LegacyWrapper - LegacyWrapper uses a x86 wrapper to call legacy dlls from a 64 bit process.

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LegacyWrapper uses a wrapper process to call dlls from a process of the opposing architecture (X86 or AMD64).Since you can't load a dll of another architecture directly, the wrapper utilizes a named pipe to abstract the call. You won't notice this though, because all the magic is hidden behind a single static method.




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SPSS .NET interop library

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A .NET library for read/writing SPSS Data (.sav) files. This wraps the functionality exposed by the spssio32.dll native library that comes with SPSS.

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A collection of libraries intended to contain all P/Invoke method signatures for popular operating systems. Think of it as http://pinvoke.net, but proven to compile and work properly, and often with sample usage in the form of unit tests. Each library is exposed as its own NuGet package, and may include .NET Portable libraries as applicable, exposing those APIs that are available only on Desktop, or Store, or both as appropriate.

rdotnet - .NET interop library to call the R statistical language in the same process

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R.NET is an in-process bridge for the .NET Framework to access the R statistical language. R.NET works on Windows, Linux and MacOS. On Windows, R.NET requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 and an access to the native R libraries installed with the R environment. R needs not necessarily be installed as a software on the executing machine, so long as DLL files are accessible. On Linux and MacOS, Mono is required, as well as an access to the native R libraries.



NuGet.Versioner makes it a snap to automatically produce versioned NuGet packages by extracting version information from your .dll or .exe during Visual Studio Post-build events.

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libspotify.NET is a simple interop wrapper library for libspotify written in C#. It enables .NET developers to write applications that can browse, search, and stream digital music from the Spotify platform. This project is compatible with libspotify API version 10.1.16. Req...

Ogg Vorbis Interop Library

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This interop-lib is using the original Ogg Vorbis libraries written in C offered by Xiph.Org to encode and decode audio material to and from the Ogg Vorbis audio format. The interface is similar to the original libraries, except that no memory handling is needed.

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Sidewinder provides a simple framework to deploy runtime application updates via a NuGet package. Bundle your update or new application components into a NuGet package, upload it to a NuGet feed (official, MyGet or your own) and Sidewinder will detect it, download it and unpac...

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Universal DLL

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This DLL is meant to be a compilation of useful functions in user32.dll, the DWM APi and a few others. Currently, you can, in one line, extend the glass frame with Aero, close a window, move a window, handle movement by clicking anywhere on a form, and many other things.

GMail Send DLL


This is a DLL usefull to send e-mails using GMail. This DLL also zip the attachments and is easy to use without SMTP configuration. This DLL is developed using Microsoft C# (CS) .Net with .Net Framework 2.0

cxxi - C++ interop framework

  •    CSharp

C++ interop framework


  •    Java

Chasm-interop is a set of tools that parses C++ and Fortran 90 source files and automatically generates bridging code to provide for seamless language interoperability.