Harness - Internet Explorer Automation

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Harness is Browser Automation and Automated Web Application Testing COM Library (Common Object Library)




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EasyRepro - Automated UI testing API for Dynamics 365

The purpose of this library is to provide Dynamics customers the ability to facilitate automated UI testing for their projects. These API's provide an easy to use set of commands that make setting up UI testing quick and easy. The functionality provided covers the core CRM commands that end users would perform on a typical workday and working to extend that coverage to more functionality.Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting browser automation. These tools are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating and manipulating elements within a browser, and one of its key features is the support for automating multiple browser platforms. This package contains the .NET bindings for the newer, more concise and object-based Selenium WebDriver API, which uses native OS-level events to manipulate the browser, bypassing the JavaScript sandbox, and does not require the Selenium Server to automate the browser.

selenium-test-harness - Test harness for Selenium automated testing using Fluentlenium...

Test harness for Selenium automated testing using Fluentlenium...

Splinter - Python test framework for web applications

Splinter is an open source tool for testing web applications using Python. It lets you automate browser actions, such as visiting URLs and interacting with their items. Splinter is an abstraction layer on top of existing browser automation tools such as Selenium, PhantomJS and zope.testbrowser. It has a high-level API that makes it easy to write automated tests of web applications. It has drivers for Chrome and Firefox for browser-based testing, and zope.testbrowser and PhantomJS for headless testing.

AATT - Automated Accessibility Testing Tool

Browser-based accessibility testing tools and plugins require manually testing each page, one at a time. Tools that can crawl a website can only scan pages that do not require login credentials, and that are not behind a firewall. Instead of developing, testing, and using a separate accessibility test suite, you can now integrate accessibility testing into your existing automation test suite using AATT.AATT tests web applications regarding conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Find a list of the WCAG 2.0 rules checked by HTMLCS Engine on the HTML CodeSniffer WCAG Standard Summary page and Chrome Engine on the Google Chrome Developer Audit rules. AATT provides an accessibility API and custom web application for HTML CodeSniffer, Axe and Chrome developer tool. Using the AATT web application, you can configure test server configurations inside the firewall, and test individual pages.

UI Automation Verify (UIA Verify) Test Automation Framework

UIA Verify is a test automation framework that features the User Interface Automation Test Library (UIA Test Library) and Visual UI Automation Verify (Visual UIA Verify), the graphical user interface tool. The framework facilitates manual and automated testing of the Microsoft...

zuul - browser testing harness for mocha tests

browser testing harness for mocha tests

Atha: Acceptance Testing Heuristics Automation

Currently: Atha allows the user to write automated tests in the scripting languages IronPython, IronRuby, PowerShell, and Razor and to run those tests via a Console program (called "AthaX"), a WPF Rich-Client Windows application (called "Athalon"), or a Web Browser-Based Silve...

opencafe - Common Automation Framework Engine. Core driver for CloudCAFE

OpenCAFE, the Open Common Automation Framework Engine, is designed to be used as the base for building an automated testing framework for API and other (non-UI) testing. It is designed to support all kinds of testing methodologies, such as unit, functional and integration testing, using a model-based approach. Although the engine is not designed with performance or load testing in mind, as it prioritizes repeatability and (verbose) logging over performance, it can be used to that end.Open CAFE Core has been developed primarily on and for Linux, but supports installation and execution on BSD and other *nix's, as well as OS X and modern Windows. It can be installed from pypi via pip or from source.

Cable and Wire harness tester

If you build lots of cable/wire harness' you know that testing them is a pain. I have wanted an automated cable tester for a while now but commercial units are expensive. This project uses an inexpenive .NET MF based board, the Domino, from GHI: http://www.tinyclr.com/ .

harness - Harness project - an automation test framework for functional tests

Harness project - an automation test framework for functional tests


The Business Intelligence Automated Testing Tool (or BATT) was created to to assist with the automation of unit testing ETL objects from any tool that can export to XML/launch objects via command line tools. The magic of this tool is that it creates a link between tools that do not integrate natively to Git and Git repositories. This integration provides a means to consume any other software that can integrate with Git. For instance, we can trigger CI servers to perform automated testing (among


A lightweight Roslyn + Selenium powered browser automation tool. Intended to be run as an automated functional web testing tool.


A super tool for automated web consistency and browser automation testing

EarlGrey - :tea: iOS UI Automation Test Framework

EarlGrey is a native iOS UI automation test framework that enables you to write clear, concise tests.With the EarlGrey framework, you have access to enhanced synchronization features. EarlGrey automatically synchronizes with the UI, network requests, and various queues; but still allows you to manually implement customized timings, if needed.

WebDriver - Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and Java

Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and Java

Python - Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and Python

Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and Python

PHP - Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and PHP

Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and PHP

JavaScript - Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and JavaScript

Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and JavaScript