Bnoerj XNA Libraries

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The Bnoerj XNA Libraries add useful functionality to the Microsofts XNA Framework.



Related Projects

KInput - Event driven XNA input library

KInput is an event driven input library for the XNA framework. It allows you to bind specific input events to objects that implement the input object interface.


XNA SRPG Engine strives to create an engine for XNA developers to use when creating an SRPG in C#. The goals are to make character (sprite) and map (tilsheet) loading automated using XML and images and to have the engine represented to the XNA client in a strong library form.

XNA Input Handlers

This set of input handlers for XNA 3.1 provides event-based handling of mouse and keyboard actions. Ideal for implementing graphical user interfaces and point and click games such as strategy games.

XNA Direct Input Wrapper

XDI is a Direct Input wrapper for XNA written in C#. It's based on the work started by soopahman 3 years ago. The goal of the project is to extend it to a GameComponent with a settings file system to allow support for any PC gamepad in XNA.

Andrew's XNA Helpers

A collection of classes to make game development easier using the Xna framework.


OgmoXNA is an XNA 3.1 Game Library and set of Content Pipeline Extensions for Matt Thorson's multi-platform Ogmo Editor. Its goal is to provide neutral, consumable objects that you can use to to load your levels without having to follow a game design that isn't yours.

XNA Tweener

This is a library for XNA for doing animation movement - tweening. Can be used for movement, color changes, fades and whaterver you can dream up that has to be changed over time.

Huo Chess

An open source micro chess program which attempts to be smaller than the Commodore-era Microchess. It is implemented in C#, C++, VB and XNA. Bundled tutorial.


A collection of easy to use Xna components for aiding a game programmer in developing thee next big thing. I plan on using the components from this to make a game of my own. Its developed in C# using the Xna library, and the components will be Xbox360 and Windows PC compatible.

QuickStart Game Engine

3D Game Engine, XNA 4.0. Includes rendering, physics, input, cameras, terrain system, user interface, particle emitters, and more!


XNC is an (in-progress) XNA Framework like library for the C programming language.

XNA Bezier Path Lighting

Bezier Path Lighting provides a new way to light virtual worlds in XNA. This new lighting approach employs Bezier Curves to create lights with "length", unlike traditional point or spot lights. This project is written in C# for XNA, but can be applied to other graphics libraries.

Simple Xna 3d Map Content Creator

This simple map content creator for the Xna framework allows fast creation of basic maps and includes a 3d preview so you don't have to build your content to see what it looks like. This project was developed in c# and requires the (Xna SDK v3.1) in order to run.

XNAInputManagement - An input helper for XNA for Windows.

An input helper for XNA for Windows.

xnagamepad - Just a small utility that shows the input values for an Xbox gamepad in XNA

Just a small utility that shows the input values for an Xbox gamepad in XNA

XnaInput - Input library for XNA game development

Input library for XNA game development

InputEngine - A simple input engine for XNA.

A simple input engine for XNA.

async_catan - C# implementation attempt instead of java implementation. (Also using xna libraries)

C# implementation attempt instead of java implementation. (Also using xna libraries)


An XNA GUI for tool windows. This is useful for creating tool windows that allow changing parameters in your program during testing or level creation and see the effects in real time (as opposed to break points to change in code).