DNN Customer Feedback

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DotNetNuke Module allows customers to make suggestions as well as vote and provide comments ( in the style of UserVoice and StackOverflow ). This module is developed using an inline script model.




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Customer Feedback System

PollBox is a ASP.NET MVC based open source customer feedback system, where customer can vote ideas and company can always see what the majority really lacks.

user-voice - A library for making UserVoice API calls

A library for making UserVoice API calls

uservoice - Gem for adding uservoice feedback to Ruby on Rails

Gem for adding uservoice feedback to Ruby on Rails

DotNetNuke® Feedback

DotNetNuke® Feedback is a basic module used for accepting user inquiries on your DNN site.


Feedbacky is an OpenSource alternative to services like Getsatisfaction and UserVoice. Feedbacky will let you to create and merge your own Feedback service within your website/webapp without paying anything, letting your users to give their opinion about your service.

gh-polls - Polls for user feedback in GitHub issues

User polls for GitHub powered by Up.These polls work by pasting individual markdown SVG images into your issue, each wrapped with a link that tracks a vote. A single vote per IP is allowed for a given poll, which are stored in DynamoDB.

cortana-intelligence-interactive-voice-response-bot - This repository contains instructions and the necessary code to deploy a call-center automation solution using Cortana Intelligence Suite and Cognitive Services

Customer interaction is essential to a business of any size, and response-automation is a key component to scaling up communication volume. In fact, 61% of consumers prefer to communicate via speech, and most of them prefer self-service. Because customer satisfaction is a priority for all businesses, self-service is a critical facet of any customer-facing communications strategy.This solution creates an intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) application that processes customer order requests for bicycles and bicycle accessories. Businesses with no existing IVR solution can easily get started automating requests, or where existing human-operated systems exist, this solution can be extended to incorporate existing functionality and workflows.

vsts-uservoice-ui-extension - Sample VSTS extension: User Voice UI

This repo is a sample for how to add contributions to the work item form using the extensibility model of Visual Studio Team Services. You can find the result of this extension in the VSTS marketplace. You can learn more about about the integration cababilities of VSTS in our documentation.The sample contains the extension itself and a Web API project. The Web API project is hosted in the web-api folder and is using Visual Studio, and the extension itself is in the extension folder.

github-voice - jQuery plug-in to display GitHub issues like UserVoice. (No longer maintained.)

jQuery plug-in to display GitHub issues like UserVoice. (No longer maintained.)

fider - Fider is an open platform to collect and organize customer feedback

Fider is an open platform to collect and organize customer feedback. By using the platform, your community can share, vote and discuss on ideas they have to make your product or company even better.See it in action or visit http://getfider.com for information about it and how to host your own instance.

cortana-intelligence-personalized-offers - Generate real-time personalized offers on a retail website to engage more closely with customers

In today’s highly competitive and connected environment, modern businesses can no longer survive with generic, static online content. Furthermore, marketing strategies using traditional tools are often expensive, hard to implement, and do not produce the desired return on investment. These systems often fail to take full advantage of the data collected to create a more personalized experience for the user. Surfacing offers that are customized for the user has become essential to build customer loyalty and remain profitable. On a retail website, customers desire intelligent systems which provide offers and content based on their unique interests and preferences. Today’s digital marketing teams can build this intelligence using the data generated from all types of user interactions. By analyzing massive amounts of data, marketers have the unique opportunity to deliver highly relevant and personalized offers to each user. However, building a reliable and scalable big data infrastructure, and developing sophisticated machine learning models that personalize to each user is not trivial.Cortana Intelligence provides advanced analytics tools through Microsoft Azure — data ingestion, data storage, data processing and advanced analytics components — all of the essential elements for building an demand forecasting for energy solution. This solution combines several Azure services to provide powerful advantages. Event Hubs collects real-time consumption data. Stream Analytics aggregates the streaming data and updates the data used in making personalized offers to the customer. Azure DocumentDB stores the customer, product and offer information. Azure Storage is used to manage the queues that simulate user interaction. Azure Functions are used as a coordinator for the user simulation and as the central portion of the solution for generating personalized offers. Azure Machine Learning implements and executes the product recommendations and when no user history is available Azure Redis Cache is used to provide pre-computed product recommendations for the customer. PowerBI visualizes the activity of the system with the data from DocumentDB.


5 Features which will help you effectively market your business: Mobile Keyword: You choose a Mobile Keyword that identifies your company, organization, or campaign. Then your audience simply sends your keyword to our short phone number ("short code") such as 96362. Try it yourself by texting "ROITEXT" to 96362. When your keyword is texted, your customer receives an immediate automated text responder that you can customize anytime. The customer's mobile number is instantly stored in your contac

SmileyFeedback - Next Generation CustomerFeedback System

Next Generation CustomerFeedback System

OSQA - Stackoverflow like QA system in Python

OSQA is the open source Q&A system. It is more than just an FAQ page, it is a full-featured Q&A community. Users earn points and badges for useful participation, and everyone in the community wins. OSQA is built and maintained by a team of developers who share an interest in making a great, free, open source Q&A system available to everyone. The OSQA project is hosted and financially supported by DZone, Inc.

feedbag - Get customer feedback for Helpspot interactions.

Get customer feedback for Helpspot interactions.

airgate - Customer feedback over WiFi

Customer feedback over WiFi

survey - Nysus Customer Feedback Survey

Nysus Customer Feedback Survey

v-lark - Implementation of V-lark just like olark for dealing with customer feedback

Implementation of V-lark just like olark for dealing with customer feedback

ccf - Continuous Customer Feedback

Continuous Customer Feedback

RunningCadence - Android application monitors your running cadence and provides voice feedback

Android application monitors your running cadence and provides voice feedback