Camera to Jpeg Files

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This is a WPF app that is based on DirectShow. It takes the input from a web camera and turns it into a sequence of JPEG images. I need this for another project but I thought I might share this part anyway in case anyone needs similar solution.



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Allows Video Playback in the Microsoft XNA Framework, using DirectShow.


The VideoRendererElement allows for high-performance, custom video in WPF. With the VideoRendererElement, a developer can update a pixel buffer or video media sample and have it render in WPF space at MediaElement speed. It is compatible with GDI, DirectShow and direct pixel...

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Virtual VCR is a DirectShow video capture application that allows you to capture Audio and Video to your hard drive in the AVI file format. Small DirectShow Video capture application designed to work with WDM drivers.

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Home Media Center is a server application for UPnP / DLNA compatible devices. It supports streaming and transcoding media files, Windows desktop and video from webcams. This project is developed in C#, C++ and uses DirectShow, Media Foundation.

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DBV is a lossy video codec based on wavelets and MSPIHT algorithm. It consists of core library, Video for Windows driver and DirectShow filter.


TimeMachine is a DirectShow filter that helps in audio/video syncronization during AVI playback. If audio goes before video, you may correct it at realtime.


A weld-together of MPEG2DEC with MPG123 for the windows/directX environment. Also includes a few options for video resizing amp; placing, as well as YUV lookup tables for on-the-fly video-quality improvements. Does not used MS's proprietary DirectShow, and

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This is a DirectShow filter for the MAD library. The idea is mostly to provide an example on how to write a DirectShow audio-filter, however the filter itself can be used as a replacement for the standard MPEG Audio Layer 1, 2 and 3 filters.