ember-composable-helpers - Composable helpers for declarative templating in Ember

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ember-composable-helpers is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. Both only and except can be safely used together (the addon computes the diff), although it's best if you only use one for your own sanity.



broccoli-funnel : ^1.0.1
ember-cli-babel : ^6.6.0



Related Projects

ember-admin - Admin backend for ember-cli projects

  •    Javascript

ember-admin is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. Automatically discover your models and interact with all model data in a simple CRUD interface. Great for a drop-in starter admin backend.

ember-easy-form - Easily build semantic forms in Ember

  •    Javascript

ember-easy-form is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. This README outlines the details of collaborating on this Ember addon.

ember-route-action-helper - Bubble closure actions in routes

  •    Javascript

ember-router-action-helper is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. The route-action helper allows you to bubble closure actions, which will delegate it to the currently active route hierarchy per the bubbling rules explained under actions. Like closure actions, route-action will also have a return value.

ember-exam - Run your tests with randomization, splitting, and parallelization for beautiful tests.

  •    Javascript

Ember Exam is an addon to allow you more control over how you run your tests when used in conjunction with Ember QUnit or Ember Mocha. It provides the ability to randomize, split, parallelize, and load-balance your test suite by adding a more robust CLI command. The documentation website contains examples and API information.

ember-apollo-client - 🚀 An ember-cli addon for Apollo Client and GraphQL

  •    Javascript

Use @apollo/client and GraphQL from your Ember app. This addon is battle tested: it has been used to build several large apps. As such, we've solved real-world problems such as reliable testing and preventing resource leaks by unsubscribing from watch queries.

emberfire - The officially supported adapter for using Firebase with Ember

  •    TypeScript

This repository is maintained by Googlers but is not a supported Firebase product. Issues here are answered by maintainers and other community members on GitHub on a best-effort basis. WARNING: Master branch is the work in progress for version 3 of Emberfire. You can find version 2 here, if you're looking for documentation or to contribute to stable. Learn more about the rewrite effort here.


  •    Javascript

Moment.js template helpers and computed property macros for Ember

ember-qunit - unit test helpers for ember

  •    Javascript

unit test helpers for ember

pjs - Pipeable javascript. Quickly filter, map, and reduce from the terminal

  •    Javascript

Pipeable JavaScript - another utility like sed/awk/wc... but with JS! Quickly filter, map and reduce from the command line. Features a streaming API. Inspired by pipeable ruby.pjs is a cli tool that can accept input on stdin, or read from a list of files. Its filter, map and reduce options take expressions to be run, in that order, and applies them to the supplied input. The expressions themselves can contain identifiers used by keys in String.prototype, which will automatically be bound to the given line. This lets you save a bit of typing with your one-liners, while still giving you access to all your JS string functions! Check out some of the examples below to see how they translate.

ember-json-api - JSON API adapter for Ember Data.

  •    Javascript

Deprecation Notice: This addon was developed to add support for JSON API in Ember Data. With the release of Ember Data v1.13 support for JSON API was built-in, making this addon unnecessary. Since Ember Data now offers a similar feature set, we have decided to deprecate this addon. For more information on how to use the offical Ember Data solution see the Ember 1.13 release notes.

ember-runloop-handbook - A deep dive into the Ember JS runloop.

  •    Javascript

If you spot any of the (sadly inevitable) errors you would be doing me a great favour by opening an issue :-). You can get started with Ember application development without understanding the runloop. However at some point you will want to dig in and understand it properly so you can use it skillfully. It is my sincere hope that this handbook can be your guide.

ember-qunit - unit test helpers for ember

  •    Javascript

QUnit helpers for testing Ember.js applications

ember-modal-dialog - An ember-cli addon for implementing modal dialogs

  •    Javascript

The ember-modal-dialog addon provides components to implement modal dialogs throughout an Ember application using a simple, consistent pattern. Unlike some other modal libraries for Ember, ember-modal-dialog uses solutions like ember-wormhole to render a modal structure as a top-level DOM element for layout purposes while retaining its logical position in the Ember view hierarchy. This difference introduces a certain elegance and, dare we say, joy, into the experience of using modals in your app. For more info on this, see the "Wormhole" section below.

ember-cli-flash - Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli

  •    Javascript

Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli. This addon is tested against the release, beta and canary channels, ~1.11.0, and 1.12.1. Because this addon makes use of attribute bindings, which were introduced in ember 1.11.0, earlier versions of ember are not compatible with the latest version.

ember-changeset - Ember.js flavored changesets, inspired by Ecto

  •    Javascript

The idea behind a changeset is simple: it represents a set of valid changes to be applied onto any Object (Ember.Object, DS.Model, POJOs, etc). Each change is tested against an optional validation, and if valid, the change is stored and applied when executed. Given Ember's Data Down, Actions Up (DDAU) approach, a changeset is more appropriate compared to implicit 2 way bindings. Other validation libraries only validate a property after it is set on an Object, which means that your Object can enter an invalid state.

open_vins - An open source platform for visual-inertial navigation research.

  •    C++

Welcome to the OpenVINS project! The OpenVINS project houses some core computer vision code along with a state-of-the art filter-based visual-inertial estimator. The core filter is an Extended Kalman filter which fuses inertial information with sparse visual feature tracks. These visual feature tracks are fused leveraging the Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter (MSCKF) sliding window formulation which allows for 3D features to update the state estimate without directly estimating the feature states in the filter. Inspired by graph-based optimization systems, the included filter has modularity allowing for convenient covariance management with a proper type-based state system. Please take a look at the feature list below for full details on what the system supports. ov_secondary - This is an example secondary thread which provides loop closure in a loosely coupled manner for OpenVINS. This is a modification of the code originally developed by the HKUST aerial robotics group and can be found in their VINS-Fusion repository. Here we stress that this is a loosely coupled method, thus no information is returned to the estimator to improve the underlying OpenVINS odometry. This codebase has been modified in a few key areas including: exposing more loop closure parameters, subscribing to camera intrinsics, simplifying configuration such that only topics need to be supplied, and some tweaks to the loop closure detection to improve frequency.

ember-paper - The Ember approach to Material Design.

  •    Javascript

This project aims to bring Google's new Material Design to Ember. The goal is to encapsulate everything possible in Ember components. This project is packaged as an Ember-cli addon. This should also automatically create an scss file under app/styles/app.scss with @import 'ember-paper'; and install ember-cli-sass.

ember-model - A lightweight model library for Ember.js

  •    Javascript

Ember Model (EM) is a simple and lightweight model library for Ember. It intentionally supports a limited feature set. The main goal is to provide primitives on top of $.ajax that are required by Ember. EM is still a work in progress, but it's flexible and stable enough to be used in production apps today. It was extracted out of an Ember app. Please see the issues section for a list of bugs and planned features.


  •    Javascript

We will be releasing versions which may introduce breaking changes as we transition to a more modern set of Ember components. A collection of small widgets, easy to drop into place as Ember Components.

apollo-resolvers - Expressive and composable resolvers for Apollostack's GraphQL server

  •    Javascript

When standing up a GraphQL backend, one of the first design decisions you will undoubtedly need to make is how you will handle authentication, authorization, and errors. GraphQL resolvers present an entirely new paradigm that existing patterns for RESTful APIs fail to adequately address. Many developers end up writing duplicitous authorization checks in a vast majority of their resolver functions, as well as error handling logic to shield the client from encountering exposed internal errors. The goal of apollo-resolvers is to simplify the developer experience in working with GraphQL by abstracting away many of these decisions into a nice, expressive design pattern. apollo-resolvers provides a pattern for creating resolvers that work, essentially, like reactive middleware. By creating a chain of resolvers to satisfy individual parts of the overall problem, you are able to compose elegant streams that take a GraphQL request and bind it to a model method or some other form of business logic with authorization checks and error handling baked right in.

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