ride - Remote IDE for Dyalog

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Dyalog customers can download a pre-built installable RIDE from MyDyalog under the Downloads > RIDE menu.



golden-layout : ^1.5.9
jquery : ^3.2.1
monaco-editor : 0.10.1
node-ipc : ^9.1.1
os-locale : ^2.1.0
ssh2 : ^0.6.1
toastr : ^2.1.4



Related Projects

Co-dfns - High-performance, Reliable, and Parallel APL

  •    APL

The Co-dfns project aims to provide a high-performance, high-reliability compiler for a parallel extension of the Dyalog dfns programming language. The dfns language is a functionally oriented, lexically scoped dialect of APL. The Co-dfns language extends the dfns language to include explicit task parallelism with implicit structures for synchronization and determinism. The language is designed to enable rigorous formal analysis of programs to aid in compiler optimization and programmer productivity, as well as in the general reliability of the code itself. Our mission is to deliver scalable APL programming to information and domain experts across many fields, expanding the scope and capabilities of what you can effectively accomplish with APL.


  •    Java

Ride performance analysis from GPS data collected by Garmin Edge 305/205 or similar bicycle computers. You can chart the performance data of your ride such as speed and cadence, track totals from all your rides, view 3D rendering of your ride and more!

GPS Ride Plot

  •    Perl

The GPS Ride Plot project is software to convert a downloaded GPS track and generate a map image in PNG format. This has been used primarily to plot bicycle rides. It can also plot almost any GPS track and has done so for cars, trolleys or jet airliners.


  •    Python

rIDE is an IDE aimed at beginners, meant for use mainly in classrooms. It supports C++, Python, Prolog, Lisp, Whitespace, and LOLCODE, with syntax highlighting and quick-compile for each.

Ride Guitar Tab Editor

  •    Python

The Ride Guitar Tab Editor offers an easy way to create ascii guitar, bass and drum tabs.

RIDE - Test data editor for Robot Framework

  •    Python

RIDE is a development environment for Robot Framework test cases.


  •    C++

The aim of this project is to develop a 3D mobile navigation app for hikers and cyclists using OpenStreetMap and NASA SRTM data. It's also intended to build a desktop version allowing users to preview a walk or bike ride before they go.

Warp Pipe Project: GameCube Online


The purpose of this project is to create the ability to play LAN enabled GameCube games over a wide area network. Three LAN based games released in 2003 will be supported by Warp Pipe; Kirby Air Ride, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and 1080deg;: Avalanche.

StravaViewer Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone 7.5 viewer for Strava data. Full segment and ride lists with full sortablility and maps.

Ride Lithuania


Windows Phone app that helps people to find public transport routes and schedules inside Lithuania.


  •    Java

yaJamesManager is a web-based management-tool for Apache James written in Java as a webapp. Just throw the quot;yajamesmanager.warquot;-file into your deployment-directory and you're ready to go! Take a test ride on the yaJamesManager-quot;Home Pagequot;...

Transport Planner

  •    C++

(Multi-Agent) Transport Planner is (currently) a dynamic single agent transport planner for vehicle routing problems and dial-a-ride problems. MatPlan uses a (very quick) standard insertion technique to insert orders one by one into a set of routes.

yawebmail - yet another webmail client

  •    Java

A webmail-client (POP3, IMAP, SMTP) written in Java as a webapp. Very easy to install - just throw the WAR-file into the deployment-directory of your Servlet-container (tomcat, jetty, weblogic, ..) and you're ready! Test ride on the yawebmail-Homepage!

kubernetes-for-java-developers - A Day in Java Developer’s Life, with a taste of Kubernetes

  •    Java

Deploying your Java application in a Kubernetes cluster could feel like Alice in Wonderland. You keep going down the rabbit hole and don’t know how to make that ride comfortable. This repository explains how a Java application can be deployed, tested, debugged and monitored in Kubernetes. In addition, it also talks about canary deployment and deployment pipeline. We will use a simple Java application built using Spring Boot. The application publishes a REST endpoint that can be invoked at http://{host}:{port}/hello.

phonegap-launch-navigator - Phonegap/Cordova plugin which launches native route navigation apps for Android, iOS and Windows

  •    Javascript

Cordova/Phonegap plugin for launching today's most popular navigation/ride apps to navigate to a destination. Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows.

tensorflow-on-raspberry-pi - TensorFlow for Raspberry Pi

  •    Python

Check out the official TensorFlow website for more information. It was a fun ride! With Raspberry Pi support now official, I will no longer be looking to update this repository. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to continue maintaining the repo as much as I wanted, but it was amazing watching the community continue to thrive.

kona - Open-source implementation of the K programming language

  •    C

Kona is the open-source implementation of the K programming language. K is a synthesis of APL and LISP. Although many of the capabilities come from APL, the fundamental data construct is quite different. In APL the construct is a multi-dimensional matrix-like array, where the dimension of the array can range from 0 to some maximum (often 9). In K, like LISP, the fundamental data construct is a list. Also, like LISP, the K language is ASCII-based, so you don't need a special keyboard. For many people, K was the preferred APL dialect. When it was available, it tended to be popular with investment bankers, the performance obsessed, and analysts dealing with lots of data. It is a demanding language.

ivy - ivy, an APL-like calculator

  •    Go

Ivy is an interpreter for an APL-like language. It is a plaything and a work in progress. Prototype apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android are available in the App store and Google Play store. To find them, search for "ivy bignum calculator".

ZigBee stack for Linux

  •    C

ZigBee stack for Linux covers IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC layers as well as ZigBee Alliance NWK and (partially) APL layers of protocol.


  •    Perl

A Perl based interpreter for a language which is a blend of Forth and APL. The power of lang5 stems from its arrays operations in conjunction with the underlying Forth programming paradigm of bottom up programming.