entry_relationship_field - A new way to create master-details pattern with Symphony's sections

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A new way to create master-details (parent -> children) relationships with Symphony's sections. You can also install it using the extension downloader. Just search for entry_relationship_field.




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Symphony CMS - XSLT powered CMS

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Symphony is a web-based content management system (CMS) that enables users to create and manage websites and web applications of all shapes and sizes—from the simplest of blogs to bustling news sites and feature-packed social networks.

Composite C1 - CMS on .NET 4 platform

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C1 is aimed at communicators who need to easily manage content on corporate websites while maintaining a consistent visual identity. C1 comes fully featured, it's straightforward to use, easy to extend, and integrates with other systems beautifully.

Symphony Framework


The Symphony Framework is a set of classes and capabilities that are designed to assist the Synergy/DE developer in enhancing the power of Synergy .NET

Symphony Content Server


Symphony will conform to the Euphony content specification. Symphony will provide content management, personalization services, forums, knowledgebases, and articles.

symphony-2 - This is the official Symphony 2 repository.

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This is the official Symphony 2 repository.

Composite C1 CMS - Open Source on .NET

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A top rated ASP.NET web CMS here on CodePlex. Quality web CMS with a great API and solid usability. Friendly with ASP:NET Razor, Web Forms, MVC and XSLT.


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N2 is a lightweight CMS framework that helps you build great web sites that anyone can update. Web content editors can enjoy a simple and enpowering web interface. Developers will benefit from a programmer friendly API that makes building web sites quick and fun. N2 is focused on removing redundant steps when working with content types and ASPX templates. All of development is done within visual studio.

EonicWeb5 CMS Community Edition


EonicWeb5 CMS is a extremely robust and flexible platform. Every aspect can be themed using XSLT, with a large range of content types Modules available out of the box, and a number of high quality themes ready to go. New Modules can easily be created using xForms and XSLT.



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2tools is a set of online CMS maintenance tools: just one click to migrate to/from different CMS; safe configuration settings to upgrade your CMS; easy Data movement to/from DBMS, databases or tables; SQL, XML, XSLT, PHP technologies. All tools are main

Keystone - A scalable platform and CMS to build Node.js applications

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Keystone is a scalable platform and CMS to build Node.js applications. Keystone comes with first-class GraphQL support, a highly extensible architecture, and a wonderful Admin UI. It has less focus on hand-holding Node.js template-driven websites and more focus on flexible architecture, a powerful GraphQL API with deep authentication & access control features, an extensible Admin UI and plugins for rich field types, file and database adapters, and session management.

Umbraco XSLT Editor


The Umbraco XSLT Editor allows developers to connect to a running Umbraco instance and modify/execute XSLT files from within the Umbraco instance.

Orchard CMS Image MultiPicker


This module provides image multi picker field for Orchard CMS 1.5.1. This module can help you to create image gallery, banner rotator or any other image list.

Thetabiz.com's CRM/CMS


Thetabiz.com's CRM/CMS is an offline Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management with some ERP functions. It creates static pages based on PostgreSQL, Perl, Gedafe. It supports: Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Reminders, Calls, FAQ, Fees,

PDnH Server

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PDnH Server, the compact CMS system from Polaris Digital. This CMS is designed to be an information server, streaming data to be styled by CSS or XSLT.

Canner - Universal Content Management System(CMS) framework using React & Apollo GraphQL, for GraphQL and Restful API

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CannerCMS lets you build flexible content management systems easy and fast, CMS developers built for CMS developers. Template CMS, Content Management System can build websites fast, but clients often need custom solutions? Well, what CannerCMS do is let creating custom CMS fast and easy with many clouds.

CMS Made Simple - Award wining CMS

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CMS Made Simple provides a fast and easy way to create a professional web site and manage its content, whether it's for a small business or a multinational corporation. It has all kind of features that CMS should have. CMS Made Simple provides a mechanism for the website administrator to create and manage pages, their layout, and their content.

Rock - An open source CMS, Relationship Management System (RMS) and Church Management System (ChMS) all rolled into one

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Rock RMS is an open source Relationship Management System (RMS) and Application Framework. While Rock specializes in serving the unique needs of churches it's useful in a wide range of service industries. Rock is an ASP.NET 4.5 C# web application that uses Entity Framework 6.0, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, and many other open source libraries. Our main developer starting point site is the wiki.

No-CMS - No-CMS, A CodeIgniter Based CMS Framework

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No-CMS is a CMS-framework. No-CMS is a basic and "less-assumption" CMS with some default features such as user authorization (including third party authentication), menu, module and theme management. It is fully customizable and extensible, you can make your own module and your own themes. It provide freedom to make your very own CMS, which is not provided very well by any other CMS.

Crafter CMS - A New Kind of CMS for the Entire Team

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Crafter CMS is an open source content management platform for digital experience apps. A new kind of CMS backed by Git that enables developers, content authors, and devops to work together collaboratively to deliver stunning personalized, multi-channel experiences faster and easier than ever before.