Container GameComponent

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ContainerGameComponent is a class derived from DrawableGameComponent and has a Components property, similar to XNA Game class. It can be useful to group your GameComponents in different manner or to build complex hierarchies of GameComponents.



Related Projects


C++11 simple entity/component system for realtime games. Depends on Google::sparsehash. Simplicity of use is preferred over a real "entity-component-system" hierarchy. Components update and draw themselves (users create their own components and override the virtual methods). Fast, easy to use and to expand. Should be fine for any simple game.

XNA Designer for Visual Studio and XNA Components

This project aims to help game developpers to develop games using game components and game services given in the .NET XNA Framework.


A collection of easy to use Xna components for aiding a game programmer in developing thee next big thing. I plan on using the components from this to make a game of my own. Its developed in C# using the Xna library, and the components will be Xbox360 and Windows PC compatible.


This is a project to create a community of XNA developers starting with the Spanish DotNet Clubs. The main goal of the project is to create a large variety of Game Components for videogame development.

XNA Toolkit

Toolkit of Components, Services, Wrappers, and Utilities for use in your XNA game. Currently provides a Stationary and First Person Camera component, Input service and component, Audio wrapper, and EventLogger (Windows Only). Weapon inventory, menu system, and performance tr...

Oops! 3D Physics Framework (and more) for XNA

The Oops! Framework includes many game services and components that extend Microsoft's XNA Framework. The most noteworthy of these components is an easy to use 3D Physics game component/framework that runs on Windows...and XBOX 360!!!

love-component-system - A game engine with a entity/components system for LÖVE2D

A game engine with a entity/components system for LÖVE2D

Naikai Game Component Framework

Naikai is a set of game-oriented XPCOM components that vastly simplify the process of creating games. You can use Python or JavaScript or any XPCOM-enabled language to glue all of the provided components (image loaders, graphics renderers, a sound system

enhanced-wickettester - Framework for comfortable testing of wicket pages and components.

The WicketTester is a helper class to ease unit testing of wicket component and pages. There is no need for a servlet container, because it uses a mocked servlet context and a mocked wicket application. In the following it is possible to test the rendered page and the contained components. This is mostly done by selecting components with their wicket path as string. As you can image this is a common error on refactoring components on pages which results in changed wicket paths.The following example shows how the WicketTester renders a test page and asserts that a bookmarkable link is present to that page.

GameComponents - Game Component architecture

Game Component architecture

XNA Command Console (XNACC)

XNACC is a component that adds an interactive command console to your XNA project. It supports many built-in commands, as well as custom commands, key bindings, simple functions (macros), console variables and can use functions in external assemblies. Implemented in C#/VS2...

Portable Xna Components

Portable Xna Components makes it easier and faster for Xna game developers to create their games. Developers using this library don't have to worry about rudimentary tasks like drawing and collision detection. It is written in C#

Moby Project - An open framework to assemble specialized container systems

Moby is an open-source project created by Docker to advance the software containerization movement. It provides a “Lego set” of dozens of components, the framework for assembling them into custom container-based systems, and a place for all container enthusiasts to experiment and exchange ideas.

XNA Re-usable UI Components

The aim of this project is to create a re-usable set of UI game components helping reduce production time for your game. More information can be found at:

c-components - proof-of-concept prototype of a pure-c actor/component game system

proof-of-concept prototype of a pure-c actor/component game system


Gear2D is a C++ cross-platform component-based data-driven game engine. It supports component loading at runtime and defining game objects using YAML and sharing parameters between components in a transparent manner.

GarageEngine - Game engine written in Go (golang).

This is a 2d game engine written in Go working on OpenGL. Its an Entity/Component based engine and right now contains lots of features such as: Font,Sprites,Texture packing,Physics,Depth layers,Scenes and more. It feels like Unity3d and share the same names: Scene,Coroutines,Components,Transform,GameObjects etc...This is an educational project, I'm learning as I go, I cannot promise backwards compatibility at this point. the name will be probably changed.

XNA Tanks Game

Terrain render with Quadtree, Level of Detail control and Drawable Game Components with Animation Controller