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Confuser is a obfuscator for .NET. It is developed in C# and using Mono.Cecil for assembly manipulation.



Related Projects

javascript-obfuscator - A powerful obfuscator for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    TypeScript

JavaScript obfuscator is a powerful free obfuscator for JavaScript with a wide number of features which provides protection for your source code. It is not recommended to obfuscate vendor scripts and polyfills, since the obfuscated code is 15-80% slower (depends on options) and the files are significantly larger.

Babel Obfuscator NAnt Tasks


This is an NAnt task for Babel Obfuscator. Babel Obfuscator protect software components realized with Microsoft .NET Framework in order to make reverse engineering difficult. Babel Obfuscator can be downloaded at

Obfuscar, The Open Source Obfuscator for .NET Applications

  •    DotNet

Obfuscar is an open source .NET obfuscator released under MIT license. It provides basic obfuscation features that help secure secrets in a .NET assembly.

php-obfuscator - A parsing PHP obfuscator

  •    PHP

This is an "obfuscator" for PSR/OOp PHP code. Different from other obfuscators, which often use a (reversible) eval() based obfuscation, this tool actually parses PHP, and obfuscates variable names, methods, etc. This means is can not be reversed by tools such as UnPHP. This library was written out of the need to obfuscate the source for a private library which for various reasons could not be shared without steps to protect the source from prying eyes. It is not technically feasible to "encrypt" PHP source code, while retaining the option to run it on a standard PHP runtime. Tools such as Zend Guard use run-time plugins, but even these offer no real security.

Hikari - LLVM Obfuscator


English Documentation Hikari(Light in Japanese, name stolen from the Nintendo Switch game Xenoblade Chronicles 2) is my hackathon-ishtoy project for the 2017 Christmas to kill time.It's already stable enough to use in production environment. However, as initially planned, Hikari has been ported to LLVM 6.0 release version and no longer being actively maintained due to the time and effort it takes. You can find the history of its development at developer branch. Further enhancements include more features like Code-Intergrity Checking and a full anti-hook implementation. These are not open-source and will probably be released as a commercial product. If you know me close enough we can discuss the license model and pricing issue because I might not be able to provide real-time bug fix and stuff. Any undiscovered potential bugs affecting the obfuscated binary are fixed during obfuscation so you get a workable binary.


  •    CSharp

SharpScriptLib is a library for compiling C#(CSharp) code in runtime and running in a new Application Domain or Invoking a method. Support: 1) Full C# Code compilation 2) Running CIL Assemblies in a new Application Domain with arguments 3) Invoking Methods from CIL Assemblies...

ilwasm - CIL to WebAssembly compiler

  •    CSharp

Maps a subset of .NET CIL to WebAssembly S-expressions. Implemented as a custom code generator backend for the JSIL CIL -> JS compiler.

ProGuard Java Optimizer and Obfuscator

  •    Java

Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier



Protect your .Net codes easily with this smart obfuscator!

iddin - The PHP-Obfuscator

  •    Perl

iddin is a PHP/HTML-Obfuscator written in Perl.

pyminifier - Pyminifier is a Python code minifier, obfuscator, and compressor.

  •    Python

Pyminifier is a Python code minifier, obfuscator, and compressor. The script is 1358 bytes. Remember that.

Invoke-CradleCrafter - PowerShell Remote Download Cradle Generator & Obfuscator

  •    PowerShell

Invoke-CradleCrafter is a PowerShell v2.0+ compatible PowerShell remote download cradle generator and obfuscator. In the Fall of 2016 after releasing Invoke-Obfuscation, I continued updating my spreadsheet of PowerShell remote download cradles thinking that one day I might add a "cradle selector" menu into Invoke-Obfuscation. This list consisted of cradles that were obscure to me, and many of which were not prevelently (or at all) being observed in the wild.

Invoke-Obfuscation - PowerShell Obfuscator

  •    PowerShell

Invoke-Obfuscation is a PowerShell v2.0+ compatible PowerShell command and script obfuscator. In the Fall of 2015 I decided to begin researching the flexibility of PowerShell's language and began cataloguing the various ways to accomplish a handful of common techniques that most attackers use on a regular basis.



This is a deobfuscator for protected confuser assemblies De4Dot did not support this yet so some one had to begun working at it :) You can find about me more at codeplex, hackforums, darkhook Long live deobfuscators/C++ ! Yet again this is a drag/drop deobfuscator The c...



Deobfuscator target at Confuser. Child project of



libifp-cil provides Mono/.NET bindings for the library libifp implemented in C# managed code. Very easy to use for application programmers.

CIL (C Intermediate Language)


CIL (C Intermediate Language) compiles C programs into a simplified subset of C and assists with program analysis and transformation.

CIL Parser

  •    CSharp

The projects aim is to create a managed parser for CIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language).

cecil - Cecil is a library to inspect, modify and generate .NET programs and libraries.

  •    CSharp

Mono.Cecil is a library to generate and inspect programs and libraries in the ECMA CIL form.Cecil has been around since 2004 and is widely used in the .NET community.

JSIL - CIL to Javascript Compiler

  •    CSharp

JSIL is a compiler that transforms .NET applications and libraries from their native executable format - CIL bytecode - into standards-compliant, cross-browser JavaScript. You can take this JavaScript and run it in a web browser or any other modern JavaScript runtime. Unlike other cross-compiler tools targeting JavaScript, JSIL produces readable, easy-to-debug JavaScript that resembles the code a developer might write by hand, while still maintaining the behavior and structure of the original .NET code.For live demos and code samples, visit the website.