Chirpr - Windows Gadget for Twitter

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Windows gadget to read/write tweets. Formerly known as "Twitter Gadget" on Windows Live Gallery.



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twadget - The Twitter Vista Sidebar Gadget

The Twitter Vista Sidebar Gadget

Polipo Matico

PolipoMatico is a Windows 7 and Vista sidebar gadget that allows to retrieve and show italian traffic infos from octotelematics web site (

Podgad - Podcast Windows Vista Gadget Sidebar

(pt-BR) Gadget para barra lateral do Windows Vista para baixar e gerenciar Podcasts, inicialmente usando a Google API e acessando o agregador RSS Google Reader. O objetivo é automatizar o download para quem não usa um software gerenciador, tal como o iTunes, e tenha um tocador...

Vista Translator

This is a Vista Gadget able to connect with some webServices like BabelFish. The component is developet with HTML, CSS and Javascript. There is also a configuration section that allow you to choose another webService and configure it.

Microsoft Office Communicator Vista Gadget

The Microsoft Office Communicator Vista Gadget is Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that includes functionality to track your Favorite 5 contacts, have the gadget track the Top 5 contacts you communicate with, check your voicemail, and interact with your contacts directly from the ...

Septa-Gadget - Windows 7 / Windows Vista Desktop Gadget with upcoming trip info

Windows 7 / Windows Vista Desktop Gadget with upcoming trip info

Mythtv Sidebar Gadget

A Vista Sidebar gadget that displays the status of a Mythtv server. Includes encoder status, guide data status, disk space and upcoming recordings.

winFeeds - Windows Feeds Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista and 7

Windows Feeds Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista and 7

iPing ... more than a "ping" !

Windows gadget for desktop. Keep Alive for IP address or urls. Up to 50 items. Graphical TTL with max,min and last times. Real time monitoring and graph.

chirpr - Sample Sinatra Application for TorqueBox

Sample Sinatra Application for TorqueBox

chirpr-roo - Roo-based example for JUDCON

Roo-based example for JUDCON

chirpr-grails - Grails-based demo for Judcon

Grails-based demo for Judcon


An example Rails 3 application used for a class at Comcast Interactive Media

Arrange Vista Sidebar

ArrangeVistaSidebar arranges the gadgets in the Windows Vista Sidebar. It was built as a workaround for a bug that puts gadgets in a random order, apparently after installing Vista SP2. It's developed in plain C compiled originally with VC6. After I decided migrate to VS2005 d...

JackFlash Gadget Factory

A small application to help you to create your Vista Sidebar Gadgets. Its helps you out to write your manifest and also create the basic HTML, JS and CSS files to develop a complete gadget, with Flyout and Settings windows.

Tweetz - Windows Twitter Client Gadget

A windows sidebar gadget twitter client. Includes a consolidated timeline, direct messages, favorites and search. Written in JavaScript and jQuery.

pysta python GUI

A GUI for python, that use my tridi 2D/3D software rendering engine that simulate a complete Windows Vista Desktop, like Aero Glass effect,taskbar, startmenu,tray,widget/sidebar,3D task switcher, etc.

Gadget Creator

Gadget Creator - program for creating Windows Sidebar gadgets

WOW Armory Windows SideBar Gadget

WOW Armory Windows SideBar Gadget get your information from wow armory website and show in your windows sidebar.

MyTwits - A rich Twitter client for Windows powered by WPF

MyTwits is a free Twitter client for Windows XP/Vista/7 powered by WPF which gives you freedom to twit right from your desktop. You can do almost all things that you do at, get a new twits notification and update your status instantly.