Silverlight Circle Animation

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Circle Animation is a Silverlight control that allows you to animate objects over a curve. Using the built-in designer, all you have to do is drag your start and end points on the screen and set your angle, and your controls will be moving along curves!



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Silverlight Animation Library

The goal of this project is to provide a simple animation library for silverlight that generates animation on the fly using code.

SharePoint Video And Image Carousal(Slider) With Silverlight Client OM

Carousal/Video Slider using Silverlight Client Object Model. This sample is for learning SharePoint client object model using Silverlight This Includes 1)Fetch and Display SharePoint Data using Client OM 2)Applying Sliding animation to Picture/Video summary with Silverli...

XamlQuery - The Write Less, Do More, Silverlight Library

XamlQuery enables rapid web development in Silverlight. It simplifies several tasks like page/document traversing; finding controls by name, type & property value; event handling; animating; etc. What XamlQuery do to Silverlight is similar to what jQuery does to JavaScript.

Koch Curve in Silverlight

This program generates the Koch curve using the Silverlight browser plugin.

Silverlight TreeView

Silverlight 2 is great technology, but some of very handy User Controls are still missing. This project provides Tree View user control for Silverlight 2 *NOTE: current code was ported from WPF source code and corresponds to Silverlight 2 RC0

EffectControls-Silverlight controls with animation effects

EffectControls is free open source Silverlight interface controls with animation effects. EffectControls is in the development of FreeForm (FreeForm Silverlight Form Designer) when the effect of development control.


agTweener provides a toolkit for Silverlight designers and developers to achieve animation and transition effects similar to toolkits currently available for Flash/Flex developers by defining transition effects in .NET code and applying these effects to any FrameworkElement. ...

anim_curve_tools - F-Curve manipulation tools for Blender animation

F-Curve manipulation tools for Blender animation

plum - [unmaintained] Curve-based ActionScript 3 animation library

[unmaintained] Curve-based ActionScript 3 animation library


Animate.NET is a fluent API for creating, combining, and executing animations in Silverlight and WPF. This library dramatically reduces the amount of code needed to build animations, and includes a number of common animations, making animation an intuitive programming task.


PopCircle is a Florid Jquery Plugin for Customize Image Gallery to turn the Html image element into a Poping Circles..

ml_wine - 2 ways to calculate theta min. Also learning curve, validation curve

2 ways to calculate theta min. Also learning curve, validation curve

ECC - Elliptic Curve Calculator for elliptic curve E(Fp): y^2=x^3+ax+b for p prime

Elliptic Curve Calculator for elliptic curve E(Fp): y^2=x^3+ax+b for p prime

Free Silverlight Chart Control

Created by: venkata.guddanti The FreeSilverlightChart Control provides charting solution in a silverlight environment. It uses XAML and C# to display charts on the silverlight platform. The FreeSilverlightChart Control supports the following chart types: verticalBar cylinderB...

Windows Phone 7 Turnstile Control for Silverlight

A control that enables the "Turnstile" animation as featured in the Windows Phone 7 UI in Silverlight.

circle-wars - Circle-Wars is a simple game where 2 circles can attack each other.

Circle-Wars is a simple game where 2 circles can attack each other.

Silverlight File Uploader

The Silverlight File Uploader is a Silverlight 2 control (compatible with Silverlight 2, 3, and 4) for uploading multiple files concurrently. This is the most flexible, user-friendly, developer-friendly, well-documented and tested Silverlight uploader project on CodePlex.


An HTML 5 + Javascript animation of a radius sweeping around a unit circle, tracing sine and cosine waves.

Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit Behavior Extensions

"Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit Behavior Extensions" is a project made as an extension to the existing "Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone". This project contains behaviors which can be used by designers to set page transitions or the tilt effect without writing any xaml.