poker-holdem-engine - Texas hold'em poker engine

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poker-holdem-engine provides an engine to play Texas Hold'em Poker in respect of the official rules. Poker here is meant to be played by other programs, which should be listen for POST http request somewhere in the Internet, or on your localhost.


chalk : 1.1.3
knuth-shuffle : 1.0.1
poker-combinations : 1.1.0
poker-deck : 1.0.0
poker-rank : 1.1.0
request : 2.81.0
winston : 2.3.1



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WPF Texas Hold'em Poker

  •    WPF

Cette application permet de jouer au Poker Texas Hold'em en réseau jusqu'à 10 joueurs. Elle a été développée en WPF / WCF. Merci à Patrick A ( pour m'avoir permis de repartir de sa base pour "porter" son appl...

LAN Poker - Texas Holdem

  •    Java

Texas Hold'em Poker Ziele: - Client um zu Server zu verbinden - Server um Verbindungen, Spielablauf und Computerspieler zu verwalten - verschiedene Pokerbots ( /KI-Strategien ) gegeneinander antreten lassen

JavaScript Texas Hold 'em Poker

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript Texas Hold 'em Poker game, holdem, that runs in most web browsers. This is a one-player game against bot opponents. The game loads once and never hits the server again so it can be played even when your internet connection goes down.

RL Poker

  •    Java

RL Poker is a study project Java implementation of an e-soft on-policy Monte Carlo Texas Hold'em poker reinforcement learning algoritm with a feedforward neural network and backpropagation. It provides a graphical interface to monitor game rounds.

ExtJS Poker

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A Texas Hold'em Poker game programmed using PHP (Codeigniter), MySQL, and ExtJS.

Command Line Poker

  •    C

CLiP stands for Command Line Poker and is a mini-game for those of us requiring ab break. It is a Texas Hold'em No Limits. It is as the name suggest text-based.

slack-poker-bot - A bot that deals Texas Hold'em games in Slack

  •    Javascript

A bot that turns Slack into a legitimate Texas Hold'em client. Start a game in any channel or private group with 2-10 players. PokerBot will deal hands, direct message players with their hole cards, query players for their action, determine the winning hand, and handle the pot. See it in action.

Spi Poker


Spi Poker lets you play poker against other people on the internet. It supports holdem, omaha, and 7-card stud on IRC poker. Spi's aim is to be an extremely graphical and natural interface to playing poker. It runs on Linux (X), Windows, and Macs.

Poker Prof

  •    C++

This application can be used with Texas Holdem Poker online sites such as quot;Party Pokerquot;. It allows the user to monitor the cards being played and then will give hand recommendations based on these cards.

Poker AI

  •    C++

Game Engine and AI framework for playing No Limit Holdem


  •    Java

PokerApp is a client/server multiplayer poker game that can support up to 8 network opponents. Currently supports 18 games including Texas Hold'Em, Omaha Hold'Em, Omaha 8, Seven Card Stud, and Five Card Draw.

Poker Calculator

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Monte Poker is poker utility which calculates probabilities of hands

casino-server - :fire: An online poker game server powered by Redis, node.js and

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Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value cache and store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs.


  •    CSharp

quot;PokDTCquot; is a free Poker Texas Hold'em Pot/No/Limit Multiplayers simulation written in C#. You can play over the net against friends or virtual players. Chat included. High score online at http:/ . Voices. Speaker.

Caribbean Poker Simulation 3D

  •    C++

Caribbean Poker is a 3D simulation of casino's game similar to five card stud poker, with OpenGL render.


  •    Python

PyPoker is a python module used for simulating Texas Hold-em and other popular poker games. The module is designed to be as flexible as possible and easily extended to handle other poker games.

Card Game Engine (CGE)

  •    C++

This is a C++ Library that is used to make card games like Solitaire or maybe Poker.

G Poker Watch

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Poker odds calculator assistant for playing online poker for Linux. It reads the current cards from the poker client window, and displays odds, cards, beater hands, etc. Currently tested and works with Wine/PokerStars.exe on Fedora 9.

Big2 Card Game

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Big2, or better known as ChorTaiTi, is a simple open source Chinese poker card game for play over internet. The project is developed under Visual Studio 2008 and uses .NET 3.5. The graphical user interface is WPF. The project is being done for learning the new .Net 3.5 f...

Bitcoin-Poker-Room - Sources for Bitcoin Poker Room.

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Sources for Bitcoin Poker Room.