code generation for DDD

pmMDA - poor man MDA -

pmMDA - poor man MDA - is a pragmatic MDA code generation engine based on Velocity. The implementation is done in Java. The input model is defined using UML tools - e.g. ArgoUML -. Target frameworks are provided to realize complex applications.

The Kinetic Framework

The Kinetic Framework is an extensible business and data layer framework. It is built as a set of CodeSmith templates. The templates generate a strongly typed C# domain model based off your SQL 2005 database schemas. Our code framework is a great way to get a custom develop...

MVC Contrib for Business Applications

MVC Contrib for Business Application is a collection of libraries and helpers focused on Business Applications based on ExtJS (using a fluent syntax) connected with server side technologies as Astoria, WCF Rest, etc.

Witchcraft - the next generation MDA

An MDA(model driven architecture) tool to generate a complete web / mobile app from a UML model. Will generate high quality , best practices compliant code from UML model for all tiers of an enterprise application i.e. presentation, persistence, plumbing

The Tarkin Project

Tarkin is a .NET implementation of Object Management Group (OMG) specifications, namely the Meta Object Facility (MOF) specification. The goal of the Tarkin project is to enable the development of Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) tools on the .NET platform.

dotObjects - .NET Naked Objects Framework

dotObjects is a framework based on the Naked Objects pattern aimed at the development of enterprise applications through a pure object model design. By this way, the developer creates the business objects of the application and the framework is responsible for the generation o...

Enterprise MDA Workbench

Capgemini's MDA Workbench is a powerful, simple MDA tool implemented as an Eclipse plug-in. The MDA Workbench allows for creating (UML) model-to-code mappings, markings and lifecycle management from model to code. Proven in very large and small projects

Hibernate Synchronizer Eclipse Plugin

HibernateSynchronizer is an Eclipse plugin code generation tool which, by default, binds to *.hbm files and automatically generates business objects when your hibernate schema configuration file is modified.

dORM - Automate SQL. Focus on business logic

dORM is a PHP 5 ORM (object relational mapper) library that seamlessly loads, saves and deletes PHP objects from and to a relational database. dORM requires a small XML file that maps classes to their respective database tables. currently, only MySQL was tested.


XMI Transform is a tool written in PHP to convert XMI file to source code or source code to XMI file. The purpose is to provides a simple access to source code generation, which is, in general, the first thing we need in a MDA approach.


A DDD framework for pure java. Some impressive units of functionality necessary for such a framework are well tested and completely functional, including: simple data validation, swing ui/controller scaffolding, serializable transfer objects cooked up by convention - sans core business logic, etc.

probability - DDD - Value Objects

DDD - Value Objects