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jQuery plugin that can create menus (menu items can be URLs or a JavaScript function) under most DOM elements or a select list under any input=text element. Menus can be mutil-column and can include images for a more user friendly experince. Select lists appear when hovering over an input element. Click an item and it fills the input element. Can be configured as read-only (user must choose from list) or to allow user input.



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Brick - UI Web Components for Modern Web Apps

Brick is a collection of UI components designed for the easy and quick building of web application UIs. Brick components are built using the Web Components standard to allow developers to describe the UI of their app using the HTML syntax they already know.


Show Character Limit jQuery Plugin to report # of characters remaining in text edit or text area. With ScrewUnit tests.


A jQuery plugin that creates a location picker on your webpage using OpenLayer as map view and geocoding with Google Geocoding API


A jQuery plugin to add color picker functionality to HTML form inputs in the round color wheel fashion.


jQuery UI Plugin which leverages the jquery ui menu control, styled with your existing jquery ui theme, features hover highlighting, click and double click. This plugin will not be officially released until jQuery UI version 1.9 is released (which includes the menu as an officially supported widget).


jQuery plugin to simplify working with HTML forms when HTML5 placeholder support is present.