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Composer is an extensible Compositional Architecture framework, providing a set of functionality such as Inversion of Control container (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI), Plug-in framework, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Configurability and Composability for components.



Related Projects

Attribute Based Cache using Unity Interception

Unity interception handler attribute for Caching which allows to apply boiler plate caching pattern to classes, and class members directly, without configuring them in the application configuration file. Configure your choice of Cache Provider (ObjectCache, Azure included)...

control-interception - Interception-based (AspectJ-like) AOP in Haskell

Interception-based (AspectJ-like) AOP in Haskell

Tie : Java Method Interception

Tie is a simple method interception library for Java. It is based on the AOP Alliance interfaces, and is quick and easy to integrate into an application


SheepAspect (formerly known as SheepAop) is an AOP tool for the .NET platform, inspired by AspectJ. It uses IL weaving to inject croscutting concerns to your dll at compile time. (Soon, SheepAOP will also support IL weaving at assembly load-time as an alternative, leaving ori...

SmartInspect Unity Interception Extension

This a library to integrate and use the SmartInspect logging tool with the Unity dependency injection and AOP framework. Various attributes help you to quickly instrument your application with useful logging calls.


This project is the a playground for prototyping the integration of the method-level validation feature new in Hibernate Validator 4.2 and frameworks providing adequate AOP/interception facilities such as CDI or Spring AOP.

composer-config-reader - A light-weight component for reading Composer configuration files.

A light-weight component for reading Composer configuration files.


Rather than AOP interception techniques, FireWeaver allows for complete replacement of entire classes in assemblies. Using IL Weaving provided by Mono.Cecil, FireWeaver detects attributed classes and uses those classes as replacements for specified types.


ValidationAspects provides State and Interception validation on .net Objects, Properties and Method Parameters. Validation can be declared via attributes and/or augmented/replaced with validation functions at runtime. Supports MVC, WPF, Silverlight, PostSharp, and Unity.


A lightweight dependency management (DI) and run-time interception (AOP) framework for .NET.

xored_homework - composite launch configuration type

composite launch configuration type

autologin - Autologin package for Laravel 4

Simply pop this in your `composer.json` file and run `composer update` (however your Composer is installed).```"watson/autologin": "dev-master"```Now, add the Autologin service provider to your `app/config/app.php` file.`'Watson\Autologin\AutologinServiceProvider'`If you want to adjust the default settings from the sensible defaults, publish the configuration file.`php artisan config:publish watson/autologin`And of course, if you'd like to use a Facade instead of injecting the class itself, add


Simple pager for Symfony2. It will help you to display list on different pages. You can use different pager on the same page. And finally, there is a template based on twitter bootstrap css framework. But you can use it as a sample to understand dependancy Injection, configuration management via config.yml, and more like travis-ci integration, composer/composer dependancies and autoloading...

AOP Alliance (Java/J2EE AOP standard)

We believe that Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) offers a better solution to many problems than do existing technologies such as EJB. The AOP Alliance aims to ensure interoperability between Java/J2EE AOP implementations to build a larger AOP community.

Posit - A compositional Objective-C expectation framework for writing neat tests.

A compositional Objective-C expectation framework for writing neat tests.

RuleDB - Compositional rule model database

Compositional rule model database

Thesis - Compositional tool

Compositional tool