composer-cleaner - Victor The Cleaner: removes unnecessary files from vendor directory

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This tool removes unnecessary files and directories from Composer vendor directory. Then simply use composer update.



Related Projects

composer-merge-plugin - Merge one or more additional composer.json files at Composer runtime

  •    PHP

Merge multiple composer.json files at Composer runtime.Composer Merge Plugin is intended to allow easier dependency management for applications which ship a composer.json file and expect some deployments to install additional Composer managed libraries. It does this by allowing the application's top level composer.json file to provide a list of optional additional configuration files. When Composer is run it will parse these files and merge their configuration settings into the base configuration. This combined configuration will then be used when downloading additional libraries and generating the autoloader.

composer-changelogs - :notebook: Display better summary after Composer update

  •    PHP

composer-changelogs is a plugin for Composer. It displays some texts after each Composer update to nicely summarize the modified packages with links to release and compare urls. Just copy it in your commit body and you get a nice description.

composer-asset-plugin - NPM/Bower Dependency Manager for Composer

  •    PHP

The Composer Asset Plugin allows you to manage project assets (css, js, etc.) in your composer.json without installing NPM or Bower. This plugin works by transposing package information from NPM or Bower to a compatible version for Composer. This allows you to manage asset dependencies in a PHP based project very easily.

composer-patches - Simple patches plugin for Composer

  •    PHP

Simple patches plugin for Composer. Applies a patch from a local or remote file to any package required with composer. Instead of a patches key in your root composer.json, use a patches-file key.

studio - A workbench for developing Composer packages.

  •    PHP

Develop your Composer libraries with style. This package makes it easy to develop Composer packages while using them.

vim-markdown-composer - An asynchronous markdown preview plugin for Vim and Neovim

  •    Rust

vim-markdown-composer is a plugin that adds asynchronous Markdown preview to Neovim and Vim. By default, vim-markdown-composer uses a blazing-fast CommonMark (and GitHub)-compliant renderer. However, it can be configured to use any external program for rendering, such as pandoc.

codeigniter-composer-installer - Installs the offical CodeIgniter 3 (or 4) with secure folder structure via Composer

  •    PHP

This package installs the offical CodeIgniter (version 3.1.*) with secure folder structure via Composer. Note: If you want to install CodeIgniter4 (under development), see

ParameterHandler - Composer script handling your ignored parameter file

  •    PHP

This tool allows you to manage your ignored parameters when running a composer install or update. It works when storing the parameters in a Yaml file under a single top-level key (named parameters by default). Other keys are copied without change. The app/config/parameters.yml will then be created or updated by the composer script, to match the structure of the dist file app/config/parameters.yml.dist by asking you the missing parameters.

pickle - PHP Extension installer

  •    PHP

Pickle installs PHP extensions easily on all platforms. Pickle is a new PHP extension installer. It is based on Composer and the plan is to get Composer to fully support it. See for the Composer part of the discussions.

recipes - Symfony Recipes Repository

  •    PHP

Symfony recipes allow the automation of Composer packages configuration via the Symfony Flex Composer plugin. This repository contains "official" recipes for Composer packages endorsed by the Symfony Core Team. For contributed recipes, see the contrib repository.

PackageVersions - :package: Composer addon to efficiently get installed packages' version numbers

  •    PHP

This utility provides quick and easy access to version information of composer dependencies. This information is derived from the composer.lock file which is (re)generated during composer install or composer update.

idea-composer-plugin - PhpStorm plugin that adds code completion in composer.json file

  •    Scala

Adds code completion, inspections and more to composer.json file. There you can find plugin homepage.

prestissimo - composer parallel install plugin

  •    PHP

composer parallel install plugin. Recognize composer's options. You don't need to set any special configuration.

grumphp - A PHP code-quality tool

  •    PHP

Sick and tired of defending code quality over and over again? GrumPHP will do it for you! This composer plugin will register some git hooks in your package repository. When somebody commits changes, GrumPHP will run some tests on the committed code. If the tests fail, you won't be able to commit your changes. This handy tool will not only improve your codebase, it will also teach your co-workers to write better code following the best practices you've determined as a team. GrumPHP has a set of common tasks built-in. You will be able to use GrumPHP with a minimum of configuration.

rails-composer - Rails Composer. The Rails generator on steroids for starter apps.

  •    Ruby

Rails Composer. The Rails generator on steroids for starter apps.

GameQ - A PHP Gameserver Status Query Library

  •    PHP

GameQ is a PHP library that allows you to query multiple types of multiplayer game & voice servers at the same time. Update your packages with composer update or install with composer install.

graph-composer - Dependency graph visualization for composer.json (PHP + Composer)

  •    PHP

Once clue/graph-composer is installed, you can use it via command line like this. It accepts an optional argument which is the path to your project directory or composer.json file (defaults to checking the current directory for a composer.json file).

phar-composer - Simple phar creation for every PHP project managed via Composer

  •    PHP

Simple phar creation for any project managed via composer. It takes your existing project's composer.json and builds an executable phar for your project among with its bundled dependencies.

composer - Dependency Manager for PHP

  •    PHP

Composer helps you declare, manage, and install dependencies of PHP projects. See for more information and documentation.