BKAsciiImage - Convert UIImage to ASCII art

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Convert in the background providing a completion block. Completion block will be called on the main thread.




Related Projects

imgToAscii - A JavaScript implementation of a image to Ascii code

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript implementation of a image to ascii converter. You can also resize your image passing a second parameter between 0 and 1 as percentage. e.g.: 0.5 = 50% - Will reduce the size of your image in 50% both vertical and horizontal (width, height).

ASCIImage - Create UIImage / NSImage instances with NSString and ASCII art

  •    Objective-C

Create UIImage / NSImage instances from NSString, by combining ASCII art and Kindergarten skills. The original blog post explains the genesis of ASCIImage, but it might still be confusing why anybody would use it, and for what purpose. Its main strength is that it combines two things: (1) having the image directly in code, and (2) seeing the image. The code is the image, the image is the code. It really only works like this for simple images composed of a few lines and / or simple shapes. Anything more complicated defeats point (2), and might not even be feasible with ASCIImage purposedly-limited options.

ascii_art - Real-Time ASCII Art Rendering Library

  •    C

ASCII Art is a single file C/C++ library that let you transform an input image or video frame into printable ASCII characters at real-time using a single decision tree. Real-time performance is achieved by using pixel intensity comparison inside internal nodes of the tree. For a general overview on how the algorithm works, check the bottom of the demo page.

image-to-ascii - :floppy_disk: A Node.js module that converts images to ASCII art.

  •    Javascript

A Node.JS module that converts images to ASCII art. 💡 ProTip: You can install the cli version of this module by running npm install --global image-to-ascii-cli (or yarn global add image-to-ascii-cli).

Image to Text Art (HTML Art, Unicode Art, Ascii Art)


Image to Text Art is a class library, WinForms project & example Asp.Net site that turns images supported by the bitmap class into HTML art, Unicode art & ASCII art.

TOCropViewController - A view controller that allows users to crop UIImage objects.

  •    Objective-C

TOCropViewController is an open-source UIViewController subclass built to allow users to perform basic manipulation on UIImage objects; specifically cropping and some basic rotations. It has been designed with the iOS 8 Photos app in mind, and as such, behaves in an already familiar way. CropViewController is a Swift wrapper for TOCropViewController. It completely wraps all of the Objective-C object code in a pure Swift interface. This allows the API to look and feel 100% more Swifty, and can enable more elegant integrations with TOCropViewController in all-Swift codebases.

uiimage-dsp - IOS UIImage processing functions using the vDSP/Accellerate framework for speed.

  •    Objective-C

IOS UIImage processing functions using the vDSP/Accellerate framework for speed.

ios-image-filters - photoshop-style filter interface for UIImage class on iOS to make instagram-style images

  •    Objective-C

These days everyone seems to want instagram-style filters for images on iPhone. The way to do this (I think) is to examine how people have implemented equivalent filters in Photoshop and code them in objective c. Unfortunately, the imaging libraries are all geared for gaming. For non-game developers who just want simple image processing, this is overkill. The problem with my curves implementation is that I didn't use the same kind of curve algorithm as Photoshop uses. Mainly, because I don't know how, and other than the name of the curve (bicubic) all the posts and documentation I simply don't understand or cannot figure out how to port to iOS. But, the curves I use (catmull-rom) seem close enough.

AnimatedGIFImageSerialization - Complete Animated GIF Support for iOS, with Functions, NSJSONSerialization-style Class, and (Optional) UIImage Swizzling

  •    Objective-C

AnimatedGIFImageSerialization decodes an UIImage from Animated GIFs image data, following the API conventions of Foundation's NSJSONSerialization class. As it ships with iOS, UIImage does not support decoding animated gifs into an animated UIImage. But so long as ANIMATED_GIF_NO_UIIMAGE_INITIALIZER_SWIZZLING is not #define'd, the this library will swizzle the UIImage initializers to automatically support animated GIFs.

UIImage-ResizeMagick - Resizing UIImage on iOS. ImageMagick-style.

  •    Objective-C

Resizing UIImage on iOS should be simple. This category provides a simple, yet flexible syntax to resize any image to your needs. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C, which automates and simplifies the process of using 3rd-party libraries in your projects. See the "Getting Started" guide for more information.

art - 🎨 ASCII Art Library For Python

  •    Python

ASCII art is also known as "computer text art". It involves the smart placement of typed special characters or letters to make a visual shape that is spread over multiple lines of text. set_default function is added in Version 2.2 in order to change default values.

jscii - JavaScript image to ASCII converter

  •    Javascript

JavaScript image to ASCII converter

WebPImageSerialization - Complete WebP Support for iOS, with Functions, NSJSONSerialization-style Class, and (Optional) UIImage Swizzling

  •    C

WebPImageSerialization encodes and decodes between UIImage and WebP image data, following the API conventions of Foundation's NSJSONSerialization class. Keen on C functions, are you? Well, WebPImageSerialization provides functions as well, for creating a UIImage from data, and generating a WebP representation of an existing UIImage.

AA project

  •    C

AA means Ascii Art - the AAlib (ascii art GFX library), BB (audiovisual demonstration for your terminal), aview (image browser/animation player), AAvga (SVGAlib wrapper for AA-lib), ttyquake (text mode quake), aa3d (random dot stereogram generator)...

iOS-WebP - Google's WebP image format decoder and encoder for iOS

  •    Objective-C

Google's WebP image format offers better compression compared to PNG or JPEG, allowing apps to send/retrieve images with smaller file sizes, reducing request times and hopefully provide a better user experience. #Usage Don't forget to #import <iOS-WebP/UIImage+WebP.h>. There are 3 methods in iOS-WebP, converting images to WebP format, converting images from WebP format, and setting an image's transparency.

GPUImage - An open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing

  •    Objective-C

The GPUImage framework is a BSD-licensed iOS library that lets you apply GPU-accelerated filters and other effects to images, live camera video, and movies. In comparison to Core Image (part of iOS 5.0), GPUImage allows you to write your own custom filters, supports deployment to iOS 4.0, and has a simpler interface. However, it currently lacks some of the more advanced features of Core Image, such as facial detection. For massively parallel operations like processing images or live video frames, GPUs have some significant performance advantages over CPUs. On an iPhone 4, a simple image filter can be over 100 times faster to perform on the GPU than an equivalent CPU-based filter.

GPUImage3 - GPUImage 3 is a BSD-licensed Swift framework for GPU-accelerated video and image processing using Metal

  •    Swift

GPUImage 3 is the third generation of the GPUImage framework, an open source project for performing GPU-accelerated image and video processing on Mac and iOS. The original GPUImage framework was written in Objective-C and targeted Mac and iOS, the second iteration rewritten in Swift using OpenGL to target Mac, iOS, and Linux, and now this third generation is redesigned to use Metal in place of OpenGL. The objective of the framework is to make it as easy as possible to set up and perform realtime video processing or machine vision against image or video sources. Previous iterations of this framework wrapped OpenGL (ES), hiding much of the boilerplate code required to render images on the GPU using custom vertex and fragment shaders. This version of the framework replaces OpenGL (ES) with Metal. Largely driven by Apple's deprecation of OpenGL (ES) on their platforms in favor of Metal, it will allow for exploring performance optimizations over OpenGL and a tighter integration with Metal-based frameworks and operations.

Ascii Generator 2

  •    CSharp

Ascii Generator 2 (Ascgen2) is an application to convert images into high quality ASCII art - text that accurately represents the original image. The only program of its kind to support variable width fonts and real-time output adjustment and more.

DAAnisotropicImage - DAAnisotropicImage is an anisotropic UIImage generator

  •    Objective-C

DAAnisotropicImage is an anisotropic UIImage generator. Specifically, for a metallic slider knob. It was built to be an imitation of the volume slider thumb image in Apple's iOS 6.0 Music app.