wifi-cracking - Crack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Routers with Airodump-ng and Aircrack-ng/Hashcat 🖧

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Crack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Routers with Airodump-ng and Aircrack-ng/Hashcat. This is a brief walk-through tutorial that illustrates how to crack Wi-Fi networks that are secured using weak passwords. It is not exhaustive, but it should be enough information for you to test your own network's security or break into one nearby. The attack outlined below is entirely passive (listening only, nothing is broadcast from your computer) and it is impossible to detect provided that you don't actually use the password that you crack. An optional active deauthentication attack can be used to speed up the reconnaissance process and is described at the end of this document.




Related Projects

naive-hashcat - Crack password hashes without the fuss :cat2:

  •    C

Crack password hashes without the fuss. Naive hashcat is a plug-and-play script that is pre-configured with naive, emperically-tested, "good enough" parameters/attack types. Run hashcat attacks using ./naive-hashcat.sh without having to know what is going on "under the hood". DISCLAIMER: This software is for educational purposes only. This software should not be used for illegal activity. The author is not responsible for its use. Don't be a dick.

hashview - A web front-end for password cracking and analytics

  •    CSS

Hashview is a tool for security professionals to help organize and automate the repetitious tasks related to password cracking. Hashview is a web application that manages hashcat (https://hashcat.net) commands. Hashview strives to bring constiency in your hashcat tasks while delivering analytics with pretty pictures ready for ctrl+c, ctrl+v into your reports. Please see the Contribution Guide for how to develop and contribute. If you have any problems, please consult Issues page first. If you don't see a related issue, feel free to add one and we'll help.

hashcat - World's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility

  •    C

hashcat is the world's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility, supporting five unique modes of attack for over 200 highly-optimized hashing algorithms. hashcat currently supports CPUs, GPUs, and other hardware accelerators on Linux, Windows, and macOS, and has facilities to help enable distributed password cracking. hashcat is licensed under the MIT license. Refer to docs/license.txt for more information.

KeychainCracker - macOS keychain cracking tool

  •    Objective-C

macOS keychain cracking tool. I wrote this software in order to help relatives of a deceased friend to recover data from his computer. Please enjoy it responsibly, and please do not hack/harm people.

hate_crack - A tool for automating cracking methodologies through Hashcat from the TrustedSec team.

  •    Python

Brute forces all characters with the choice of a minimum and maximum password length. Uses StatsGen and MaskGen from PACK (https://thesprawl.org/projects/pack/) to perform a top mask attack using passwords already cracked for the current session. Presents the user a choice of target cracking time to spend (default 4 hours).

gocrack - GoCrack is a management frontend for password cracking tools written in Go

  •    Go

GoCrack provides APIs to manage password cracking tasks across supported cracking engines. MIT.

pack - PACK (Password Analysis and Cracking Kit)

  •    Python

PACK (Password Analysis and Cracking Kit)

Hob0Rules - Password cracking rules for Hashcat based on statistics and industry patterns


##hob064 This ruleset contains 64 of the most frequent password patterns used to crack passwords. Need a hash cracked quickly to move on to more testing? Use this list. ##d3adhob0 This ruleset is much more extensive and utilizes many common password structure ideas seen across every industry. Looking to spend several hours to crack many more hashes? Use this list.

CtCI-6th-Edition - Cracking the Coding Interview 6th Ed. Solutions

  •    Java

Solutions for Cracking the Coding Interview 6th Edition by Gayle Laakmann McDowell. Crowdsourcing solutions for every widely used programming language. Contributions welcome.

brainflayer - A proof-of-concept cracker for cryptocurrency brainwallets and other low entropy key alogrithms

  •    C

Brainflayer is a Proof-of-Concept brainwallet cracking tool that uses libsecp256k1 for pubkey generation. It was originally released as part of my DEFCON talk about cracking brainwallets (slides, video, why). The name is a reference to Mind Flayers, a race of monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. They eat brains, psionically enslave people and look like lovecraftian horrors.

cracklord - Queue and resource system for cracking passwords

  •    Go

CrackLord is a system designed to provide a scalable, pluggable, and distributed system for both password cracking as well as any other jobs needing lots of computing resources. Better said, CrackLord is a way to load balance the resources, such as CPU, GPU, Network, etc. from multiple hardware systems into a single queueing service across two primary services: the Resource and Queue. It won't make these tasks faster, but it will make it easier to manage them. We have a set of packages built for every release we make, if you'd like to just use that you can do it by simply following the instructions here.

hashcat-utils - Small utilities that are useful in advanced password cracking

  •    C

They all are packed into multiple stand-alone binaries. All of these utils are designed to execute only one specific function.

hashtopolis - A Hashcat wrapper for distributed hashcracking

  •    PHP

Aiming for high usability even on restricted networks, Hashtopolis communicates over HTTP(S) using a human-readable, hashing-specific dialect of JSON. The server part runs on PHP using MySQL as the database back end. It is vital that your MySQL server is configured with performance in mind. Queries can be very expensive and proper configuration makes the difference between a few milliseconds of waiting and disastrous multi-second lags. The database schema heavily profits from indexing. Therefore, if you see a hint about pre-sorting your hashlist, please do so.


  •    C++

Solutions for the book: Cracking the coding interview V4. Written in C++.

Substitution Cipher Toolkit

  •    Java

This collection of tools helps cracking texts encrypted with monoalphabetic substitution: 1) Gathering statistics of a certain language, 2) creating keys, 3) encrypting and decrypting texts, 4) cracking texts automatically, 5) fine-tuning of decryption


  •    Delphi

A client-server multithreaded application for bruteforce cracking passwords. The more clients connected, the faster the cracking. Plugin-based. Supports only RAR passwords at the moment and only with encrypted filenames.

crackify - Protection for iOS apps from cracking

  •    Objective-C

Easy protection for iOS apps from cracking.

intruder - Wi-Fi network cracking in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Wi-Fi network cracking in Node.js. Currently supports WEP encryption. or install Windows binaries, including the \bin folder on Windows PATH.

Interview_Problems - Example coding interview problems found through online resources, Cracking the Code book, mentors and colleagues

  •    Python

Repository of example coding interview problems found through online resources, Cracking the Code book, mentors and colleagues. Originally, the repository held Python based answers but based on demand, it has been restructured to include answers to these problems in other languages.