DirectShow Sample Camera Application for WEC7 & WEC2013

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This project shows the developer on how to write a DirectShow application for using Camera on Windows Embedded Compact 7 & Compact 2013 devices.



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DirectDraw APIs Usage in WinCE and WinMobile

DDrawTest application shows how to use the Hardware layers of display controller of different application processor in WinCE and Windows Mobile devices.

Exploring VMR Features on WEC7

This is the sample application helps you to do alpha blending the bitmap on camera streaming in Windows Embedded Compact 7 using Directshow video Renderer (VMR). It is a VS2008 based smart device project developed on C++. I have explained the sample application in the followin...


GDI and OpenGL re-implementation of the DirectDraw API for classic Command & Conquer games for better compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Wine

AutoLaunch for Windows Embedded Compact (CE)

AutoLaunch component for Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Compact 7 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

Managed Code Tools for Windows Embedded Compact 7

Managed code application projects can be directly integrated into a Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS Project. They can be built as a subproject of the OS, included as part of the OS and run via KITL. There are a few rough edges and limitations though. For example, the managed cod...

Windows Mobile Camera Motion detectionWMCamera

This is the demo application used for the MEDC 2007 camera presentation. This demo shows: -Implementing a simple transinplace DirectShow filter -Having a DShow filter implemented inside of an application rather than as a standalone dll -Building a DirectShow graph using the C...

dshow-build - Directshow playback components build repo

Directshow playback components build repo

CoreCon for Windows Embedded Compact (CE)

CoreCon component for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7, to simplify the tasks needed to include CoreCon files to the OS image.

Window Embedded Compact (CE) Component Wizard

Wizard to create Windows Embedded Compact 7 and CE 6.0 catalog component.

WriteableBitmapEx for Windows Embedded

WriteableBitmapEx for Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Silverlight for Windows Embedded. Requires XAML In The Hand for managed code development.

FTDI Resources for Windows Embedded Compact / CE

FTDI provide two USB to Serial drivers for there ICs. This project provides: - Catalog components to simply integrate them into a Compact 7 / CE Platform Builder OS project. - A stream driver as a standrd interface to third party modules that use the FTDI chipset.

CEDriverWiz - Windows Embedded Compact (CE) Stream Driver Wizard

CEDriverWiz is a Windows Embedded Compact wizard, helps simplify the tasks needed to develop stream interface device driver for Windows Embedded Compact.

Embedded Media Framework

A multimedia framework for Windows Embedded CE, which is capable to replace the Mediaplayer on Windows Embedded CE devices in .NET CF environments and which has some additional features currently not included in Windows Embedded CE.

DirectDraw Overlay Library

An unmanaged C++ library to create, manage and draw to DirectDraw overlays. A C++/CLI wrapper for .NET clients is included. DirectDraw overlays are special DirectDraw surfaces that are shown over everything else, including full-screen games and applications. They can be used ...


An embedded document database that persists to isolated storage, compatible with .NET, .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

TTCP for Windows Embedded Compact

TTCP for Windows Embedded Compact. TTCP is a command-line sockets-based benchmarking tool for measuring TCP and UDP performance between two systems. It was originally developed for the BSD operating system starting in 1984. This port is based on PCAUSA's winsock port.

Power Manager PDD Sample for Windows Embedded Compact (CE)

Windows Embedded Compact (CE) Power Manager PDD Sample.

CESQLite2013: SQLite for Windows Embedded Compact 2013

A project to provide SQLite.dll for x86 Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Embedded JPEG Codec Library

An open source JPEG codec library optimized for embedded system, including both encoder and decoder. Compact, optimized for specific hardware, easy to be ported to various embedded OS, ESL tools like Handel-C, multi-processor systems and FPGA.


GGredit is library that implements base functionality for a generic graphic editor. DDraw is a diagram editor designed for Gnome that use GGredit. DDraw is inspired to DIA, it can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams.