Command Line Parser

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Provides a easy and strong typed command line parser.



Related Projects

Rug.Cmd - Command Line Parser and Console Application Framework

Rugland Console Framework is a collection of classes to enable the fast and consistent development of .NET console applications. Parse command line arguments and write your applications usage. If you are developing command line or build process tools in .NET then this maybe th...

Gengetopt - Command Line Argument Parser in C

Gengetopt is a tool to generate C code to parse the command line arguments argc and argv that are part of every C or C++ program. The generated code uses the C library function getopt_long to perform the actual command line parsing.

Command Line Parser Library

The Command Line Parser Library offers to CLR applications an hassle free API constantly updated API since 2005. Unix-like, automatic help screen generation.


MGR.CommandLineParser is a multi-command line parser. It uses System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations to declare and validate the commands.

C# Command Line Parser (CmdLine)

This is a small strongly typed command line parser for C# applications.


A collection of utilities and sample code built in C#. This includes a command-line parser, data type conversions, web helper, string templates, and much more.


command-line-parser is an utility class for parsing command line. In addition to parsing it also has a built-in help system.

kingpin - A Go (golang) command line and flag parser

Kingpin is a fluent-style, type-safe command-line parser. It supports flags, nested commands, and positional arguments.More examples are available.

cmd_line_options - Command line option parser. An easy framework for creating cmd-line tools.

Command line option parser. An easy framework for creating cmd-line tools.

ender-args-parser - Command line arguments parser for the Ender CLI

Command line arguments parser for the Ender CLI

DML-Parser - OLD, NO LONGER MAINTAINED. A command line DML parser

OLD, NO LONGER MAINTAINED. A command line DML parser

optionparser - Command-line option parser for PHP

OptionParser is a parser for command-line options for PHP. It supports both short and long options, optional and/or required parameter checking, automatic callback execution, and pretty printing of usage messages.Next, parse your arguments. This function can be called multiple times with the same parser to parse multiple sets of arguments if desired. Note: This function will throw an exception if the user has specified invalid flags. Also, if no arguments are specified here the global $argv argument will be used.

Easy C# Command Line Argument Parser

A very simple and easy to use command line argument parser library for .NET C# console applications. No need to read any documentation - just look at the provided example that you can also use as a template. The library has only 4 methods.

commander - command line parser for golang

command line parser for golang