docpad-skeleton-yui - A YUI Purecss 0.6.0 skeleton for DocPad.

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YUI Purecss skeleton for DocPad. Simple, flexible and clean HTML and CSS for popular user interface components and interactions.


docpad : 6.x
docpad-plugin-cleanurls : 2.x
docpad-plugin-coffeescript : 2.x
docpad-plugin-eco : 2.x
docpad-plugin-marked : 2.x
docpad-plugin-partials : 2.x
docpad-plugin-related : 2.x
docpad-plugin-text : 2.x



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  •    CoffeeScript

DocPad is a language agnostic document management system. This means you write your website as documents, in whatever language you wish, and DocPad will handle the compiling, templates and layouts for you. For static documents it will generate static files, for dynamic documents it'll re-render them on each request. You can utilise DocPad by itself, or use it as a module inside your own custom system. It's pretty cool, and well worth checking out. We love it.

docpad - Empower your website frontends with layouts, meta-data, pre-processors (markdown, jade, coffeescript, etc

  •    CoffeeScript

Hi! I'm DocPad, I streamline the web development process and help close the gap between experts and beginners. I've been used in production by big and small companies for over a year and a half now to create plenty of amazing and powerful web sites and applications quicker than ever before. What makes me different is instead of being a box to cram yourself into and hold you back, I'm a freeway to what you want to accomplish, just getting out of your way and allowing you to create stuff quicker than ever before without limits. Leave the redundant stuff up to me, so you can focus on the awesome stuff.Discover my features below, or skip ahead to the installation instructions to get started with a fully functional pre-made website in a few minutes from reading this.


  •    CoffeeScript

Empower your website frontends with layouts, meta-data, pre-processors (markdown, jade, coffeescript, etc.), partials, skeletons, file watching, querying, and an amazing plugin system. Use it either standalone, as a build script, or even as a module in a bigger system. Either way, DocPad will streamline your web development process allowing you to craft full-featured websites quicker than ever before.

staticsitegenerators-website - Website containing the complete listing of static site generators

  •    Javascript

This is a DocPad website that automatically pulls in the latest listing data from bevry/staticsitegenerators-list and renders it nicely.As well as add a link to the Go Static Campaign to help educate people about the benefits of Static Site Generators.



Source code for]( Built with Docpad, powered by nodejs and express, using bower for resource management.

Semantic-UI-Docs - Official Documentation for Semantic UI

  •    Javascript

To install DocPad, the static site generator used to create the HTML for the site.Before running the server, you will need to build your UI files for the docs.

Static-Site-Samples - A collection of simple sites built with various static site engines

  •    CSS

This is a simple example site built using various static site generators to explore the differences between the multitude of available static site options. The initial samples are Jekyll, HarpJS, Middleman, Wintersmith, Hexo, Hugo, DocPad and Metalsmith. More to come.

Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor for .Net

  •    Javascript

This is a .NET port of the Yahoo! UI Library's YUI Compressor Java project. The objective of this project is to compress any Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets to an efficient level that works exactly as the original source, before it was minified.

UglifyCSS - Port of YUI CSS Compressor from Java to NodeJS

  •    Javascript

UglifyCSS is a port of YUI Compressor to NodeJS for its CSS part. Its name is a reference to the awesome UglifyJS but UglifyCSS is not a CSS parser. Like YUI CSS Compressor, it applies many regexp replacements. Note that a port to JavaScript is also available in the YUI Compressor repository. UglifyCSS passes successfully the test suite of YUI compressor CSS.

page-skeleton-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin to generate the skeleton page automatically

  •    Javascript

Page Skeleton is a webpack plugin.The purpose of the plugin is to generate the corresponding skeleton screen page according to different route pages in your project, and to pack the skeleton screen page into the corresponding static route page through webpack. All examples are in the examples folder.

git-go-websiteskeleton - A go skeleton for websites.

  •    Go

A basic website skeleton in Go that comes with the Gorilla Multiplexer for routing, glog for access and error logging, as well as jquery, bootstrap, and font-awesome for making excellent web apps. Note: To make it your own project, simply remove the .git file from the project and upload it into your own repository.

PHP-YUI-Compressor - PHP Class to interface with the YUI Compressor

  •    PHP

PHP Class to interface with the YUI Compressor

yuicompressor - YUI Compressor

  •    Java

The YUI Compressor is a JavaScript compressor which, in addition to removing comments and white-spaces, obfuscates local variables using the smallest possible variable name. This obfuscation is safe, even when using constructs such as 'eval' or 'with' (although the compression is not optimal in those cases) Compared to jsmin, the average savings is around 20%. If no input file is specified, it defaults to stdin.

pure - A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

  •    HTML

Note: You can customize which Pure modules you need. A responsive grid that can be customized to your needs.

purecss-francine - HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting

  •    CSS

An ongoing series in which I create art using only CSS and HTML. Because of the artistic nature of this project I have not concerned myself with cross-browser-compatibility, so the live preview will most likely look laughable in anything other than chrome.

purecss-zigario - HTML/CSS drawing in the style of mid-century advertisement design

  •    CSS

An ongoing series in which I create art using only CSS and HTML. Because of the artistic nature of this project I have not concerned myself with cross-browser-compatibility, so the live preview will most likely look laughable in anything other than chrome.

icono - One tag One icon, no font or svg, Pure CSS

  •    CSS

icono is an icon pack that needs no external resources. Every tags can be an icon made with pure CSS. You can add icono folder in your project and import icono.less for compile. iconos maincolor can be changed in variable.less.


  •    Java

This is a YUI2 java api based on java2script java to javascript compiler. Almost full yui2 java api, and other javascript toolkits like raphaeljs, soundmanager2 java api also available..Please visit for more informatiion. IMPORTANT: This project was a great way of learning how to model YUI API in Java, now I'm focusing on a GWT version of YUI Java API At:

Skeleton - 💀 An easy way to create sliding CAGradientLayer animations! Works great for creating skeleton screens for loading content

  •    Swift

You can check out the example and the documentation for more. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

zend-expressive - PSR-15 middleware in minutes!

  •    PHP

We provide two ways to install Expressive, both using Composer: via our skeleton project and installer, or manually. The simplest way to install and get started is using the skeleton project, which includes installer scripts for choosing a router, dependency injection container, and optionally a template renderer and/or error handler. The skeleton also provides configuration for officially supported dependencies.