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Elevate is an easy to pick up library containing things you wish were in the BCL. Use one component or many. Contribute your own utilities. Share your ideas with the community. Elevate is developed in C#. Currently, we're focused on adding concepts from functional languages.




Related Projects

dotNetExt - .NET Extension Method Library

  •    DotNet

dotNetExt is a Extension Method Library for the .NET Framework that extends the BCL Types with helper methods that make simple tasks simpler. So far there are extensions for the Object, IEnumerable<> and String BCL Types. The library is flexible so you can Import All Extension...


  •    DotNet

The project contains some of a very useful helpers and extension methods for .NET and SharePoint.

valentine - JavaScripts Functional Sister

  •    Javascript

JavaScript's Sister, and protector — inspired by Underscore; Valentine provides you with type checking, functional iterators, and common utility helpers such as waterfalls, queues, and parallels; all utilizing native JavaScript methods for optimal speed. As of version 2.0.0 — Valentine no longer supports <= IE8 and <= Safari 4. It's been real, but time to move on. To access this level of support, use the 1.8 tag.

Jolt.NET : Productivity Libraries for the .NET Framework

  •    DotNet

Inspired by the Boost C++ libraries, Jolt.NET aims to complement the .NET Base Class Library (BCL) and .NET Framework with algorithms, data structures, and general productivity tools. It is the hope of the authors that Jolt.NET features will one day be represented in .NET.

Elevate - Elevate is a JSON parsing framework that leverages Swift to make parsing simple, reliable and composable

  •    Swift

Elevate is a JSON parsing framework that leverages Swift to make parsing simple, reliable and composable. Elevate should no longer be used for new feature development. We recommend using the Codable protocol provided by Apple in the Foundation framework in its place. We will continue to support and update Elevate for the foreseeable future.

Extension Toolkit


The Extension Toolkit project provides a collection of useful extension methods for all kind of types (e.g. String class extensions). The Microsoft documentation is describing extension methods as follows: Extension methods enable you to add methods to existing types witho...

pwa-helpers - Small helper methods or mixins to help you build web apps.

  •    Javascript

Small helper methods or mixins to help build a PWA, and reduce the boilerplate you might have to write. There are many different ways in which you could write these helpers; use these if you want a simple starting point. These are vanilla JavaScript methods that can be used regardless of which frameworks or libraries your application is written in.

Vavr - Object-functional language extension to Java

  •    Java

Vavr is an object-functional language extension to Java 8, which aims to reduce the lines of code and increase code quality. It provides persistent collections, functional abstractions for error handling, concurrent programming, pattern matching and much more.

Generic Extension Methods

  •    DotNet

Generic Extension Methods is a class library of extension methods to help create cleaner code that is easier to maintain and provides better semantic meaning for casual observers. These methods also remove a lot of repetitive code that is utilized across objects of similar types



AroLibraries contains extension methods Advantages of extension methods: (1) Operate on object methods (2) Hiding additional operation (3) Readable code

here-be-dragons - An Intellij/Android Studio plugin to help visualise side effects in your code.

  •    Java

Here be dragons is an Intellij/Android Studio plugin that let's you annotate your impure Java methods with the @SideEffect annotation and shows a little dragon icon in the gutter when you call them. When writing functional style code, isolating impure and pure functions becomes very important. This helps you visually identify which methods are impure when a bunch of methods are being called in a code block.

YaLinqo - Yet Another LINQ to Objects for PHP [Simplified BSD]

  •    PHP

Some methods had to be renamed, because their names are reserved keywords. Original methods names are given in parenthesis. In total, more than 80 methods.



PrismEx is a library of helpers and extension methods to allow developers to more easily develop and test Prism applications.

.NET Framework Extensions Packages


Lightweight NuGet packages with reusable source code extending core .NET functionality, typically in self-contained source files added to your projects as internal classes that can be easily kept up-to-date with NuGet.

Nucleo Mobile Detection


This project wraps around Wireless Universal Resource FiLe (WURFL) and provides added server-side mobile detection features for ASP.NET web forms and ASP.NET MVC. It provides controls/helpers and extension methods that make device detection support much easier. It also provi...

Sannel Helpers


Varies extension methods I have created.

underscore.string - String manipulation helpers for javascript

  •    Javascript

Javascript lacks complete string manipulation operations. This is an attempt to fill that gap. List of build-in methods can be found for example from Dive Into JavaScript. Originally started as an Underscore.js extension but is a full standalone library nowadays.Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x? Please read the changelog.

SCALAZ - An extension to the core Scala library for functional programming

  •    Scala

An extension to the core Scala library for functional programming. It provides purely functional data structures to complement those from the Scala standard library. It defines a set of foundational type classes (e.g. Functor, Monad) and corresponding instances for a large number of data structures.

Extension Methods


Extension Methods for .NET. For 1:WPF 2:WinForm 3:Strings and varios objects 4:Value Types

Xtendroid - Xtendroid is a DSL (domain-specific language) for Android that greatly reduces boilerplate code while providing great tooling support

  •    Xtend

Xtendroid is a DSL (domain-specific language) for Android that is implemented using the Xtend transpiler, which features extension methods and active annotations (edit-time code generators) that expand out to Java code during editing or compilation. Active annotations, in particular, make Xtend more suitable for DSL creation than languages like Kotlin or Groovy (e.g. see @AndroidActivity). Xtendroid supports both Eclipse and IntelliJ/Android Studio, including code completion, debugging, and so on. Xtendroid can replace dependency injection frameworks like RoboGuice, Dagger, and Android Annotations, with lazy-loading getters that are automatically generated for widgets in your layouts. With Xtend's lambda support and functional-style programming constructs, it reduces/eliminates the need for libraries like RetroLambda and RxJava. With it's database support, Xtendroid also removes the need for ORM libraries.

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