SharePoint Help Collection Builder (from BlackCompass)

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A free GUI tool to allow SharePoint developers to create and modify SharePoint help collections quickly, easily and accurately.



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The SDS SharePoint Library is a FREE collection of reusable tools and solutions from Our team builds custom SharePoint solutions, fast.

SharePointHelperFunctions - Collection of useful functions that help working with SharePoint

Collection of useful functions that help working with SharePoint

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The SharePoint Health Analyzer Rules project is a collection of SharePoint health analyzer rules that extends many of the out of the box rules and adds important additional rules that help to ensure your SharePoint environment is kept in optimal condition.

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Practical SharePoint is a collection of functionality including features, webparts, masterpages, JavaScript/ jQuery, PowerShell scripts and other tools to help install, develop, maintain and enhance SharePoint. It is open for contributions of code. *Source Code is available...

SharePoint Site Map Generator

The SharePoint Site Map Generator will automatically generate a sitemap.xml file in the root of your site collection using your Internet zone URL. This will help the content in your public facing web site be discovered by major search engines.

Fusion Charts Free for SharePoint

Fusion Charts Free for SharePoint (FCFS) provides a set of 22 different charts (2D & 3D) that integrates easily into your SharePoint environment (WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 / Sharepoint Foundation 2010 / Sharepoint Server 2010). FCFS provides you a powerful way to display very nic...

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WebPart collector will help you identify any webpart or all webparts that are located inside your site collection

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SharePoint 2007 Script Collection A Collection of 44 PowerShell scripts for administrating and automating SharePoint 2007 through PowerShell There's a complete guide on using the scripts at:

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This feature allows site collection administrators to view all the columns of a list. It is from the sharepoint tool basket The List ColumnsManager makes it easie...

Facebook Kit for SharePoint

The Facebook Kit for SharePoint (FKS) provides your end users with many great SharePoint web parts that leverage the Facebook Connect API. These Facebook web parts will provide great "Social" value to you sites, and will help connect your employees to each other!

SharePoint Topology Data Collection

This timerjob provides information about the topology of the farm to be published as a SharePoint list to a site within the farm. This information is meant to be used by Visio SharePoint Network Topology Add-In to create a rich, data refreshed dashboard of SharePoint Farm.

SharePoint Euro 2012 - UEFA European Football Predictor

SharePoint Euro 2012 Tournament Predictor is the ultimate one-page EURO 2012 prediction game. Euro2012 Predictor is a free SharePoint Sandbox solution for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online (365), where you can predict what you think will happen at Euro 2012!

Corporate News App for SharePoint 2013

This project is an open and free App for SharePoint 2013. This tool helps site owners to add simple corporate news client app parts in SharePoint sites.

Microsoft Virtual Earth Web Part

This map web part utilizes both the SharePoint API and the Virtual Earth API and enables you to enter addresses into a SharePoint list and those addresses will be plotted within the map webpart. It comes with two views, the address view and the map view. By placing two map web...

Free SharePoint 2010 MasterPages & CSS

This project provides free SharePoint Foundation & SharePoint Server MasterPages for the masses. This includes not only the MasterPages but the overiding CSS. I welcome contributors to the project whatever your skill level.

Free SharePoint 2010 Sites Templates

in this project am pleased to offer these SharePoint 2010 custom templates. These templates are free to all and are provided “as is”.

Polling Web Part

The Poll Web Part allows you to quickly poll your end users without using a lot of real estate like what the SharePoint surveys use.