sudoku-plugin - JQuery Sudoku plugin

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jQuery plugin for making sudoku interfaces



Related Projects

Star Sudoku

Java version of the popular Sudoku logic game. Intends to provide an advanced user interface. Create random sudoku grids or design your own to play/solve. Can be used as sudoku generator, solver. Export sudoku grids as PDF, RTF, HTML, XML and CSV

Mobile Sudoku

Mobile Sudoku is a J2ME implementation of the popular Sudoku puzzle game. Play it anywhere on your mobile phone. Features include: game generation, game solving, auto-annotation, user-set difficulty levels, and an easy to use interface.

Sudoku-Solver - Plugin for solving Sudoku puzzles

Plugin for solving Sudoku puzzles

Sudokuki - essential sudoku game

Sudokuki is a free graphical SUDOKU game: Sudokuki solves even the most difficult sudoku grids for you - Generate a sudoku - Play sudoku - Print a sudoku... Available in 15 languages. Just download and play! You can also play with arabic or chinese numbers. Sudokuki is Free Software developed in Java. Have fun!

Sudoku-Helper - A simple HTML/JS page that displays a Sudoku interface to help solve a real sudoku

A simple HTML/JS page that displays a Sudoku interface to help solve a real sudoku

Sudoku for Eclipse

A Sudoku game. S4E generates endless new grids and may help you to solve them. Play with figures, letters or images, on smaller or bigger grids, play on easy or tricky level... S4E run on Windows and Linux. For Eclipse maniacs it’s available as a plugin for Eclipse. It’s pure Java and of course it’s free.

Yet Another Sudoku App

Yet Another Sudoku App is a project which allows users a chance to visualize games differently than standard sudoku clients. It has a built-in game generator and solver, but it's primary purpose is to assist with solving sudoku puzzles. It's written in c#.


A multiplatform python- and ncurses-based console game of Sudoku. Sudoku is capable of generating and solving both Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku puzzles on any ncurses-enabled terminal.

sudoku.vim - vim plugin to solve sudoku files

vim plugin to solve sudoku files

Bob's Sudoku

This is the desktop version of popular number game Sudoku. You can generate infinite(close to that...) number of puzzles and play it on your Windows as well as Linux desktop. Game comes with a cool graphical user interface.

Battleship-Sudoku - The game is a variation of the famous Sudoku game.

The game is a variation of the famous Sudoku game.

Python Sudoku

Python Sudoku is a text and graphical (gtk interface) program to create or resolve sudokus. It can also print a sudoku (1 or 4 sudokus in each page) and write an image (png, jpeg, etc) with a sudoku.

RCP Sudoku Game

RCP Sudoku is a Java Application for solving Sudoku puzzles. It features game save/restore, pencil and paper mode and rule based game solving.

Sudoku Tool

Sudoku game helper. Tool to help you solve sudoku puzzles. Set up your own game or randomly generate a game. Requires SDL and OpenGL.