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GitHub Desktop is an open source Electron-based GitHub app. It is written in TypeScript and uses React.There are several community-supported package managers that can be used to install Github Desktop.


awesome-typescript-loader : ^3.4.0
aws-sdk : ^2.23.0
babel-core : ^6.24.1
babel-minify : ^0.2.0
babel-webpack-plugin : ^0.1.1
chai : ^4.1.1
chai-as-promised : ^7.1.1
chai-datetime : ^1.4.1
chalk : ^2.2.0
clean-webpack-plugin : ^0.1.16
cross-env : ^5.0.5
css-loader : ^0.28.5
eslint : ^4.15.0
eslint-config-prettier : ^2.9.0
eslint-plugin-babel : ^4.1.2
eslint-plugin-prettier : ^2.4.0
eslint-plugin-react : ^7.5.1
eslint-plugin-typescript : ^0.8.1
express : ^4.15.0
extract-text-webpack-plugin : ^3.0.0
fs-extra : ^2.1.2
html-webpack-plugin : ^2.30.1
klaw-sync : ^3.0.0
legal-eagle : 0.15.0
mocha : ^4.0.1
node-native-loader : ^1.1.1
node-sass : ^4.7.2
octicons : ^7.0.1
parallel-webpack : ^2.1.0
prettier : 1.10.0
request : ^2.72.0
rimraf : ^2.5.2
sass-loader : ^6.0.6
spectron : ^3.7.2
style-loader : ^0.19.1
to-camel-case : ^1.0.0
ts-node : ^3.2.0
tslint : ^5.8.0
tslint-config-prettier : ^1.6.0
tslint-microsoft-contrib : ^5.0.1
tslint-react : ~3.2.0
typescript : 2.6.2
typescript-eslint-parser : ^10.0.0
webpack : ^3.10.0
webpack-dev-middleware : ^2.0.3
webpack-hot-middleware : ^2.21.0
webpack-merge : ^4.1.0
xml2js : ^0.4.16
xvfb-maybe : ^0.2.1



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Download specific installer files from the GitHub releases page. Try the (unstable) development version by cloning the Git repository. See the "How to Contribute" instructions.

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Lepton - 💻 Democratizing Snippet Management (macOS/Win/Linux)

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Lepton is a lean code snippet manager based on GitHub Gist. Check out its latest release. Check out the .leptonrc template to explore different customization options.

ElectronMail - Unofficial desktop app for ProtonMail and Tutanota E2EE email providers

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is an Electron-based unofficial desktop client for ProtonMail and Tutanota end-to-end encrypted email providers. The app aims to provide enhanced desktop user experience enabling features that are not supported by the official in-browser web clients. It is written in TypeScript and uses Angular. The download page with Linux/OSX/Windows installation packages is here.

zulip-desktop - Zulip Desktop Client

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Desktop client for Zulip. Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Please see the installation guide.

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This post shows how to use Electron as the GUI component of Python applications. (Updated version of one of my previous posts.) The frontend and backend communicate with each other using zerorpc. The complete code is on GitHub repo. The following are copied from my original post. They should be the same. If there are inconsistencies, the on the GitHub repo is more accurate.

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IMPORTANT: Now Desktop is no longer under active development (with the exception of receiving security updates). We recommend using our Git Integration instead, or installing our command-line interface if you'd like to deploy from your terminal.

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GitBook is a command line tool (and Node.js library) for building beautiful books using GitHub/Git and Markdown (or AsciiDoc). Here is an example: Learn Javascript. You can publish and host books easily online using A desktop editor is also available.

Chromely - Lightweight Alternative to Electron for .NET/.NET Core HTML5 Desktop Apps

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Chromely is a lightweight alternative to Electron.NET, Electron for .NET/.NET Core developers. Chromely is a .NET/.NET Core HTML5 Chromium desktop framework. It is focused on building apps based on Xilium.CefGlue, CefSharp implementations of embedded Chromium (Cef) without WinForms or WPF. Chromely uses Windows and Linux native GUI API as "thin" chromium hosts. It can be extended to use WinForms or WPF.

zulip-electron - Zulip Desktop Client

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Desktop client for Zulip. Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Please see the installation guide.

Theia - Cloud & desktop IDE framework implemented in TypeScript

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Theia is an extensible platform to develop full-fledged multi-language Cloud & Desktop IDE-like products with state-of-the-art web technologies. Theia is entirely written in TypeScript and clearly separates the UI frontend from the backend. The frontend runs in modern browsers or as a Desktop app using Electron with either local or remote (cloud) backends.

Windows-universal-samples - API samples for the Universal Windows Platform.

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This repo contains the samples that demonstrate the API usage patterns for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 10. These code samples were created with the Universal Windows Platform templates available in Visual Studio, and are designed to run on desktop, mobile, and future devices that support the Universal Windows Platform.Note: If you are unfamiliar with Git and GitHub, you can download the entire collection as a ZIP file, but be sure to unzip everything to access shared dependencies. For more info on working with the ZIP file, the samples collection, and GitHub, see Get the UWP samples from GitHub. For more samples, see the Samples portal on the Windows Dev Center.

angular-seed-advanced - Advanced Angular seed project with support for ngrx/store, ngrx/effects, ngx-translate, angulartics2, lodash, NativeScript (*native* mobile), Electron (Mac, Windows and Linux desktop) and more

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Please read this notice first before continuing. Advice: If your project is intended to target a single platform (i.e, web only), then angular-seed is likely more than suitable for your needs. However if your project goals are to target multiple platforms (web, native mobile and native desktop), with powerful out of the box library support and highly configurable/flexible testing options, then you might want to keep reading.

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