dd-trace-rb - datadog trace ruby client

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This will automatically trace any app inherited from Sinatra::Application. To trace apps inherited from Sinatra::Base, you should manually register the tracer inside your class.To know if a given framework or lib is supported by our client, please consult our integrations list.




Related Projects

dd-agent - Datadog agent

  •    Python

Datadog agent

docker-dd-agent - Datadog Agent Dockerfile for Trusted Builds.

  •    Python

This repository is meant to build the base image for a Datadog Agent container. You will have to use the resulting image to configure and run the Agent.The default image is ready-to-go. You just need to set your API_KEY in the environment.

Kamon - Tool for monitoring applications running on the JVM

  •    Scala

Kamon is a reactive-friendly toolkit for monitoring applications that run on top of the JVM. It provides API to manually create metric recording instruments for any application running on the JVM. It provides bytecode instrumentation modules for Scala, Akka, Spray and Play. It supports several reporting backends like StatsD, Datadog and New Relic. It also allows to create custom reports.

veneur - A DogStatsD server implementation with global aggregation capability.

  •    Go

Veneur (venn-urr) is a distributed, fault-tolerant pipeline for runtime data. It provides a server implementation of the DogStatsD protocol for aggregating metrics and sending them to downstream storage, typically Datadog. It can also act as a global aggregator for histograms, sets and counters.More generically, Veneur is a convenient sink for various observability primitives.

SSAS Profiler Trace Collector with Scheduling Facility


AS Profiler Scheduler is a tool that will enable Scheduling of SQL AS Tracing using predefined Profiler Templates. For tracking different issues there are different templates.



A library of Natural Language Processing (NLP) functions for use in REALbasic (RB) programs, all implemented in pure RB code.

Enterprise Library 2.0 Authenticating Email Trace Listener

  •    DotNet

An add-on enterprise library 2.0 trace listener that can optionally authenticate to an smtp server to send log messages. Based in part on the entlib email trace listener and work by Erwyn Van Der Meer for the Rolling flat file trace listener

uftrace - Function (graph) tracer for user-space

  •    C

The uftrace tool is to trace and analyze execution of a program written in C/C++. It was heavily inspired by the ftrace framework of the Linux kernel (especially function graph tracer) and supports userspace programs. It supports various kind of commands and filters to help analysis of the program execution and performance. It traces each function in the executable and shows time duration. It can also trace external library calls - but only entry and exit are supported and cannot trace internal function calls in the library call unless the library itself built with profiling enabled.

kubectl-trace - Schedule bpftrace programs on your kubernetes cluster using the kubectl

  •    Go

kubectl trace is a kubectl plugin that allows you to schedule the execution of bpftrace programs in your Kubernetes cluster. You can't find the package for your distro of choice? You are very welcome and encouraged to create it and then open an issue to inform us for review.

Digitaldesign CMS

  •    Java

DD CMS is a PHP/MySQL based Content Management System, which allows you to create a complex website using your own design ideas. DD CMS allows to integrate dynamic content using nice installers or assistents. Very easy, but professional install and use.

DD Thought Tickler

  •    Perl

DD Thought Tickler is a thinking process recorder. It is a kind of vector graphics editor and idea processor. It has new function not ever known. It records your thinking process, by memorizing every steps that you've operated on this tool.

progress - Linux tool to show progress for cp, mv, dd, ... (formerly known as cv)

  •    C

This tool can be described as a Tiny, Dirty, Linux-and-OSX-Only C command that looks for coreutils basic commands (cp, mv, dd, tar, gzip/gunzip, cat, etc.) currently running on your system and displays the percentage of copied data. It can also show estimated time and throughput, and provides a "top-like" mode (monitoring). Formerly known as cv (Coreutils Viewer).

Simple CAN Trace GUI

  •    Java

It is a powerfull CAN (Controller Area Network) Trace Programm. With this Programm you can Trace the CAN-Telegrams(Frames) and send Telegrams on the CAN-Bus.

Harvester - Debug Viewer for Trace, NLog & Log4Net


Harvester enables you to monitor all Win32 debug output from all local applications running on your machine. Watch real time Trace, NLog and Log4Net output across multiple applications at the same time. Trace a call from client to server and back without having to look at mult...

ReflectInsight - Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library & Debug/Trace


Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library and Debug/Trace by using ReflectInsight logging extensions; the next generation in application logging.

powerTrace - a PowerShell snapin for SQL Server Trace files


This is a snapin for Microsoft PowerShell which allows for the loading and exploration of SQL Trace files using PowerShell. This provider has been initially designed to work with trace files from SQL Server Analysis Services.

Bare Bones Email Trace Listener


Bare Bones Email Trace Listener is about the simplest email trace listener you can have. No bells, no whistles, and no good if you need authentication.



It is a pocket executable which includes a trace listener and monitor . Trace listener sends data to monitor using Udp multicast channel.

console-trace - Adds a handy `trace` flag to the console object to prepend the file and line number.

  •    Javascript

Extends the native Node.JS console object to prefix logging functions with the CallSite information. To read more about runtime stack trace introspection you can refer to this article.

backward-cpp - A beautiful stack trace pretty printer for C++

  •    C++

Backward is a beautiful stack trace pretty printer for C++. There is not much to say. Of course it will be able to display the code snippets only if the source files are accessible (else see trace #4 in the example).