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Delta is a difference tool for large files. Delta will have several clients, including AJAX and Silverlight. You can view differences in a scrollable view using jQuery or download the difference reports.



Related Projects

Delta - code inspection and diff tool

A source code diff tool. Adapted from cvsweb, it makes code inspection easy. It also provides another diff tool with which you can either compare two files or two directories recursively. It is written in perl and uses String::Ediff for finer diff.

Meld - Visual Diff and Merge Tool

Meld is a gnome2 diff and merge tool with pluggable support for version control systems such as cvs, subversion, bzr, darcs, mercurial, monotone, tla. Meld helps you review code changes and understand patches.

dbcompare - Database Compare / Diff tool

Database Compare / Diff tool

LogDiff - Split and compare ProcMon trace logs using a visual diff tool

Split and compare ProcMon trace logs using a visual diff tool

SQL-diff-diff - Tool to compare SQL Dump

Tool to compare SQL Dump

N-way Folder Diff

N-way Folder Diff is a simple, platform independent tool to compare multiple folders. It differs from usual diff tools because it is possible to do n-way (upto 10 way) diff as compared to the usual 2-way diff.

Fox Compare

Fox Compare creates text versions of FoxPro class libraries and forms for use with your favorite diff tool so you can easily see code changes between versions. Properties and methods are alphabetized so the diff process works the way you expect.

octocatalog-diff - Compile Puppet catalogs from 2 branches, versions, etc., and compare them

octocatalog-diff is a tool that enables developers to be more efficient when testing changes to Puppet manifests. It is most commonly used to display differences in Puppet catalogs between stable and development branches. It does not require a working Puppet master (or puppetserver), so it is often run by developers on their workstations and in Continuous Integration environments.At GitHub, we manage thousands of nodes with a Puppet code base containing 500,000+ lines of code from over 200 contributors. We run octocatalog-diff thousands of times per day as part of Continuous Integration testing, and developers run it on their workstations as they are working with the code.


diffmod is a command line tool to compare the attributes of files and directories. Think of it as the diff tool but then for file modes and owners. It is able to compare 2 local directories or generate a listing of one directory and using that listing on

dbic-diff-db - A tool to compare a DBIx::Class tree to a live database

A tool to compare a DBIx::Class tree to a live database


DotDiff is a small Xml Compare Library, allowing the developer to compare 2 Xml files. It supports mearging of any differences into a single file, or the generation of a diff gram. Comes with a small test UI

cpi - A POSIX shell wrapper for "cp -i -a", making use of "diff".

A POSIX shell wrapper for "cp -i -a", making use of "diff".

mc - Minio Client is a replacement for ls, cp, mkdir, diff and rsync commands for filesystems and object storage

Minio Client (mc) provides a modern alternative to UNIX commands like ls, cat, cp, mirror, diff, find etc. It supports filesystems and Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage service (AWS Signature v2 and v4).then use the mc config command.

Diff And treePatch tool

This project aims to create a tool able to patch arbitrary XML documents. So, the delta file that I create can be applied to XML documents other than one of the originals.

give-me-diff - Compare two javascript objects and print a pretty diff

Compare two javascript objects and print a pretty diff

speedy-diff - Compare two files with diff and create a file from the difference.

Compare two files with diff and create a file from the difference.

css-diff - diff your Css Stylus and Scss

Compare two CSS/STYLUS/SCSS files at a Parse Tree level. Useful when you are comparing the output of two versions of a library implemented in different preprocessor libraries. This tool makes it simple to see if the compiled output of a stylus file matches the compiled output of a scss file.


A small CSV extraction and diff tool used by me to help extract lists from Exact Target, compare their attributes and output a diff of the lists as a CSV

Generic Diff Format Library

The Generic Diff Format (GDIFF) is a proposal to W3C for a data format that is used to express the difference between two data streams, very often two different versions of a file. The GDIFF is defined as a set of commands that, when applied to an old version of a file, produ...


Svn diff export. Think exploded .patch. Performs an svn diff (between two branches), svn export and zip to create a release archive with only delta files. Take a baseline export to another tag.