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Dictonary is open source project, whats goal is creation of dictonaries, translating and creating programming languages.




Related Projects

petit_royal - scripts to convert petit royal french dictonary to epwing

scripts to convert petit royal french dictonary to epwing

gsocrat - Simply gtk dictonary and translator based on google translate.

Simply gtk dictonary and translator based on google translate.


A firefox extension for google dictonary search


Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines Want a little control, but don’t want to give up the convenience of push-button functionality? Semi-Automatics will give you just the right amount of authority over how your espresso is made. Featuring a boiler, manual portafilter and a switch or lever to perform the extraction and steaming processes, you’ll still grind and tamp your espresso (or insert a coffee pod), begin the extraction process and then steam or froth your milk as necessary. Among Semi-Automatic

prime-c - Calculates all the prime numbers from 1 -> console argument

Calculates all the prime numbers from 1 -> console argument

Unix Console Construction Kit

The Unix Console Construction Kit (ucck) is a library of Perl modules for creating full-screen colour Curses (console/text terminal) applications. Target applications are monitoring (like top(1) or vmstat) and browsing (data, databases, files).

fabric8-console - Angular 1.x console for fabric8

This project collects a number of hawtio plugins together to create a console for fabric8.Next you need to setup the KUBERNETES_MASTER environment variable to point to the kubernetes master you want to run against. e.g.

jinr-maker - JINR Maker Is Not RPG Maker

JINR Maker Is Not RPG Maker

gitpaid - The programmer's time tracker

Git Paid is a console time tracking program that stores work logs in Git. Currently, it assumes begin and end commits are accurate in time and uses this to generate an invoice. In the future, user-supplied billable hours will be supported.See gpbegin(1), gpend(1), and gpinvoice(1) for more details if this example isn't enough for you.

RM2k2XP - Tools for converting RPG Maker 2000/2003 resources to RPG Maker XP format.

Tools for converting RPG Maker 2000/2003 resources to RPG Maker XP format.

UseCaseMaker - Fork of Use Case Maker (http://sourceforge.net/projects/use-case-maker/)

Fork of Use Case Maker (http://sourceforge.net/projects/use-case-maker/)

VX2Ace - RPG Maker VX to RPG Maker VX Ace converter

RPG Maker VX to RPG Maker VX Ace converter

Moe Keno

This is a keno game made with Game Maker 7 Pro. A game like this has not been created yet with GM7. Although the source is available it cannot be viewed without Game Maker 7 or Game Maker 7 Pro. You can get game maker 7 from yoyogames.com

console.log - Log to the Javascript console from ruby.

1. Call `console.log` in rails. ```ruby def load_user user = User.where(email: 'foo@bar.com') console.log "User: ", user user end ```2. Open your browser's developer console. ![Screen shot](http://i.imgur.com/QJjjmjf.png)3. (optional) Scream with delight!

mirage-console - Portable console handling for Mirage applications

Operating on VM domain id: 19Creating device 1 (linux device /dev/tty1){ ref = 128; event_channel = 13 }```Then inside the guest:```[root@trusty ~]


Visual C# Console Application - Skill Level: Beginner. The application is a simulation of a multimedia library for Movies, Music and Pictures with rental system. It doesn't make sense to rent pictures and files, but this was for academic purposes as it was asked for the entire class. View the README.txt for more information about the project.

aws-sdk-mobile-analytics-js - Amazon Mobile Analytics JavaScript SDK

The Mobile Analytics SDK for JavaScript allows JavaScript enabled applications to create and submit events for analysis in the AWS Console and through Auto Export to S3 and Redshift. The library uses the browser's local storage API to create a local cache for the data, allowing your web application to batch and record events even when the app is offline.Step 1. Log in to the Amazon Mobile Analytics management console and create a new app. Be sure to note your App Id and Cognito Identity Pool Id.

gertty - Console interface to Gerrit Code Review

Gertty is a console-based interface to the Gerrit Code Review system.Gertty is packaged for openSUSE 13.1 onwards. You can install it via 1-click install from the Open Build Service.

cordova-datastores-example - A version of the datastores tasks example that has been modified to run in a Cordova app

This is a modified version of the task tracking example that ships with the Dropbox Datastore JavaScript SDK. This version has been modified to run in the context of a Cordova app.If you want to build your own Cordova app using the Datastore API, you'll first need to create an API app via the Dropbox App Console. You'll nened to use the app key you receive when you create your Dropbox.Client object. (In tutorial.js, you'll find a variable called DROPBOX_APP_KEY. This is what you would need to replace to use your own app key.) Be sure to add https://www.dropbox.com/1/oauth2/redirect_receiver as an OAuth 2 redirect URI in the App Console, since this is the redirect URI used by default by the Cordova auth driver.


hairCapture is a C++ object class library for live video handling, using the camera IP, V4L 1/2 (Video for Linux version 1 and 2) API's calls, for Linux operating system. It's run both in X and console, and live video is displayed by SDL library.