radio - Internet radio as a service with liquidsoap and icecast wrapped with docker.

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Internet radio with liquidsoap and icecast wrapped with docker. This is essentially a docker-compose.yml with two services; moul/icecast and moul/liquidsoap.



Related Projects

StreamMachine - An experiment in next-generation streaming audio infrastructure for radio stations.

  •    CoffeeScript

StreamMachine is an open-source streaming audio server aimed at pushing innovation for radio stations that have spent too many years running old technology like Shoutcast and Icecast. The project has two goals: emulating the traditional streaming experience and building support for new features that push the radio listening experience forward. Currently StreamMachine supports traditional Shoutcast-style streaming and HTTP Live Streaming.

Internet Radio Tuner


Internet Radio Tuner allows users to easily manage internet streams for their favourite traditional radio stations. It also allows for albums stored in a users Windows Media Player library to be played as a whole. It is written in VB6

node-icy - Node.js module for parsing and/or injecting ICY metadata

  •    Javascript

This module offers a Reader class for retrieving the raw audio data and parsing the metadata from an ICY stream (commonly SHOUTcast or Icecast broadcasts).There's also a Writer class that allows you to inject your own metadata into a data stream, which can then be displayed by another ICY client (like VLC).

gradio - Find and listen to internet radio stations.

  •    Vala

A GTK3 app for finding and listening to internet radio stations.Translations To translate Gradio, please use Weblate.

system-bus-radio - Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware.

  •    C

This program transmits radio on computers / phones without radio transmitting hardware. Some computers are intentionally disconnected from the rest of the world. This includes having their internet, wireless, bluetooth, USB, external file storage and audio capabilities removed. This is called "air gapping". Even in such a situation, this program can transmit radio.

SysTray Radio


SysTray Radio is a simple Radio Player in the SysTray. Right mouse click the icon to get a list of radio stations and select what you wanna listen to. Left mouse click to start and stop the radio.


  •    C++

KRadio is an AM/FM/Internet radio application for KDE4. It has support for V4L and V4L2 radio devices, internet radio, RDS, lirc remote control, MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis recording, TimeShift playing, alarms and much more. Try out!

Mobile Radio - Internet Radio Software for Windows Mobile


Mobile Radio is developed in native C++ on Windows Mobile Platform. It can play all the Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX) format on the Internet.

iLoveRadio Internet Radio Tuner di Balzano Michele


iLoveRadio è uno dei migliori player di Internet radio in circolazione. È compatibile con quasi tutti i formati di streaming. Potrai ascoltare le tue web radio preferite dal tuo computer in alta qualità. Interfaccia pulita e essenziale. iLoveRadio is one of the best Interne...

Esp-radio - Internet radio based on Esp8266 and VS1053.

  •    C++

Internet radio based on Esp8266 and VS1053. Will compile in Arduino IDE. New version 24-may-2017. See documentation in pdf-file.


  •    C

phpShout is a PHP Extension that wraps around the libshout library available at LibShout is used in conjunction with an Icecast server to create a streaming Internet radio station from your own music files.


  •    Python

Tuner for streaming internet radio and TV (nsv stream), written in Python, providing searchable listings of audio and video media broadcasts from the shoutcast (Winamp) and icecast servers. Helper programs can be specified to play video or audio streams.

Acmosis Radio Frontend

  •    PHP

AcmosisFR is a PHP frontend for IRPd - the shoutcast/icecast streamer. Using this frontend you can create a fully interactive radio service accesible via webpage (providing current song details,requesting/skipping songs, statistics, playlist management)

KLIK Radio

  •    CSharp

KLIK Radio actively develops software utilities and systems for broadcast applications, focusing specifically on Internet radio and podcasting.

Digworld Streaming Radio Engine

  •    Perl

DSRE is a project designed to commoditize Internet radio broadcasting. Using DSRE, anyone with webhosting can access the world of online broadcasting, making the hosting of a radio stream no more difficult or expensive than the hosting of an HTML page.



il-net-radio is a GNU bash script that will display in fasionable way listing of all Israel radio station that are broadcasing in the internet and in a click of a button you will hear them with MPLAYER. this project is aimed for all Desktops.

react-radio-group - Better radio buttons.

  •    Javascript

Then either import {RadioGroup, Radio} from 'react-radio-group' or add node_modules/react-radio-group/umd/index.js into your HTML file (exports the RadioGroup global which contains both, the RadioGroup and Radio component.). Repetitive fields are either lifted onto the RadioGroup wrapper or already implicitly set on the Radio component, which is a simple wrapper around the radio input.


  •    Javascript

NodeJS module for parsing and/or injecting metadata into SHOUTcast/Icecast radio streams

Infinity Music


Entertainment center, music player, youtube player, Internet radio, Facebook, Twitter ... All in one application ...! Centro de entretenimiento, reproductor de música, reproductor videos you tube, radio por internet, Facebook, Twitter... Todo en una misma aplicación...! ...

chattervox - 📡 An AX

  •    TypeScript

An AX.25 packet radio chat protocol with support for digital signatures and binary compression. Like IRC over radio waves 📡. Chattervox implements a minimal packet radio protocol on top of AX.25 that can be used with a terminal node controller (TNC) like Direwolf to transmit and receive digitally signed messages using audio frequency shift keying modulation (AFSK). In the United States, it's illegal to broadcast encrypted messages on amateur radio frequencies. Chattervox respects this law, while using elliptic curve cryptography and digital signatures to protect against message spoofing.