EA31337 - EA31337 Lite, Advanced and Rider - multi-strategy advanced trading robot for MT4/MT5 platform

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Introducing EA31337, an advanced trading robot on the market written in MQL. It takes the currency trading on the next level by implementing the coordinated algorithm which prioritising and managing multi-timeframe strategies. With fully user customizable parameters, it makes real-time trading a hassle-free experience.




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  •    DotNet

TradePlatform.NET is addition to MetaTrader 4 client terminal which extends trading experience, MQL language and provides .NET world communication bridge.

Top Users Expert for Network Monitor


A Network Monitor Expert which shows you the heavy talkers in a trace. This expert plugs into the Network Monitor UI so you run directly from the Expert menu.

AI-Expert-Roadmap - Roadmap to becoming an Artificial Intelligence Expert in 2021

  •    Javascript

Below you find a set of charts demonstrating the paths that you can take and the technologies that you would want to adopt in order to become a data scientist, machine learning or an ai expert. We made these charts for our new employees to make them AI Experts but we wanted to share them here to help the community. If you are interested to become an AI EXPERT at AMAI in Germany, or you want to hire an AI Expert, please say hi@am.ai.

Top Protocols Expert for Network Monitor


A Network Monitor Expert which shows you the usage frequency of protocols in a trace. This expert plugs into the Network Monitor UI so you run it directly from the Expert menu.

Network Monitor Decryption Expert


NmDecrypt is a Network Monitor Expert which when given a trace with encrypted frames, a security certificate, and a passkey will create a new trace with decrypted frames added inline.

ddt4all - OBD tool

  •    Python

DDT4All is tool to create your own ECU parameters screens and connect to a CAN network with a cheap ELM327 interface. This application is work in progress, so be very careful when using expert mode. Using the application in non expert mode should not be harmful for your vehicle (leave the expert mode button released).

drools - Drools Expert is the rule engine and Drools Fusion does complex event processing (CEP).

  •    Java

Drools Expert is the rule engine and Drools Fusion does complex event processing (CEP).

Earnest AI

  •    PHP

Earnest is a A PHP-MYSQL AI EXPERT SYSTEM for creating powerful expert system easily. Its simple PHP API can also be called from JAVA, browsers or other software to perform GIS and other comparisons. Also has ability to create XML results.

Programming Without Coding Technology


Create software without writing a single line of code.

The Expert Calendar


The Expert Calendar is a MOSS 2007 webpart which allows to connect to a Event Item List and display event items in a small design customizable calendar with links to the events. Handy for a "quick-win" event display.

Network Monitor Expert -- DumpTCPPayload


dump tcp data from microsoft network monitor expert



CLIPS.NET is .NET managed interface for CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System) CLIPS.NET is an effort to bring CLIPS into the .NET world. Framework is allowing a convenient and easy integrating Clips expert system in your .NET projects.

Expert News Rotator 2


Project closing. Please see CDR http://cdr.codeplex.com for the new rotator project which is a total rewrite from this project.

Network Monitor Experts


Network Monitor 3.3 introduces the Experts menu. This feature allows you to run external analysis tools on an open capture file. This page is points you to these useful “Experts” for your data analysis needs within Network Monitor. Also provided here is the Expert SDK.

mustermann - your personal string matching expert

  •    Ruby

your personal string matching expert

ngExam - An AngularJS exam with questions from beginner to expert by @gdi2290 from @AngularClass


An AngularJS exam with questions from beginner to expert by @gdi2290 from @AngularClass

hemera - 🔬 Writing reliable & fault-tolerant microservices with https://nats.io

  •    Javascript

Hemera (/ˈhɛmərə/; Ancient Greek: Ἡμέρα [hɛːméra] "day") is a small wrapper around the NATS driver. NATS is a simple, fast and reliable solution for the internal communication of a distributed system. It chooses simplicity and reliability over guaranteed delivery. We want to provide a toolkit to develop micro services in an easy and powerful way. We provide a pattern matching RPC style. You don't have to worry about the transport. NATS is powerful.Hemera has not been designed for high performance on a single process. It has been designed to create lots of microservices doesn't matter where they live. It choose simplicity and reliability as primary goals. It act together with NATS as central nervous system of your distributed system. Transport independency was not considered to be a relevant factor. In addition we use pattern matching which is very powerful. The fact that Hemera needs a broker is an argument which should be taken into consideration when you compare hemera with other frameworks. The relevant difference between microservice frameworks like senecajs, molecurer is not the performance or modularity its about the complexity you need to manage. Hemera is expert in providing an interface to work with lots of services in the network, NATS is the expert to deliver the message at the right place. Hemera is still a subscriber of NATS with some magic in routing and extensions. We don't have to worry about all different aspects in a distributed system like routing, load-balancing, service-discovery, clustering, health-checks ...

INFeReNCZy - Expert System Framework

  •    Perl

Lightweigh framework to create expert systems, written in Perl. INFeReNCZy is an approach to Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Base Systems. With only a few simple perl modules, INFeReNCZy gives the oportunity to develop and run rulesets.



The PHLIPS project is a PHP extension for CLIPS, a tool for building expert systems. It provides PHP with a basic interface to a CLIPS environment. Its purpose is to allow deployment of expert systems in PHP.

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