RhythmHeavenRemixEditor - Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor 3 - An audio remix editor for the Rhythm Heaven series

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Installation is straightforward. Rhythm Heaven is not my property -- it is the property of Nintendo. All used properties of Nintendo (such as names, audio, graphics, etc.) in this software are not intended to infringe trademark rights. This is just a community project and this is available for others to use however they like (abiding by the code's GPL-3.0 license).




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heaven - :walking: Rails app for GitHub Flow

  •    Ruby

Heaven is an API that integrates with GitHub's Deployment API. It receives deployment events from GitHub and pushes code to your servers. Heaven currently supports Capistrano, Fabric, and Heroku deployments. It also has a notification system for broadcasting deployment status events to chat services(e.g. Campfire, Hipchat, SlackHQ, and Flowdock). It can be hosted on Heroku for a few dollars a month.

flat-remix - Flat Remix icon theme is a pretty simple Linux icon theme inspired on material design

  •    sed

Flat Remix icon theme is a pretty simple Linux icon theme inspired on material design. It is mostly flat with some shadows, highlights and gradients for some depth, and uses a colorful palette with nice contrasts.

flat-remix-gnome - Flat Remix GNOME theme is a pretty simple shell theme inspired on material design

  •    CSS

Flat Remix GNOME theme is a pretty simple shell theme inspired on material design. It follows a modern design using "flat" colors with high contrasts and sharp borders.

Deep Rhythm Project


The Deep Rhythm Project (DRP) reveals the rhythm of our digital lives by translating vectors of computer usage (eg mouse clicks, cpu access, memory access, internet access) into a global beat that can then be remixed and broadcast.

osu - rhythm is just a *click* away!

  •    CSharp

Rhythm is just a click away. The future of osu! and the beginning of an open era! Commonly known by the codename "osu!lazer". Pew pew. This project is still heavily under development, but is in a state where users are encouraged to try it out and keep it installed alongside the stable osu! client. It will continue to evolve over the coming months and hopefully bring some new unique features to the table.

bemuse - ⬤▗▚▚▚ Web-based online rhythm action game

  •    Javascript

Bemuse is an open-source, online, web-based rhythm game. It plays songs in BMS format (See: Introduction to BMS). It is recommended to play this game on Google Chrome.

remix - Echo Nest Remix: The Internet Synthesizer

  •    Python

Echo Nest Remix: The Internet Synthesizer

remix.js - Echo Nest Remix: The (JavaScript) Internet Synthesizer

  •    Javascript

Echo Nest Remix is the Internet Synthesizer. Make amazing things from music, automatically. Turn any music Javascript code, cut it up, move through it, and control it. It is based on code from the mighty Infinite Jukebox, and makes use of the WebAudio API to cut, queue, and remix music.

x-gif - A custom element for flexible GIF playback

  •    HTML

<x-gif> is a web component for flexible GIF playback. Speed them up, slow them down, play them in reverse, synch multiple beats to a rhythm, synch them to audio, whatever you like. speed="1.0" (default mode) Plays back the GIF at its natural framerate multiplied by the value of the attribute. Can be updated and will have immediate effect.

clubber - Application of music theory in audio reactive visualizations

  •    Javascript

This small js library listens to audio sources and extracts the underlying rhythmic information. The linear frequency energies are converted into midi notes which music theory suggests to be a better segregation for music audio. A set of meaningful measurements are produced in a form suitable for direct use in webgl shaders, or any other context. This simple flow provides a powerful framework for the rapid development of awesome audio reactive visualisations.

NSLogger-CocoaLumberjack-connector - a match made in heaven

  •    Objective-C

a match made in heaven

opsu - opsu! ~ an open-source osu! client

  •    Java

opsu! is an unofficial open-source client for the rhythm game osu!, written in Java using Slick2D and LWJGL (wrappers around OpenGL and OpenAL). opsu! runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux. A libGDX port also supports Android devices.



Rockfan is an Open Source Rhythm Music Game, aimed at suppling open source code for creating a c# / xna based Music Rhythm Clone to Games Notably Guitar hero, a

typebase.css - A starting point for good typography on the web.

  •    HTML

Both force designers & developers to do extra work to realize their design. Let typebase.css handle the vertical rhythm and spacing, you handle the typefaces and design. The most important thing that typebase.css gives you is an enforced vertical rhythm across all most screens (working on mobile). This insures that text across columns and long copy doesn't become uneven.

Best Buy Remix API

  •    DotNet

This is the C# API for Best Buy Remix, which is Best Buy's associate program.



The Ubuntu Saner Defaults Remix is Ubuntu-10.04.3 with several different default applications replaced, an alternate default theme, and the window buttons returned to their proper place in the interest of maximizing user friendliness and usability.


  •    Python

TK-Remix is an isometric view shooter. The goal of the game is to take weapons , ammo and fight.

remix-ide - Browser-Only Solidity IDE and Runtime Environment

  •    Javascript

Remix is a browser-based compiler and IDE that enables users to build Ethereum contracts with Solidity language and to debug transactions. To try it out, visit https://remix.ethereum.org.

platform_manifest - Resurrection Remix Android Manifest


To get started with building from Resurrection Remix sources, you'll need to get familiar with Establishing a build environment.


  •    C++

KGuitar is powerful KDE-based music tabulature editor with support of guitar, drums, classic note scores, MIDI synthesizer output, chord, scales, modes, melody and rhythm construction and analysis tools, lots of tab effects, Guitar Pro files import.

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