CRM 4.0 Plugin Queue Item Counter

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This is a crm 4.0 plugin to count queue items in each folder and display the number at the end of the name. For example, if the queue name is "Test" and contains 19 items. The display will "Test(19)" in CRM interface. I will update more details regarding to the project later.



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Resque - Job queue in Ruby

Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later. Queues are picked off in order of their priority. A job from a lower priority queue will only be picked off if there are no jobs for a higher priority queue available.


We use message queues (backed by Redis) for communication between thevarious components that make up the CrystalBall cloud.* The Tracking API consumes client requests, and forks it into the `processing` and `persistence` queues.* The Post Processor picks up items from the `processing` queue, suitably transforms them and then pushes them to the `persistence` queue.* The Data Store picks up items from the `persistence` queue and writes them to the actual persistent store.Since pops from the qu

servicebroker-queues - A easy to use queue library for SQL Service Broker based on rhino-queues

A easy to use queue library for SQL Service Broker based on rhino-queues

JCTools - Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM

Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM. This project aims to offer some concurrent data structures currently missing from the JDK.

queue-junkie - a movie junkie who always queues up in a queue, ehh!

a movie junkie who always queues up in a queue, ehh!

ost - Redis based queues and workers.

Redis based queues and workers.Ost makes it easy to enqueue object ids and process them with workers.


Sometimes when you use the Queue class in Python, you need to get an item from any of several queues. This small module implements an easy solution for this problem.

FailoverQueue - A thread-safe queue wrapper that can spill over to on-disk files for later processing

This project provides a thread-safe queue-like container that has the ability to spill queue content into failover files for later reprocessing. This allows the queues to be fixed in size (queue length) and periodically write overflow items into files that can be read back and inserted into the queue when the queue has fewer items.The FailoverQueue container is a single header file that can be included into existing source files.


A Common Lisp queue library with features such as non-consing thread safe queues and fibonacci priority queues

deck36_amqp_client - Some helpers on top of amqp_client / rabbit-erlang-client by rabbitMQ

Setups can be used to declare exchanges, queue and bindings according to a configuration list (e.g. from the application config).Depending on the configuration of 'teardown_on_stop' the setup will tear down all/some/none of the declarations it has made automatically.Examples:* *{teardown_on_stop, [all]}* - Will tear down all declarations it has made* *{teardown_on_stop, [bindings]}* - Will tear down all bindings, but not exchanges or queues* *{teardown_on_stop, [{queue, [{queue, <<"abc">>}]}]}*

mod-work-queue - Vert.x 2.x is deprecated - use instead

This module queues messages (work) sent to it, and then forwards the work to one of many processors that may be attached to it, if available.Once a processor has processed the work, it replies to the message and when the work queue receives the reply it removes the work from the queue. The reply is then forwarded back to the original sender. The processor can time out in processing a message, in which case the message becomes available again for other processors to consume.

amboy - Amboy -- A Go(lang) Job Queue Tool

Amboy is a collection of interfaces and tools for running and managing asynchronous background work queues in the context of Go programs, and provides a number of interchangeable and robust methods for running tasks.Currently amboy has a single remote-backed queue implementation. This implementation implements an unordered queue, backed by a pluggable Driver implementation.

mrq - Mr. Queue - A distributed worker task queue in Python using Redis & gevent

MRQ is a distributed task queue for python built on top of mongo, redis and gevent.MRQ was first developed at Pricing Assistant and its initial feature set matches the needs of worker queues with heterogenous jobs (IO-bound & CPU-bound, lots of small tasks & a few large ones).

dw2k - darie wishes 2 know

it is used to fetch several System V IPC message queue infos, which ordinary implementation of ipcs didn\'t provide, e.g. scanning the system for active queues or. also, it comes with a tool to creat/destroy message queues and send messages over them.

Stack-and-Queue-CPlusPlus - Project where I implemented my own stack and queues in C++.

Project where I implemented my own stack and queues in C++.

Queue-and-stack - Object-Oriented Lists, Queues and stacks

Object-Oriented Lists, Queues and stacks


The message queue manager for crawler application, it includes all of message queues and takes the responsibility to manage these queues.

mm1-queue - Airport (MM1) Queues Simulation

Airport (MM1) Queues Simulation

scrapy-mongodb-queue - Use scrapy with mongodb to store the request queues (FIFO or LIFO)

Use scrapy with mongodb to store the request queues (FIFO or LIFO)