Bus Booking System

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Bus Booking system




Related Projects


hxCore is our implementation of the Domain Driven Design Architecture. Also providing a set of helper classes for ASP.Net and WCF development.

Entity Framework Repository Unit of Work Pattern

Enterprise Data Repository (EDR): is a library design to be used in both web and standalone/non web application. It manages the lifecycle of the object context

siringa - Minimalist dependency injection library for Python that embraces annotations syntax

siringa (meaning syringe in Italian) is a minimalist, idiomatic dependency injection and inversion of control library for Python, implemented in Hy, a homoiconic Lisp dialect for Python.To get started, take a look to the documentation, API, tutorial and examples.


Example of how to use the Repository Pattern with Entity Framework Code First & Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC4

ASP-MVC4-Unity - ASP MVC4 Unity Dependency Injection Sampe with Automapper and KendoUI

ASP MVC4 Unity Dependency Injection Sampe with Automapper and KendoUI

dogma - Orm (based on data mapper pattern). unit of work, identity map, repository.

Orm (based on data mapper pattern). unit of work, identity map, repository.

injection - Investigation of different dependency injection approaches for unit testing.

Investigation of different dependency injection approaches for unit testing.

gongular - A different approach to Go web frameworks

gongular is an HTTP Server Framework for developing APIs easily. It is like Gin Gonic, but it features Angular-like (or Spring like) dependency injection and better input handling. Most of the time, user input must be transformed into a structured data then it must be validated. It takes too much time and is a repetitive work, gongular aims to reduce that complexity by providing request-input mapping with tag based validation.Note: gongular is an opinionated framework and it heavily relies on reflection to achieve these functionality. While there are tests to ensure it works flawlessly, I am open to contributions and opinions on how to make it better.

Guice - Lightweight Dependency Injection Framework for Java

Guice (pronounced 'juice') is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 6 and above, brought to you by Google. Guice alleviates the need for factories and the use of new in your Java code. Think of Guice's @Inject as the new new. You will still need to write factories in some cases, but your code will not depend directly on them. Your code will be easier to change, unit test and reuse in other contexts.

HK2 - A light-weight and dynamic dependency injection framework

HK2 is a light-weight and dynamic dependency injection framework. HK2 is an implementation of JSR-330 in a JavaSE environment. JSR-330 defines services and injection points that can be dynamically discovered at runtime and which allow for Inversion of Control (IoC) and dependency injection (DI).


TrainingGoal is a small university case project written in Java, demonstrating J2EE Servlets web application development using the N-tier application architecture. The data access layer uses the generic repository pattern with Hibernate as ORM along with the Unit of Work pattern to manage transactions and concurrency. The application logic uses the Factory pattern to determine which controller to load and POJO entities using the Domain Model pattern.

mortar - A simple library that makes it easy to pair thin views with dedicated controllers, isolated from most of the vagaries of the Activity life cycle

Mortar provides a simplified, composable overlay for the Android lifecycle, to aid in the use of Views as the modular unit of Android applications. It leverages Context#getSystemService to act as an a la carte supplier of services like dependency injection, bundle persistence, and whatever else your app needs to provide itself.One of the most useful services Mortar can provide is its BundleService, which gives any View (or any object with access to the Activity context) safe access to the Activity lifecycle's persistence bundle. For fans of the Model View Presenter pattern, we provide a persisted Presenter class that builds on BundleService. Presenters are completely isolated from View concerns. They're particularly good at surviving configuration changes, weathering the storm as Android destroys your portrait Activity and Views and replaces them with landscape doppelgangers.

StructureMap - A Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control tool for .NET

StructureMap is a feature rich IoC tool with support for interception, object lifecycles and intelligent disposal patterns, open generic types, modular registrations, conventional registration, custom policies, and all the injection pattern support you would expect in a modern .Net IoC container.


Xoqal is a modern open source application framework targeting .NET 4+ platforms. It supports web and win application with the same infrastructure.

Compact Unity

The Compact Unity is a lightweight dependency injection container with support for constructor and property call injection written in .NET Compact Framework 3.5. Also it contains implementation of Event Aggregator pattern.


A simple demo of the Dependency Injection Pattern, Unit testing, IOC Containers and Common Service Locator.

MVVM-WPF(+Silverlight 5.0) XAML Markup Dependency Injection Binding Extensions

XAML mark-up extensions for MVVM pattern. Mark-up extensions allow to bind RouteEventHandler, Command and other to targets via Dependency Injection.

application - A PHP 5.5 web application with dependency injection, events, and named arguments

* Configuration* Controller Dispatch* Route Matching* Response* View* Exceptions* Dependency Injection* Plugins* Configurable events* Calling methods using named arguments and plugin supportAll of the components require dependency injection and use [`Configuration`](https://github.com/mvc5/framework/blob/master/src/Config/Configuration.php) objects for consistency and ease of use. For example, the [`ServiceManager`](https://github.com/mvc5/framework/blob/master/src/Service/Manager/ServiceManager