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ExtJS based professional ASP.NET 2.0 Controls. ExtAspNet has been renamed to FineUI.




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ExtJS based ASP.NET Controls


About: ExtJS based professional ASP.NET Controls. Mission: Create No JavaScript, No CSS, No UpdatePanel, No ViewState and No WebServices web application.

ExtJs Extender Controls

  •    ASPNET

A collection of Asp.net Extender controls wrapping the ExtJs Framework.


  •    JQuery

A new interface for jslint-toolkit using extaspnet.


  •    Ruby

Lipsiadmin is a new revolutionary admin for your projects. Lipsiadmin is based on Ext Js 3+. framework (with prototype adapter) and is ready for Rails 2.+. This admin is for newbie developper but also for experts, is not entirely written in javascript because the aim of developper wose build in a agile way web/site apps so we use extjs in a new intelligent way a mixin of “old” html and new ajax functions, for example ext manage the layout of page, grids, tree and errors, but form are in html cod


  •    ASPNET

Abstraction library which enables the authoring of Ajax ScriptControl objects which can be consumed by both WebForms and MVC applications.

Ajax Data Controls

  •    ASPNET

The purpose of this project is to Develop data controls such as GridView, DataList, Repeater, DetailsView, FromView, ObjectDataSource on top of Microsoft Ajax Framework for Client Centric Development model. Since the Asp.net version of these controls does not have clientside obje

Ajax Server Controls


Building the equivalent serverside controls in AJAX, based on the Microsoft AJAX Library. featured controls are: listview control datapager control dropdownlist control objectdatasource control

Ajax Controls and Extenders

  •    DotNet

Ajax Controls and Extenders written in C# using Ajax 1.x and MS Visual Studio 2005.

Ext Spec

  •    Javascript

Ext Spec makes unit testing Ext JS apps easy. Pick a test framework, plug in Ext Spec and start unit testing your classes - no other dependencies required*.

Sencha ExtJS Import Library for Script#

  •    CSharp

Script# import library for Sencha Ext JS Javascript Framework

extjs-ux - Some Plugins and Extensions for EXT JS 4

  •    Javascript

Some Plugins and Extensions for EXT JS 4

ASP.net Awesome - jQuery Ajax Controls

  •    ASPNET

samples for ASP.net Awesome jQuery Ajax Controls ( www.aspnetawesome.com ) Demonstrating the following controls: AjaxDropdown, Lookup, MultiLookup, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckboxList and AjaxRadioList


  •    ASPNET

General & Specialized AJAX Controls built on top of the AJAX Control Toolkit and ASP.Net AJAX 1.0

ASP.NET AJAX Control Set (AjaxSet)

  •    ASPNET

AjaxSet is a library that is intended to contain a number of AJAX controls and extenders.

Rico - Rich Ajax Framework

  •    PHP

Rico is a JavaScript library for creating rich internet applications. Version 1 is JavaScript only. Versions 2 amp; 3 include server-side code (asp, asp.net, and php) to make creating web apps even easier. Versions 1 amp; 2 are based on Prototype and include grids, calendar amp; tree controls, drag amp; drop, and cinematic effects. Version 3 goes beyond Prototype, and includes support for jQuery, MooTools, Dojo, Ext, and BBC Glow libraries. Version 3 is only available in the SVN repository

Memba Velodoc XP Edition (incl. ASP.NET Ajax file upload controls)

  •    DotNet

Memba Velodoc XP Edition is the open source core of the Velodoc platform for publishing, sharing, sending and transferring large files. It is a web application constituted of ASP.NET Ajax server controls, modules and handlers for uploading and downloading large files.

DotNetNuke® WebControls


DotNetNuke WebControls allow developers to utilize feature-rich controls without the cost or distribution restrictions of commercial controls. Utilizes the DotNetNuke ClientAPI to support a rich client side object model, works cross-browser, and utilizes AJAX functionality.

MVC Ajax Controls (MvcAjaxControls)


The MvcAjaxControls project provides a set of html and javascript helpers for adding Ajax functionality to ASP.NET MVC applications.


  •    ASPNET

Some new ASP.NET AJAX controls based on AjaxControlToolkit.


  •    DotNet

It's purpose is to have the Ajax controls on Windows Forms It's developed in C#

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