functional-easing - Functional easing function provider, implementing Penner's equations

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All easing functions support in, out and in-out. Create a new instance of Easer. Easers on their own don't do very much.


gm-is : ~1.2.2



Related Projects

compass-ceaser-easing - Penner equations for css3 transitions

  •    CSS

A compass extension based on ceasar css easing animation tool by @matthewlein This extension provides transitions based on the classic Penner equations from Flash and jQuery. The ceaser easing extension provides a sass function called ceaser. You use the function as a value for a transition or animation timing-function property. You pass what type of easing you would like to the function and it will apply the correct cubic-bezier transition timing function for you.

bezier-easing - cubic-bezier implementation for your JavaScript animation easings – MIT License

  •    Javascript

BezierEasing provides Cubic Bezier Curve easing which generalizes easing functions (ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out, ...any other custom curve) exactly like in CSS Transitions. Implementing efficient lookup is not easy because it implies projecting the X coordinate to a Bezier Curve. This micro library uses fast heuristics (involving dichotomic search, newton-raphson, sampling) to focus on performance and precision.

GreenSock-JS - GreenSock's GSAP JavaScript animation library (including Draggable).

  •    Javascript

GSAP is a JavaScript library for creating high-performance animations that work in every major browser. No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, reliability, API efficiency, and tight control while solving real-world problems on over 4 million sites. GSAP works around countless browser inconsistencies; your animations 'just work'. CSS properties, SVG, canvas libraries, custom properties of generic objects, colors, strings...animate anything! At its core, GSAP is a high-speed property manipulator, updating values over time with extreme accuracy. It's up to 20x faster than jQuery! See the "Why GSAP?" article for what makes GSAP so special. Unlike monolithic frameworks that dictate how you structure your apps, GSAP is completely flexible; sprinkle it wherever you want. React, Vue, Angular or vanilla JS - doesn't matter. Simply put, GSAP is the most robust high-performance animation library on the planet, which is probably why every major ad network excludes it from file size calculations.

AnimationEasingFunctions - Android Animation Easing Functions. Let's make animation more real!

  •    Java

This project is originally from my another project, AndroidViewAnimation, which is an animation collection, to help you make animation easier. While, I was still unsatisfied with the animation effect.

EasingInterpolator - Twenty-eight different easing animation interpolators for Android.

  •    Java

Twenty-eight different easing animation interpolators for Android. It does not use the standard 4 param ease signature. Instead it uses a single param which indicates the current linear ratio (0 to 1) of the tween. Add the dependency to your build.gradle.

MTAnimation - Animate UIView with 25+ timing functions. (Bounce, elastic, exponential, etc.)

  •    Objective-C

Animate UIView with 25+ timing functions. (Bounce, elastic, exponential, etc.)

Easing Library For Lua


Easing For Lua is a Library which brings easing effects to let you create realistic animations using Lua Programming Langage

FlightAnimator - Advanced Natural Motion Animations, Simple Blocks Based Syntax

  •    Swift

FlightAnimator provides a very simple blocks based animation definition language that allows you to dynamically create, configure, group, sequence, cache, and reuse property animations. Unlike CAAnimationGroups, and UIViewAnimations, which animate multiple properties using a single easing curve, FlightAnimator allows configuration, and synchronization, of unique easing curves per individual property animation.

anim - Swift animation library for iOS, tvOS and macOS.

  •    Swift

anim is an animation library written in Swift with a simple, declarative API in mind. It supports a bunch of easing functions and chaining multiple animations. It's a wrapper on Apple's UIViewPropertyAnimator on its core, and falls back to UIView.animate on versions before iOS and tvOS 10. It uses NSAnimationContext on macOS.

MotionMachine - A powerful, elegant, and modular animation library for Swift.

  •    Swift

MotionMachine provides a modular, powerful, and generic platform for manipulating values, whether that be animating UI elements or interpolating property values in your own classes. It offers sensible default functionality that abstracts most of the hard work away, allowing you to focus on your work. While it is type-agnostic, MotionMachine does support most major UIKit types out of the box and provides syntactic sugar to easily manipulate them. But it's also easy to dive in and modify for your own needs, whether that be custom motion classes, supporting custom value types, or new easing equations. Also check out the Examples project to see all the MotionMachine classes in action, or dive deep into the source Documentation.

AHEasing - A library of easing functions for C, C++ and Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

Each of these has corresponding ease-in, ease-out, and ease-in-out variants. Here's a handy cheat sheet that includes visualizations and animation demos for these functions. The core easing functions are implemented as C functions that take a time parameter and return a progress parameter, which can subsequently be used to interpolate any quantity.

tweenr - Interpolate your data

  •    R

tweenr is a small package that makes it easy to interpolate your data between different states, specifying the length of each change, the easing of the transition and how many intermediary steps should be generated. tweenr works particularly well with gganimate but can be used for any case where interpolation of data is needed. All functions are vectorized so in any case you'll get better performance than using approx and colorRamp. tween_states takes a list of data.frames, each representing a state of your data, and interpolates the transition between them. Only the first data.frame needs to be full, the following only needs to contain the columns that shows any change. It is possible to specify the length of each individual transition, as well as the length of the pause at each state. Each transition can also have an easing function assiciated with it that describes how the transition should progress.

fo - An experimental language which adds functional programming features to Go.

  •    Go

Fo is an experimental language which adds functional programming features to Go. The name is short for "Functional Go". Go already supports many features that functional programmers might want: closures, first-class functions, errors as values, etc. The main feature (and in fact only feature for now) that Fo adds is type polymorphism via generics. Generics encourage functional programming techniques by making it possible to write flexible higher-order functions and type-agnostic data structures.

UIView-EasingFunctions - A category on UIView that allows to use custom easing functions with block-based animations

  •    Objective-C

This is a category on UIView that allows to attach custom easing functions to animatable UIView properties. UIView+EasingFunctions works great with AHEasing, a library of easing functions. The library contains almost every easing function you might ever need.

sketch-easing-gradient - Easing gradient plugin for SketchApp that let's you create prettier gradients

  •    Javascript

Get the latest release or install Easing Gradient with Sketch Runner. NB: requires Sketch version >= 49. Docs, online editor, link to postCSS plugin and more on

tumblr-boilerplate - :zap: A true bare bones Tumblr theme for a quick jump-start

  •    HTML

A fully functional bare-bones Tumblr theme that works out of the box. Style it to your needs. The goal of the project was to remove uncessary code easing the development process. Tumblr will auto-inject code (such as Open Graph Protocol, Twitter Cards & javascript) into the final result for your page. This is out of the theme developers' control. Running it through a HTML Validator or Page Speed may spit out warnings & errors.

retry - A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful.

  •    Go

A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful. This project is currently in "pre-release". While the code is heavily tested, the API may change. Vendor (commit or lock) this dependency if you plan on using it.

jquery-easing - jQuery Easing Plugin (Unofficial)

  •    Javascript

jQuery Easing Plugin (Unofficial)

timeliner - simple javascript timeline library for animation and prototyping

  •    Javascript

Timeliner is a graphical graphical tool to help create and prototype animations quickly. It is useful for adjusting variables and checking out how the effects changes over time with keyframing and easing/tweening functions. It may also have some similarities with the timeline component of adobe flash, after effects, edge animate or other animation software. It is written in javascript and meant to work with different javascript libraries or webgl frameworks, in 1d, 2d, or 3d. It is built primary for myself, but feel free to send me suggestions or requests.

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